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The Teaching of Robert Adams
“Our Mission On This Earth Is To Be Of Service To Humanity."



Ahimsa Non-Harm

Known for his quiet nobility and peace, sustained through vibrant and ill health, his uncompromised character, primarily merciful towards the suffering of others constitutes the foundation of his Message.

Compassion Is your true nature.

As you begin to experience illumination you begin to associate yourself with your spiritual nature rather than your physical nature. You begin to naturally practice non-harm to all living beings. These are the Pathways to Illumination. The Robert Adams Benevolence Project established by Robert Adams teaches Non Harm Diets nationally in Educational meditation classes, assisting the sustaining food supplies to non- kill shelters and the animal protection organizations supported by Robert Adams and his beloved family throughout his Teaching.


“You must reconcile yourself with The Animal Kingdom. What right do you have to hurt an animal? Your job is to protect the Animal Kingdom. Your body does not require meat to be healthy. When you eat mea,t you absorb the terror, the suffering of the animal. Animals share the same universal origin, consciousness of omniscient love. There is no spirituality without compassion. Compassion is your true nature. Therefore, ┬álive in the path of non- harm, Ahimsa, to all living beings. Be merciful. Your job is to become a conduit of gentle loving kindness in this earthly embodiment. Regardless of what is occurring in the world around you, remain in the unchanging all pervading Reality of compassion, loving kindness. Happiness ensues.”

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Peace Peace Peace

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The Robert Adams Consciousness Contemplation Cards: "Harmony With All Life.'"

"Without Compassion There Is No Spirituality. Live By The Golden Rule."

"The world changes but Truth, Love, never changes." Robert Adams

Medical Science now acknowledges that the body does not require meat for health, after teaching generations of the false requirement of flesh products for health.

"All true religions teach compassion." Robert Adams

The two religions referenced by Robert Adams predominantly, the ancient Vedic precepts and Christianity, in specific arenas, currently join his message of awakening to compassion. The following educational presentation introduces the ancient path of peaceful spiritual non -harm in the roots of the Vedas.


"Your body does not require meat to be healthy." Robert Adams stated this at a time when medical science and the education system were teaching that one needs several servings of meat and dairy to be healthy. Currently contemporary research has confirmed that a diet free from any animal products can be maintained while retaining physical health. Below is a recent update on a vegetarian diet. 

"Even as a child, I could not understand how anyone could hurt an animal." Robert Adams

Peace Peace Peace

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