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The Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living is a Non Profit Institute established by Robert Adams as the sole teacher, presentation, literary and media offering of his over thirty years and eight hundred dialogues, as well as his heart of loving kindness in loving brotherhood of the original Pure Form Teaching of the beloved sage of five decades, Robert Adams.

The Robert Adams Institute for Compassionate Living joyfully offers in the original purity and love, The Robert Adams Benevolence Project, an award presented distribution program of food, toys and hygiene products to homeless youth and families, The Robert Adams Publishing Group, the origin of all literary and audio works of Robert Adams, The Lessons Studentship, a beautiful weekly international studentship of those pondering and 'digesting for direct experience' the potent words of gentle illumination, and online master classes, music programs, student counseling, in addition to Robert Adams Brotherhood Classes held nationally.



The Gaps of Pure Happiness
Originally Introduced to the West
by Robert Adams

Robert Adams Jewels of Truth:

"You will rise above the world. This will induce expansion. You wish to naturally expand this into The Splendor and the Glory. The peace that does not fade. The pure happiness beyond human imagining. This is Ultimate Reality. This is the Supreme. God.

Peace. Peace. Peace."

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Robert Adams


Ramana and Jesus Stated the Same Truth


Illumination Video:

Within You Is The Light of a Thousand Suns. A Daily Meditation and Spiritual Journal here



The Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living Video Library: "Happiness permeates the universe. Happiness is your true nature. The beauty of the stillness is to have a direct experience of this joy, this happiness, this wonderful unimaginable beauty that is your true Self.


Therefore, do not simply be still physically for this Practice, dive into the happiness within that permeates all of Life, The Supreme, God, and surrender everything to this joy. For within you is The Light of a Thousand Suns. You will reflect only loving kindness, delight, compassion, vibrant joy to others. For this is Ultimate Truth. Peace. Peace. Peace." 
Robert Adams 




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The Original Pure Format Discourse Experience


The Robert Adams Infinity Institute established by Robert Adams joyfully teaches the precise original format of the gentle Sage's message in order of presentation since 1997, in his established traditional sequence of warm discourse, music, meditations, refreshment. Robert Adams shares his message in a beautifully presented sequential order honoring the ancient Sages and teachers of antiquity, most recognizable, the traditional East Indian joyful, often family based audience welcoming the fundamental precepts of his full bodied immersion in Truth, including:

1. Music

2. Questions and Answers.

3. A Guided Robert Adams Meditation or Original Practice.

4. Refreshments or 'prasad', blessed food for all to enjoy.


He often blows bubbles or jokingly taps with feathers those who are overly engrossed 'empty, cold concepts and false nothingness. Dry head knowledge." The beloved sage often spoke with children on stage with him and taught with his daughter, appearing in public only one-two hours a week to general audiences, with Inner Circle festivities held in large festive environments, presenting The University Talks, The Garden Talks, and the Ever Awakening Life in a buoyant, exalted transmission of Truth. "Never forget the most important thing, love, compassion and humility."


In an unusually warm welcome, Robert Adams did not simply sit and 'dryly speak head knowledge without awakening the heart.' Each extended talk ended with the personal enlightened experience. Original students, label vocal artists who performed and those who attended for decades, share the beauty, warmth and gentle kindly festivity atmosphere that Robert Adams always engaged with the utmost manners and graciousness, always including a welcome and uplifting parting. His traditional stance on life ethics resounds with ancient Truth.

One Second To Infinity Robert Adams

The Gap - The Fourth Dimension of Life


The Bliss Factor Teachings

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Enjoy a Refreshing Daily Meditative Pondering With Music Selected Personally By Robert Adams in Hollywood Recording Studio. "Music softens the heart. It calms the mind for meditation. It assists one to experience the Silence. The Silence is not an absence of noise. It is an interior realization of God. The silence and happiness are the same." Robert Adams   


The Bliss Factor Online Experience: The Original Pure Form Bliss Teaching




"The Silence I Speak of Is The Presence of God."

When I speak of The Silence, I do not mean not to talk, to be quiet. The Silence and happiness are the same. The Silence is the Presence of God. Bliss. Joy. Peace. Compassion. You can be deep in The Silence while working, laughing, playing. It is not a cessation of sound. If you are truly in the Silence, you are radiating joy. You would have no desire to tell anyone to be quiet. That is ego.


Some of the most quiet people are the meanest people you will ever meet. Therefore, you wish to emanate the love, the bliss, the loving kindness of The Silence. Go deep, deep within, until you feel the peace that passeth understanding. The love that is beyond description. Peace. Peace. Peace."

Robert Adams
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"What is a student of this teaching? One who follows the practices implicitly with love."

Known internationally as "The St. Francis of the West," for his love of animals and giving the shoes off of his feet to the homeless, Robert Adams resided in the family oriented ocean centered suburbs of California warmly devoted to the 'householder' role of a Western family man in the traditional classic Vedic lifestyle path for over forty years.


Following his beginnings in mystic Christianity and confirmed stature by Ramana Maharishi he remains prominent in reverence for over five decades within the classic spiritual traditions. His students include priests, rabbis, Vedantists, Sufis and Buddhists.


He taught his own personal experience in illumination to three primary groups featuring his Inner Circle for three decades. He is known for his unwavering dedication to ahimsa or non-harm, promoting an ethical vegetarian diet, compassionate animal rescue and preservation organizations, in a culture that remained uninvolved in this aspect of authentic, ancient spiritual awakening. His honoring of the Vedic principles is paramount. His soft humor, love of the arts, kindness and contemporary sensibilities in applying the purity of the ancients endear him to thousands globally.


"What is a true student, a devotee? One who chooses one path and takes this all the way, who follows the Yamas and Niyamas of Right Action. The Golden Rule. This is fundamental. You must be very careful. There are a lot of crazy people going around saying 'I am consciousness" "I am bliss, illumined" and they are the most unkind people you will ever meet. True spiritual students harm no one. How do you tell them? They follow the kindness of the teacher. They are gracious. Full of loving kindness. Benevolence.

They shine with compassion. They are very, very humble. They bother no one. They respect other people and ask others how they can make their lives easier for them. They do a few hours of spiritual sadhana, practices, devotions every day. They feed the hungry, give to the poor. One who lives by these virtues is a truly spiritual person, regardless of their label or path. Be with virtuous people. Do not become self-absorbed, strange, no career, no family, and imagine that you are unfolding. For many are simply becoming self-absorbed. Be full of laughter, good cheer.

"Be a reflection of the bright and shining light that is the True Self. When you begin to live this way, you have begun to become a student of Truth. Rejoice!"


Robert Adams

"I Welcome You With All My Heart. It's a beautiful day.
Can you see the sun shining? It's in your heart."

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