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ROBERT ADAMS Golden Classic CD Digital Audio-PureForm original Dialogues
Robert conveys his own experience in topic format

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Silence of the Heart vol I

19.90 (CD Two Dialogues 78 total minutes)+ Shipping

Overcoming Problems - Joy is Naturally Yours - Your True Nature You Have Become Free - Progress -Introduction To The Gap - Your Free Choice; The Key To Your Progression - Power And Presence Within -Self-Inquiry Is A Superior Method

Review: "I have found this to be a most potent and thorough recording of Robert Adams that surprised me in its strength and eloquence. I have started each day by the seaside as directed as the sun rises with this tape. I feel it has incurred a rebirth of my life. Thank you Dr. Warner for the gift."Danjay Costos M.A. NY NY


Silence of the Heart vol 2

19.90 (CD Two Dialogues 71 total minutes)+ Shipping

You Are Effortless Choiceless Pure Awareness - Find Yourself And Become Free - Happiness, Expand It Into Eternity - The Chalkboard - Unparalleled Joy - Return to God - Lift Your Eyesight To The Heavens - Surrendering the Mind - I Am That I Am - You Are The Light Obtaining Absolute Reality - “Feel the grace which is always available" - Natural Ambient texture in the background

REVIEW: Cool in every way, thanks so much. How do you describe nirvana? On the first play I was home. This is the way I see ancient seers speaking. slam dunk. ... Sam Kingsley LA CA.


Silence of the Heart vol 3

19.90 (CD Two Dialogues 79 total minutes)+ Shipping

How To Discover Your True Nature,How To Become Liberated A beautiful emanation of the Masters gentle uplifting transmission in revelatory clarification, welcoming guidance, and warm peaceful power of divine presence. Robert Adams original Pure Form Talks include his established format of music and meditations as he chose in gentle beauty.

REVIEW: So beautiful….the world turns beautiful. Love it. Jen Bradford NC


All Is Well vol One

19.90 ( CD -Two Dialogues 68 total minutes)+ Shipping

Original Dialogues
All is is Well

Natural Ambient texture in the background
Compassionate Self-Inquiry

An intimate guide to his own "Compassionate Inquiry" . 'When practicing inquiry, don't forget the love. The emptiness, the void is not illumination. It is simply a quieting of the human mind. You must go further. True Illumination is indescribable omniscient love, harmony, deep bliss, the peace that does not change. This is God. The Supreme. Within and without.



All is well vol Two

19.90 (CD-Two Dialogues 78 total minutes)+ Shipping

Original Dialogues
Robert Adams dialogue on the I AM Meditation with Robert Adams own Compassionate Self-Inquiry
Natural Ambient texture in the background
Observing the human condition and finding the Self within and without


All IS Well
The Ever awakening Life 1

19.90 (CD- Two Dialogues 78 total minutes)+ Shipping

The pure voice of this beloved sage in this powerful digitally remastered transmission emanating his presence.

Includes a personally guided much loved 'Sage in the Heart Meditation' by Robert Adams. This multi- denominational meditation is a beautiful way to start and end each day as Robert Adams voice instantly lifts and transcends the cares of the world. This CD is focused on your own direct experience of the joy, peace and freedom from suffering in the immersion in sat-chit-ananda. In powerful digitally remastered clarity and vibrancy his voice resonates with the authority of eternal truth through his own personal experience. Robert Adams contemporary humor and twinkling transparency permeates these dialogues with the warmth of his heart.

REVIEW: Excellent. Struck to the core of my being with a warm golden soak of light. Thank you for this life gift, a true gem in this world of tinsel.- Tam-Shapiro Australia
All IS Well
The Ever awakening Life 2

19.90 (CD- Two Dialogues 79 total minutes)+ Shipping

The pure voice of this beloved sage in this powerful digitally remastered transmission emanating his deeply caring presence in crystal clarification of topics.

The Robert Adams I AM Depth of Guidance Through the Next Level of Unfoldment;

Understanding the 'I' as the Simple Limitation to Only Seeing Oneself In Limited Mortal Physical Life - Expanding To the True Unlimited Source in Peace - False Imagination is discussed and 'Awakening' in the original definition, and what your your true experience is Free Yourself from Enslavement - The Alleviation of Suffering: Modify Your Thinking - Remove fear, there is nothing that will harm you, Accelerated Unfoldment, - "Let go of your problems and God will take care of everything for you."

A truly moving experience in the direct, person to person presence of the transmission of beautiful wisdom in a modern manner that invokes immediate personal experience.

Review: "Love this new all is well edition. I feel my collection of all is well is 'unfolding as it should"! Looking forward to more." Joe Fritz Ny NY (documented student)




$14.70 (CD Aprox 47 minutes)+ Shipping.

"Chant with all your heart. Do this everyday. Chanting makes you pure. It opens your heart." Robert Adams

The Joy Chant CD Detail


"Sing with all your heart. Chant. Try to do this each morning and evening. This will lift you above the vicissitudes of this world. Sing to God. "The original music selected by Robert Adams and performed at Robert Adams live Dialogues.

These are the original moving, loving chants and beautiful music personally utilized by Robert Adams. A beautiful rare compilation of exquisite, participatory, uplifting arrangements suitable for daily home use and private ponderings, this CD offers the original richly textured Robert Adams Chant section; original chants by his classically monastically trained touring composer, in eight years of monastic residence and study.

REVIEWS: “This is the most overwhelmingly intoxicating chant experience I have ever heard- seriously… and I have them all. The adherence to 'school of chant' is there in stellar, sure, but a rush of waves of cinematic emotional hues just take it over the boundaries….Wowser!” - Charles DeLaney Los Angeles California Yoga teacher, music teacher.

"A party-in-a-box. Bliss for one please. Thank you!" - Phae Consuelo, student UCLA Lost Angeles, California


Robert Adams Pureform lessons


The Robert Adams Original Pure Form Lessons for Laptop, Cell Phone and Ipad



"Be a reflection of the bright and shining light that is the True Self. When you begin to live this way, you have begun to become a student of Truth. Rejoice!"


Robert Adams

"I Welcome You With All My Heart. It is a beautiful day.
Can you see the sun shining? It's in your heart."


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The Teaching of Robert Adams

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"You must have a compassionate heart for others to truly progress. When I say that all is well, I do not mean to simply observe others suffering, to do nothing. Quite the contrary. It is an inner realization. You have a deep knowing, a peace, that in God, in Absolute Reality, there is a divine order.

However, on this earth, one who truly realizes this, feels a great compassion for all beings. They are the first to get in there and help. Yet they retain a peace that passeth understanding deep in their heart.""Never forget the most important thing. Love, Compassion and Humility.

As you are unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet."


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