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Immerse yourself in the Pure Form Sanctuary of the Message of Love, Compassion and Humility in direct experiential purity, guided, blessed by the Sage. 

"The Beauty of True Illumination." A beautiful most complete moments of exquisite inspiration and powerful personal practical guidance accompanied by gentle Robert Adams personally selected music as the appears in the Hollywood music studio bandhara videos directing his transcendent transmissions to his music as the expression of the living words themselves.


A rare experience of a true, internationally revered master teacher sharing his gift of palpably transmitting an awareness of 'The Glory and the Splendor' of bliss, love and peace permeated reality.

"The saints and sages that you admire did their homework. You must make the daily effort. Jump deeply into God everyday until you feel the bliss, the joy, the love. You will reap the fruits of your efforts. You will sail through this world guided by The power That knows the Way. You will be protected."

Peace. Peace. Peace."


Silence of the Heart CD's Vol 1-3 (EACH VOL CONTAINS 2 CD'S)

    CD One:
    Overcoming Problems
    Hold on to The Truth
    Joy is naturally yours
    Who am I?
    Your True Nature “Your true nature is loving kindness..”
    On the Way to the Source
    The King
    You Have Become Free
Robert's chosen Music accompanies this CD.

CD Two:
    Smile Be Happy
    Knowing truth and living truth
    Tremendous progress
    Introduction to the Gap
    (as introduced by Robert Adams in earliest and later literature and recordings)
    Your Free Choice; The key to your progression
    Study the Teaching
    Power and presence within
    You are Free in your heart
    Self-inquiry is a superior method. The Robert Adams gentle method of inquiry.
    ‘When doing Inquiry, don’t forget the love.”
Robert's chosen Music accompanies this CD.


"I have found this to be a most potent and thorough recording of Robert Adams that surprised me in its strength and eloquence. I have started each day by the seaside as directed as the sun rises with this tape. I feel it has incurred a rebirth of my life. Thank you Dr. Warner for the gift."

Danjay Costos M.A. NY NY

A beautiful emanation of the Masters gentle uplifting transmission in revelatory clarification, welcoming guidance, and warm peaceful power of divine presence. Robert Adams original Pure Form Talks include his established format of music and meditations as he chose in gentle beauty.


CD One:
    Story of Nicodemus and Jesus
    Find yourself and become free
    Happiness –expand it into eternity
    Unparalleled Joy
    Return to God
    Lift your eyesight to the Heavens
    Surrendering the Mind
    I am that I am
    You are the light
Robert's chosen Music accompanies this CD.

CD Two:
    Obtaining Absolute Reality
    “Feel the grace which is always available”
Natural Ambient texture in the background

CD One:
     Discover your true nature
Natural Ambient texture in the background

CD Two:
    Become liberated
Natural Ambient texture in the background




CD One:
All is is well
(from the divine perspective)
Natural Ambient texture in the background

CD Two:
Compassionate Self-Inquiry
Natural Ambient texture in the background

An intimate guide to his own "Compassionate Inquiry" . 'When practicing inquiry, don't forget the love. The emptiness, the void is not illumination. It is simply a quieting of the human mind. You must go further. True Illumination is indescribable omniscient love, harmony, deep bliss, the peace that does not change. This is God. The Supreme. Within and without. You must have a compassionate heart for others as you being, without which one cannot truly progress. " Robert Adams



CD One:
Originally Robert Adams dialogue on I AM Meditation with Robert Adams own compassionate Self-Inquiry
Natural Ambient texture in the background

CD Two:
Observing the human condition
Natural Ambient texture in the background


Peace Peace Peace





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