The Teaching of Robert Adams

Immerse yourself in the Pure Form Sanctuary of the Message of Love, Compassion and Humility in direct experiential purity, guided, blessed by the Sage. 

"The Beauty of True Illumination." Beautiful moments of exquisite inspiration and powerful personal practical guidance accompanied by gentle Robert Adams personally selected music as the appears in the Hollywood music studio bandhara videos directing his transcendent transmissions to his music as the expression of the living words themselves.

A rare experience of a true, internationally revered master teacher sharing his gift of palpably transmitting an awareness of 'The Glory and the Splendor' of bliss, love and peace permeated reality.

"The saints and sages that you admire did their homework. You must make the daily effort. Jump deeply into God everyday until you feel the bliss, the joy, the love. You will reap the fruits of your efforts. You will sail through this world guided by The power That knows the Way. You will be protected."

Peace. Peace. Peace."



Ever Awakening Life VOL 1( 2 CD'S)

Soft NatureAmbient in the background accompany the voice of this beloved sage in this powerful transmission.

Includes a personally guided 'Sage in the Heart Meditation' by Robert Adams

This multidenominational meditation is a beautiful way to start and end each day as Robert Adams voice instantly lifts and transcends the cares of the world. These CD's are focused on your own direct experience of the joy, peace and freedom from suffering that is the core of this gentle sages teaching. In powerful clarify and vibrancy his voice resonates with the authority of eternal truth through his own personal experience. Robert Adams contemporary humor and twinkling transparency permeates these dialogues with the warmth of his heart.

Ever awakening Life VOL 1

$19.90 + Shipping

Ever Awakening Life (2 CD SET)

Sample videos of Awakening Life2 CD set(actual CD does not have music)




Hello, i wanted to drop a note about the new CD's I just received. Investing myself in trust or opening to things is a new portal to me. I am very discerning, but when I saw Robert Adams name I remembered the great quality of your other CD's so I got it. I won't be the same. This is like a slow- drip of bliss consciousness. Instead of shocking deleting denying , with an aggressive 'superior' speaker, you are just filled with so much freed up bliss, its zero effort. It is also the most amazing vocal clearness I ever heard of Robert. Somehow his authority rings of higher memories in my soul. Please inform me of the second Ever Awakening Life so I begin my collection.

Yours, Asir Arnold LA. CA.

I just got my ever-awakening life and spent the evening watching the sunset while listening to it. I have never had such a deep experience in spirituality, generally because Robert Adams CDs aren't about just listening. He actually takes you somewhere above that he lives. But he is also living in the mainstream world with me.. like taking me by the hand to show me greener fields to move to.

I particularly 'got' his inclusion in this tape of his general moral guidance and self behavior that most people are not aware of . It is given in his signature encouraging way. I went to three of his talks in CA.. His good-guy soft spoken elegance is rarely captured. When I went to India they said he was the American 'master' India acknowledged I guess that says it all. So grateful. Looking forward to my Lesson tomorrow night. I am blessed.
Lauren Nielson NY NY

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Silence of the Heart vol 1

19.90 (2CD SET)+ Shipping


Silence of the Heart CD's Vol 1 ( 2 CD'S)

    CD One Audio Preview:

    Overcoming Problems
    Hold on to The Truth
    Joy is naturally yours
    Who am I?
    Your True Nature “Your true nature is loving kindness..”
    On the Way to the Source
    The King
    You Have Become Free
Robert's chosen Music accompanies this CD.


CD Two Audio Preview:

    Smile Be Happy
    Knowing truth and living truth
    Tremendous progress
    Introduction to the Gap
    (as introduced by Robert Adams in earliest and later literature and recordings)
    Your Free Choice; The key to your progression
    Study the Teaching
    Power and presence within
    You are Free in your heart
    Self-inquiry is a superior method. The Robert Adams gentle method of inquiry.
    ‘When doing Inquiry, don’t forget the love.”
Robert's chosen Music accompanies this CD.


"I have found this to be a most potent and thorough recording of Robert Adams that surprised me in its strength and eloquence. I have started each day by the seaside as directed as the sun rises with this tape. I feel it has incurred a rebirth of my life. Thank you Dr. Warner for the gift."

Danjay Costos M.A. NY NY



A beautiful emanation of the Masters gentle uplifting transmission in revelatory clarification, welcoming guidance, and warm peaceful power of divine presence. Robert Adams original Pure Form Talks include his established format of music and meditations as he chose in gentle beauty.



Silence of the Heart vol 2

19.90 (2CD SET)+ Shipping
CD One Audio Preview:


You are effortless choiceless pure awareness
    Story of Nicodemus and Jesus
    Find yourself and become free
    Happiness –expand it into eternity
    Unparalleled Joy
    Return to God
    Lift your eyesight to the Heavens
    Surrendering the Mind
    I am that I am
    You are the light
Robert's chosen Music accompanies this CD.

CD Two Audio Preview:

    Obtaining Absolute Reality
    “Feel the grace which is always available”
Natural Ambient texture in the background


Cool in every way, thanks so much. How do you describe nirvana? On the first play I was home. This is the way I see ancient seers speaking. Pouring God-love down on a group of souls willing to do the work. I do miss the chant though. With Robert telling us all to sing now. So I play the Joy chant CD afterwards to 'close' the experience, slam dunk. Sam Kingsley LA CA.



Silence of the Heart vol 3

19.90 (2CD SET)+ Shipping
CD One and Two Audio Preview:

     Discover your true nature
Natural Ambient texture in the background

Become liberated
Natural Ambient texture in the background




19.90 (2CD SET)+ Shipping

CD One and Two Audio Preview:

All is is Well
(from the divine perspective)
Natural Ambient texture in the background
Compassionate Self-Inquiry
Natural Ambient texture in the background

An intimate guide to his own "Compassionate Inquiry" . 'When practicing inquiry, don't forget the love. The emptiness, the void is not illumination. It is simply a quieting of the human mind. You must go further. True Illumination is indescribable omniscient love, harmony, deep bliss, the peace that does not change. This is God. The Supreme. Within and without.

You must have a compassionate heart for others as you being, without which one cannot truly progress. " "When I say that all is well, I do not mean to simply observe others suffering, to do nothing. Quite the contrary. It is an inner realization. You have a deep knowing, a peace, that in God, in Absolute Reality, there is a divine order. However, on this earth, one who truly realizes this, feels a great compassion for all beings. They are the first to get in there and help. Yet they retain a peace that passeth understanding deep in their heart."


So beautiful….the world turns beautiful. Love it. Jen Bradford NC




19.90 (2CD SET)+ Shipping

CD One and CD Two Audio Preview:

Original Robert Adams dialogue on the I AM Meditation with Robert Adams own Compassionate Self-Inquiry
Natural Ambient texture in the background
Observing the human condition and finding the Self within and without
Natural Ambient texture in the background


Excellent. Struck to the core of my being with a warm golden soak of light. Thank you for this life gift, a true gem in this world of tinsel.

Tam-Shapiro Australia





$14.90 (CD Aprox 47 minutes)+ Shipping




"Within you is an unimaginable beauty peace. An unfathomable peace that does not change.

Here is everything you have been looking for. The peace that passeth understanding. A peace that is not of this world.

Here, you will realize the reason for everything that has happened to you. Suffering will subside.

Take refuge in this peace. It is waiting for you. For this is the peace of the Supreme. "

Robert Adams


"Sing with all your heart. Chant. Try to do this each morning and evening. This will lift you above the vicissitudes of this world. Sing to God."

The original music selected by Robert Adams and performed at Robert Adams live Dialogues. These are the original moving, loving chants and beautiful music personally utilized by Robert Adams

A beautiful rare compilation of exquisite, participatory, uplifting arrangements suitable for daily home use and private ponderings, this CD offers the original richly textured Robert Adams Chant section; original chants by his classically monastically trained touring composer, in eight years of monastic residence and study.

A joyful group 'kirtan' and meditation teacher his lush orchestral arrangements and world accents, followed by the secondary selection instrumentals hint at the call response tradition of ancient chant. Several of these lovely melodic instramentals were composed in tandem with Robert Adams in his Hollywood Hills music studio. Robert Adams leads a potent, much loved gentle "Eternity" pondering in closing. This is the original Robert Adams Chant Tape with Robert Adams periodically chanting in the background, and expanded inclusion of the original instrumental songs. This recording includes the much requested St. Francis Peace Prayer sang in audience participation in touring.

Remastered HD

CD Chant Selections previously packaged under iChant and Chant CD

Robert Adams requests the music to accompany his words as shown in the film The Golden Tribute, within the environment of his Hollywood Hills music studio. A martial artist trained in the rare original peace philosophy of Bruce Lee, spending the majority of his life as a monastic and in the daily dear company of Robert Adams, the touring artist is additionally requested to perform in over a dozen monasteries in joyful praise regularly. The label artist teaches spiritual resolution principles in international corporate cultures to several thousand corporate leaders yearly. The unusually 'upbeat', celebrative, heavenly aspect of accessing holy love in natural upliftment constitute the unusual signature flavor: lush strings and World Music orchestration. A , warm, pure happiness naturally ‘bubbles up’ in a flood of inner beauty. In humble service, all music proceeds are donated to established nonprofit charities for children.


“This is the most overwhelmingly intoxicating chant experience I have ever heard- seriously… and I have them all. The adherence to 'school of chant' is there in stellar, sure, but a rush of waves of cinematic emotional hues just take it over the boundaries….Wowser!”

Charles DeLaney Los Angeles California Yoga teacher, music teacher.

"A party-in-a-box. Bliss for one please. Thank you!"

Phae Consuelo student UCLA Lost Angeles, California






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