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Robert Adams Non-Profit Legal

Clean Spirituality

The Preservation of Robert Adams Pure Form Teaching Through His Institute and Lineage

Laws of Honor

"Live by the laws of honor. Honor the laws of the land. You are here because of karma. It behooves you not to create any more."

Ancient Virtues

"You will sail through this life, the Power That Knows the Way will guide you when you follow the ancient virtues."

Right Action

"Live by the universal laws of Right Action. Read the Yamas and Niyamas. The Bible. The Golden Rule."

Golden Rule

The Joy of Clean Spirituality in Contemporary Times."Live by the Golden Rule."

Robert Adams


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Questions and Answers Fact Check: Clean Spirituality
Can anyone teach Robert Adams Teaching, or gather people and call it satsang giving the impression that they are relaying his teaching?



"Dear Ones,
Peace to you. Thank you for your lovely letters. Please be informed of accurate response to inquiries. My husband has copyrighted his experience for the pure preservation for generations to come by his Institute for you. In his trust, he never authorized anyone to publicly give any remote form of satsang, to ever associate their names with his, interpret his own personal experience, or to publicly garner people to listen to any unaffiliated talks on my husbands works. I have received complaints of imposters claiming that they are presenting truth of my husbands experience, after sitting in the audience as a guest briefly. His inner circle and Institute, lineage are his only teaching vehicle.
As students observed, my husband vehemently answered 'No', to over one hundred requests to represent, interpret, teach his experience, as well as use his name to garner new careers, crowds, or a public/private platform. His gentle heart of gold only gave transcript talks to those present, with a permission to three people to give to friends, never recklessly mass distribute to the public at large. His early books in India are beloved by his original students, our inner circle.
Only love, humility, kindness, compassion and respect for the sage define Sri Roberts message. I love you all unconditionally.

Mrs. Robert Adams


Question: Thank you for this beautiful site of daily truth. I notice that Robert Adams did not give his transcript talks freely to distribution? I noticed he never did when I was there, and was unusually serious in its distribution when he was usually a little joking about most things. I realize these things are in content of a deep nature that cannot be understood by most people. I have been a meditation teacher for eleven years and know there are many outrageous misunderstandings on foreign terms without the teacher there. I attended a few of his talks and noticed a donation box that they left donations in appreciation for transcripts and his talks. Om Amen.- Kathlln Welsh



Answer: Above





Answer : Thank you. Robert Adams tenderly copyrighted each of his own transmissions, dialogues and talks of his personal experiences in illumination, in careful archived order to be preserved in original pure format, taught by his Institute-life long students, and lineage per his directives, "For generations to come, I am always present." Per accuracy, Robert Adams never distributed his works en masse to the world at large at any time in his 30 years teaching. His words indeed, devoid of his presence and introductory, in- depth explanations, require clarification for correct comprehension of own unique vocabulary. For example, we receive hundreds of letters on misused terms, asking- why is the' Void is the place to be'? following the reading of quotes taken out of context by those who never experienced his gentle Presence. In actuality, the sage states: "The void is not illumination. It is simply the quieting of the mind. A beginning stage. Illumination is omniscient love. Compassion." Those who have truly experienced this gentle no-thought state experience amazing stillness and the peace that surpasses understanding. "When practicing, don't forget the love."


Joy and supernal bliss follow as the awareness of the true Self deepen. He occasionally playfully gave permissions to a last small group of audience listeners-unaffiliated with his lifelong group- to share with sincerely interested friends when asked permissions, prior to the existence of the internet, consistently refusing to distribute it to the general public, requesting one be involved in a sincere format of devoted study, called by a pure heart and deep resonance. " A sincere spiritual aspirant." (During the Los Angeles public teaching period, Robert Adams simultaneously taught his devoted separate lifelong Inner Circle group) Robert Adams explains in several Dialogues, his deep, caring reasons for his decision that his talks be distributed only to those few called deep within their hearts to apply themselves to this path-simply teaching his own personal experiences.  


Enjoy his own words In the example video Link below, he explains clearly to his last Los Angeles group why he chooses quality over quantity." We don't want hundreds of people. We want substance. We want quality not quantity. We want a few good devotees who want to awaken in this incarnation and become free and liberated." On another occasion, in his kind natured manner, he states, "God sees the heart. New seekers collect teachings. Ponder one Dialogue reading it over and over, digesting it, something wonderful will begin to happen. It will become a part of you. This happens to the gracious and humble heart." Presently students globally have found peace in liberation from suffering in applying his practices of mysteries unveiled, with responding joy. Whether speaking to hundreds or a private group, his extemporaneous talks remained peace permeated in precise clarification.



The Tradition of The Original Spiritual Embodiment of Pure Teaching in the Teachers Institute


"Dear Ones, At no time did Sri Robert , in his entire thirty years of teaching, freely and without discernment distribute his owned works of over 850 personal dialogues en masse to the general public, nor did he ever freely distribute them to the world at large. Kindly be aware that Sri Robert did not instruct , allow, or authorize anyone to do so, in fact refusing all such requests other than his lineage. As his Students are aware, his Teaching of omniscient love denounces theft and all amoral actions. in the teaching of Truth."


In unconditional love, Mrs. Nicole Adams.




The tradition of the Sage establishing his own Institute for the pure preservation, teaching and loving reverence for his message in personal experience is a long established, celebrated jewel of purity wherein the originator resides in heart through his wisdom in form of estabishment, pre-ordained "for generations to come" amid his chosen lifelong student family, lineage, 'pure in heart'. Robert Adams is not a renunciate, monk or wandering sadhu, yet is revered globally for his adherence and teaching of the biblical and Easter moral and ethical laws of pure living, in a natural, gentle radiant fashion reknowned for his emanation of kindly, ethereal peace. He carefully and tenderly, in his wisdom, chose the Western path of founding his own personally established pure Institute in the West in the tradition of the great seers and way showers including the Vedanta Society, Self Realization Fellowship and the Rosicrucians.


He solely presents his purest experiences in the joy of deep, classic, holy illumination in contemporary times while devoted to modern home life in the mainstream United States. With great peace he expresses delightful humor, and an uncompromising dedication to the classic Virtues of correct behavior. Requested to lead several globally famed organizations, he refused in favor of family life, allowing no none to teach with him other than his daughter. His practical yet noble, deeply inspired from heights of "unimaginable beauty" inspires globally. The unusually gentle, kindly sage in his wisdom, never engage in random mass distribution to the public at large.



Robert Adams exudes peace, kindness and unchanging joy. His Institute is the sole transmission of his self-copyrighted works in preservation of his purity. He invites those who are sincerely called as ‘sincere aspirants’ to enjoy his ‘divine connection’ in his blessings through pure heart. Respecting the sage and his presence in his works, the transgression of the fundamental beginning laws of right action in theft of his personal works as well as seeking social media identify through dishonorably utilizing his name and his nonprofit self-formed group is a violation of both spiritual and international copyright laws. Currently this is being addressed by a nonprofit legal team that assists the Institute to protect and support his good works. In honor and dedication to the goodwill of the ancient spiritual paths and ethical joy they adhere to “The Supremacy of Goodness” in the assistance they provide.



In the ancient tradition of respect to the sage and the teacher we rejoice in gratitude for Robert Adams selfless giving. Embracing spiritual maturity, the gentle traditional exchange of teacher and recipient travel together through a gracious, beautiful, peace permeated path of enriched, ‘higher’ living.


“I am calling you to a higher vision. Lift yourself up. You will reside, be protected, by the light of The Supreme, God, against which all temporal events are superimposed. How to do this? Live by purity, light, love, loving kindness, ahimsa and non-harm to all. Trust in the Supremacy of Goodness. This has been my personal experience. I am not represented by others. Through my Institute I will teach this for generations to come. You must have a pure heart. Total Surrender to loving kindness, right action, spiritual purity in all decisions. The ancient Truth does not change. It is eternal. The universal laws are eternal. Therefore, live by the Virtues and you will be protected. Scrutinize your actions. Live by the laws of the land. Treat others with loving kindness, respect. "


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Sri Robert Adams Personal Copyright
Infinity Institute

Robert Adams personally copy-righted his works and traditionally established his non-profit Institute and lineage as the sole representative/teacher of all of his copyrighted purely preserved works. All Teachings are Robert Adams own personal experiences.


The narratives and self established topics are additionally preserved in his own original gentle format of studentship, copyright by the Robert Adams Institute. For media inquiries kindly request permissions. Robert Adams never mass distributed his Dialogues to the public at large, known primarily in temples, churches and ashramas, the sole American honored in the East.

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Always Honor The Trademark Robert Adams Institute

The Spiritual Name Robert Adams as spiritual teacher, author, imagery, and representation, all works by international teacher Robert Adams are Trademarked per his own personal experiences, therein and cannot be used without permission of his own Institute.


Required Non Profit Disclaimer Per Discernment: Any of Robert Adams personal Teaching, appearance of Robert Adams posted on the internet or otherwise constitutes the spiritual transgression of violation of Robert Adams Trademark works, unless permissions have been granted by the Institute.


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Rights of Publicity
The Robert Adams Institute

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the classic, best selling life treatise on non denominational classic joy of inner illumination, "I teach also the path of devotion. Wise Non Profit Social Media Update:

Per your kind inquiries per several dozen Google, You tube and FB removals by non profit violating guidelines, all displayed such social media seeking affiliation with the name of Robert Adams are inaccurate, hosted by strangers to Robert Adams Institute.


The beloved gentle sage of peace never charged for attending his Dialogue formats in traditional student-sage format of talks, questions, music, refreshments. Donations for transcripts of those deeply involved in attendance were graciously offered.

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Per Discernment:

Non-Profit Disclosure Required

As a Nonprofit Institute 501c3 The Robert Adams Infinity Institute is required to post all illegal activity according to law.


In fundamental contradiction to the Message of Robert Adams, strangers and one evicted brief audience guest, in violation of international law have taken portions of the authors over 800 works and sold, retitled and distributed against his authorization, attempted public representation and sales of materials as a 'teacher' or 'lineage' to misguided strangers of Robert Adams.


"This earth is like the third grade. Most people are still learning not to hurt each other." Robert Adams


"Peace. Peace. Peace."

Copyright Violations of the Authors Own Personal Non-Profit Protected Life Works



The Robert Adams Institute protects all of Robert Adams works and legally possesses all Copyrights, Trademark on the name of Robert Adams Spiritual Teacher and The Rights of Publicity to publicly display and promote his personal experiences to the world at large for the benefit of mankind.


"Align all of your actions with the ancient virtues. Do not align yourself with the dishonorable, angry, vile nature taught by this world. This incurs suffering. Instead, fill yourself with the power of The Light of a Thousand Suns that is within you. Completely infuse your life with this radiance. This Omniscient Love. This gentle loving kindness. Create peace with all wherever you are. This will take care of you.


Alleviate the suffering of others in practical ways. Examine each action, word, thought, in light of the Golden Rule. The ancient Yamas and Niyamas. You will rise to a higher reality. You will become a better mother, father, doctor, lawyer, professor, husband, wife. You will not become idle. Belligerent. Arrogant. You will be radiant with humility and love."




The Robert Adams Infinity Institute Non-Profit 501(3)(c) Legal Cease and Desist documents posted below with current pending litigation involving perjury, DMCA failure to comply and libel.

Violations listed involving Non-Profit copyright, Trademark and Rights of Publicity.


Required Non-Profit Posting Pending Litigation:

1). Soulmadic: Violations: Willfully violating Copyright Infringement/DMCA, Robert Adams Trademark, Rights of Publicity, Slander and Intensional Defamation.

Required Non Profit Disclaimer: The site and individuals below repetitively and willfully violated Robert Adams own personal copyright to his own works, his instructives and establishment of his Institute for the sole teaching/representation of his works under his directives, violating international copyright/spiritual laws.


Required non profit disclaimer: For three decades Robert Adams refused all non Institute requests for affiliation with his name, association, and Teaching.

The individuals below, strangers to Robert Adams Institute devoid of intercommunication, never authorized by Robert Adams to

represent him or his Teachings in any manner, are currently under lawful Cease and Desist for theft, harassment, perjury, copyright violation and invasion of privacy. The following individual "Jordan Whorms", a stranger to Robert Adams, attempting social media presence as 'students' of; strangers unfamiliar with his Teaching, is under Cease and Desist for a harrrassing demand for ten thousand dollars for legally being 'required to remove' materials stolen from Robert Adams, stalking and libeling the representitive and the attorney with false accusations, relentless 'irratonal letters', and submitting a false report to the State bar association slandering said attorney. The individual harrassed and frightened the wife of the non profit agent on her private cell phone frightening/harassing her, a stranger.





Spiritual Words and Spiritual Life


Question: Robert, I have met so many strange, cruel people using spiritual terms to say it does matter what they do. Am I too attached to being repulsed by this? Does it matter?


Robert: No one who has been touched by God would harm anyone. To gossip. To tell people to take drugs, be involved in all kinds of crazy relationships. Scream at people to be silent! (laughter) The problem, so called, in the West is that everyone wants to be a teacher and their ego grows larger instead of smaller. They then discover that this is not what they thought, but they are making more instead of less karmas. They have not mastered their ego, emotions. Life.


A true illumined teacher has mastered time and space, completely overcome the lower nature of their humanity. They do not care if they are acknowledged, or wish to be a famous teacher. They are just pure love. Loving Kindness.


Therefore if you perceive this delusion, you can be sure that you are progressing in Truth. Anyone who follows this path is full of loving kindness. Radiant. Shining. Benevolent. Do not ignore craziness. Do not say it does not matter what you do. You are here to learn to do only good. That is why you were born. Remove yourself from all vile people, words, action.


True 'students' 'devotees' of this revered offering of rare self- transformation in 'Ahimsa' or Non Harm to all, follow the precepts of non stealing, non harm, ethical vegetarianism, selfless service and daily practices as taught by Robert Adams. For documentation on authentic 'students' from Robert Adams own archives, and the accurate daily practices, information, see Mellies page.


Additional Topics referred to by Robert Adams in the silence of the heart


The Eternal universal Laws of Correct Living in happiness

Robert Adams states that his own personal Compassionate Self Inquiry is for spiritually mature students who have embraced the basic precepts of spiritual practice; the universal laws of non-harm such as the Yamas and Niyamas and thus are often the most spiritually receptive to advanced spiritual teachings. He often gently differentiates those who came to simply listen to his talks or ‘satsangs’ from the ‘students’, i.e. ‘the sincere aspirants’ who are dedicated and regular in their practices thereby realizing an increased awareness of the Self within and an ever increasing love, compassion and humility for all living things.


I). The Ancient Yamas and Niyamas

“Cling to the Yamas and Niyamas. This will bring grace. Suffering will subside. You will stop incoming chaotic repercussions. Right action will take place in your life. Peace will ensue. ” Robert Adams



1. Non-injury, ahimsa: Kindness, friendliness, and thoughtful consideration of other people and things. The conscious awareness of each living being as a manifestation of God. Not harming any living being by thought, word, or deed.
2. Truthfulness, satya: Commitment to being truthful in thought, word and deed. Making choices true to spiritual integrity, ethics. Refraining from betraying promises.
3. Non-stealing, asteya: To refrain from coveting, taking, having jealousy in mind, word and deed. Clarity as to what is yours and what is belonging to others. To refrain from taking what has not been given to one freely.
4. Divine conduct, brahmacharya: Mastery and redirection, restraint of the physical inclinations. Respecting the body. Traditionally refers to the ancient vows of celibacy to intensely and full-heartedly direct all focus to spiritual practices.
5. Patience, Ksama: Tolerance with people and patience in all life circumstances.
6. Steadfastness, dhriti: Perseverance, overcoming fear, indecision.
7. Compassion, daya: Loving compassion and understanding to all living beings.
8. Honesty, straightforwardness, arjava: Renouncing deception and wrongdoing.
9. Moderate appetite, mitahara: Neither eating too much nor consuming meat, fowl or eggs. Consuming fresh, wholesome vegetarian foods that vitalize the body.
10. Purity, saucha: Avoiding impurity in body, mind and speech.




1. Remorse, Hri: Modest and humble, showing shame for misdeeds.
2. Contentment, santosha: Seeking serenity and contentment in all circumstances in life.
3. Giving, dana: Tithing and giving generously without thought of reward.
4. Faith, astikya: Believing firmly in God, the Teacher and the path to enlightenment.
5. Worship of the Lord, is varapujana: The cultivation of devotion through daily worship and meditation in your faith.
6. Scriptural listening, siddhanta aravana: Studying the Teachings and listening to the wise words of one’s lineage.
7. Cognition, mati: Developing a spiritual will and intellect with the Teacher’s guidance.

8. Sacred vows, vrata: Fulflling religious vows, rules and observances faithfully.
9. Recitation, japa: Repetition of the name of God.


Clean Spirituality


Questions and Answers ( Blog Legal question answered here)


FAQ's Thank you for warm and beautiful monthly inquiries on the critical topic of spiritual integrity and universal laws of Right Action. Spiritual integrity is a virtue. Quite simply, the gentle master evicted only one audience guest in three decades who attended a weekly audience for a couple of years in Los Angeles. This was due to the guest attempting to sell the transcripts he volunteered to record along with numerous others who transcribed them. Shortly after leaving, he then opened a website and sold the transcripts as stolen property in infringement for "a dollar each."


He then claimed to be the teacher of Robert Adams works, offering highly inaccurate, contrary personal opinions in stark contrast and was shut down for misrepresenting a wrongful association with Robert Adams.This individuals websites /blog pages were closed down several times by Google, non -profit legal representatives and others for criminal activities, including harassment, invasion of privacy, libel, cyber- bullying, mass piracy selling/distribution, false claims, slander and other copyright infringement crimes. This soul is a stranger to the Robert Adams Institute, and only our legal group has engaged in discerning communications.


Throughout history true way shower’s have  been followed by those of impure intent, required to participate in legal proceedings, and have been pursued by two general arenas of dishonor; evicted aspirants, and strangers whom the Teacher has never heard of, attempting false public affiliation, career establishment by attempting to ‘teach’ their message in an unrelated, personally tainted inaccuracy.


The majority of established and revered traditionally accurate spiritual teachers in the past decades/centuries in the West have firmly restricted the continuation of their message to their own personal institutions in order to preserve the original purity, choosing those most trust and loved, and in their wisdom and foresight, embrace the jewels of purity, wisdom and power for others to truly progress in the ancient format “..for generations to come.” as Robert Adams states.


Way showers forming their own personal copyrights and personal institutions, per their original pure transmissions in their environments of love, sweetness and selflessness, personally experienced by the teacher, refrain from recklessly tossing to the masses in an era of lower general mass consciousness, misinterpretation and unaffiliated parties, such as the current Vedanta Society, Self Realization Fellowship, The Rosicrucian’s, Transcendental Meditation, etc. Each individual founder of a higher order of pure evolvement formed their own uniquely beautiful and individual path of experience.  In preservation of purity, they formed their groups.


     Pondering Historical Traditions


The majority of these teachers were harassed by unaffiliated parties, or rejected aspirants whose prior actions caused the masters to evict them. Legal proceedings followed, per the tradition of darkness encroaching upon purity, wherein all that is just, is seen karmically. The saint Ramana Maharshi himself, was called in the physical form into legal court proceedings, Sri Yogananda continues to be imaginatively named in false affiliations, after decades of court proceedings with unaffiliated former evicted students, as do most who transmit a message far ahead of the general evolvement of man’s inhumanity.

"Take one pure path, and follow it to the end with all your heart."


The dissipation of the Teaching is the most common form of darkness for true aspirants. “Most Westerners take only a portion of a teaching and do not apply the complete teaching in order to progress. Do you do the practices everyday? Do you serve others? Do not use spiritual words to excuse bad behavior.”

Our Mission is to hold the Teaching pure for generations to come. In simple clarification to our beloved international student family, the hundreds of concerned requests for factual data in confirmation of factual public legal proceedings, below is the most recent update in spiritual integrity, accuracy, for discernment.

 “In this world, the darkness will always be threatened by the light, but the light will always prevail.” 


Robert Adams

Peace to you.


     Required Non-Profit Public Disclaimer


Public Notification and Publication of Legal Prosecutions, Cease and Desists, Infringement, Black Market and Cyber Harassments Confirmed Per Required Protocol in Legal Representation, FBI and Interpol Mass Infringement Investigations. Google, FB and Social Media Removals. Current Update in Legal Proceedings and Violations.