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"Live by The Golden Rule. Do to others what you want others to do to you. This is the divine law. This brings peace. Blessings. Alleviates suffering."

Within You Is Everything You Have Been Looking For. It All Begins With You Won't you begin Today?It is never too late to completely transform your entire life. To live the illuminated life. Within You Is The Light of a Thousand Suns. " Peace. Love. Transcendence. Compassion. I am calling you to a Higher Vision. I am calling you to a New Reality. " Robert Adams. There is a bright and glorious Reality that is your true home. All suffering subsides. All fear dissolves. All separation is revealed as illusion. Everyone is your brother and sister. All of humanity are your family. Everything is revealed as bright and shining. Splendor and Glory. Pure and whole. You understand why everything that appeared to happen to you happened. You see beyond this brief life journey into eternity. You have become a part of the omniscient love. The divine plan is revealed.


"Within You Is The Light Of A Thousand Suns. Let The True Sun Shine Forth!" In a peace- based powerful sequence of multi- layered instructional guidance, Robert Adams encourages all to embrace delightful, peace awakening daily practices, deep personal study of the uplifting, inspirational, Dialogues, offering pure clarification from those personally authorised by Robert Adams in an awakening of joy. His shining unchanging peace and kindliness through the common human experiences of vibrant health and illness, amid his unceasing daily vibrant teaching, provides a rare inspiration of the light within as eternally victorious through all outer experiences and appearances.




Enjoy Birthday Narritive reading in Celebration.

Have No Fear. Where Your Heart Is, God Is.
"Your Real Nature is absolute goodness. Absolute Reality. You are the Self (God within): The all-pervading Self. What can you possibly fear? You are free. You are whole. You are complete. You (the true You) are the body of bliss. You are eternal. Have no fear.

Surrender totally to God Consciousness.
Begin to identify with the I AM. Not with conditions. What is meaningful to me in this world? Where your heart is, that is where God is. "

Robert Adams




Harmony With All Life LINK. Enjoy a New Year Gift for You from The Robert Adams Institute.



Seven Things to Do

To Have A Wonderful New Year


The Robert Adams Institute Class Series

“These things allow you to rise above the pull of this world. Do them every day. The appearance of depression, fear, anger, resentments, worry will dissolve into the Truth of who You really are. Suffering subsides. The best time is the first moment upon awakening, and immediately prior to going to sleep at night.”

“It is entirely up to you to completely change your life for the better. To surrender you bad habits to God. To forgive and make peace with others. To rise above the suffering of this world. It is a gentle awakening. The substratum of life will reveal itself to you. The unchanging reality of harmony, peace, compassion, bliss. But you must utilize the power of your free will to engage in this unfoldment. Not by brushing people off, feeling superior, memorizing spiritual terminologies, trying to be ‘unattached’, not talking. But by becoming a living conduit of loving kindness in this world, as you humbly dive deeper and deeper into God each day. In the meantime, live each day in this world as we have discussed, spread sunshine to all you meet. Be very honest with yourself. The saints and sages are among us. They never leave. They will help you.” Robert Adams


2020: “Create a Life Bright and Shining”

Introduction to the Daily Guidance of Robert Adams

Welcome to the Pure Form extemporaneous, over 800 Dialogues of beloved sage, Robert Adams. The power to transcend, uplift, transform, and to be a conduit of peace while unfolding, in our environment, our ‘pre-ordained place in this life’ defines an essential component of Robert Adams Teaching on true unfoldment. Never saying a harsh word, yet remaining in crystal clarity in uncompromised foundation, he emphasizes gentle correction of the true meaning of spiritual terminologies, self scrutinization, behavior and involvement in activities in this world in order to ‘honestly progress’. His famed, deeply palpable peace ‘that passeth understanding’, melds innocent playfulness with stunningly supernal perceptions of each soul, currently guiding thousands of ‘sincere aspirants’ through life, feet firmly placed on classic spiritual ethical wisdom. Love to you.

“How to live? Live by the Golden Rule. Do to others what you want others to do to you. Create a life bright and shining. Create peace wherever you are, with whomever you are with.” Robert Adams

Sharing only his own personal experience, the gentle sage definitively copyrighted his works in the tradition of preservation of purity and transmission solely through his Institute, teaching only with his daughter, answering to inquiries on his daily life instructives throughout over eight hundred lesson Dialogues. His rare truth-ranging from beginning introductory pure guidance, to the deepest of ecstatic mystical experiences - naturally echo the purity, power and simple daily steps to daily anchor one ‘above the pull of this world’. Solidly rooted in the tradition of the ancient way in modern day, the sole “Westerner” revered globally as a true teacher of Illumination, his traditional, contemporary suburban family life offers a rare, beautifully uncompromised path to daily living in clear foundation, honoring personal responsibilities as sacred.

Many people are surprised to notice the power they have within to transcend and direct their moods, actions, thoughts and level of being affected by outer circumstances, in a culture conditioned to ‘face reality’- yet whose reality are we facing? We are offered the choice: this world of ‘toil and trouble’, or the supernal peace, harmony and compassion that is the unchanging substratum behind the temporal, waiting to permeate our daily circumstances, suffering and surprise events with the solidity of the joy of God, The Supreme.

“Happiness is your True Nature. However, you cannot simply go on harming others, having tempers, gossiping, creating incoming repercussions, and say “I am happy!” You must surrender all of this with humility and love, to be free.” Robert Adams 



We Create a New 2020.

In simple ways, we feel this disruption of suffering the sage refers to when we have a direct experience of the glorious Eternal within us, surrendering to the peace, compassion, love omniscient that remains unchanging within us- guiding us in practical life choices. Worry is not as appealing, we have no attraction to ‘those things that are vile, harm any living being, are contrary to spiritual laws."
“One who is touched by God has no attraction to take drugs, hurt others, cause suffering.” Robert Adams

Now, the things that used to hurt or disturb our day, pass over us insignificantly as we remain in  warm, deep peace, well-being, rather than an ‘unattached vacuousness”. This peace, loveliness, fills us “as a delight from head to toe”. (Robert Adams SOH) This spiritual insulation becomes stronger and stronger, enabling us to ‘sail through this life’, (Robert Adams SOH) utilizing our gifts, talents and love, “to alleviate the suffering of others”, while surrendering to the holiness and purity of heart within. Instead of being somber, withdrawn, pompous, we are a true light to others. This is the result of re-organizing our days to implement the beautiful, holy attunements, practices that lift us above this world. As a foundational crystalline guideline to general lifestyle, decision making, relationships, awaken joy and harmony.

"Follow the Golden Rule. The Yamas and Niyamas. These are powerful Truths. The Beatitudes. This will guide you. Lift you above this world. You will cease creating confusing repercussions. Suffering subsides."
“If the end result of Illumination is love, compassion and humility, what if we were to do this now?” Robert Adams

Why Love, Compassion, Humility?

“People ask me why I speak so much about love, compassion and humility? What do you think your true nature is? Many people have been on the so called spiritual path for a long time and they do not seem to be making much progress. It is because your compassion is not big enough. If you wish to know someone’s true spiritual stature, ask them to go out of their way to do something for someone else without getting anything in return. Those who have truly been touched by God, feel pulled to help others, to make life easier for people. There is no question about this. By doing this, you are simply reflecting your true Nature; love, compassion, humility. You can have fun, be responsible for others, have a light heart. But you must try to remember to remember- to do these things each day. To immerse yourself in eternal Truth.”
Robert Adams

And so we begin anew. Together. In peace. Rising above being despondent by the daily depletions, sad events, suffering in this world. This is a simple art of identifying with That which is your true nature, really feeling this identification authentically as the truth, and then emanating this to others. “Spread sunshine to all you meet.”  


Seven Things to Do to Have a Wonderful New Year!

Guidance from Robert Adams

The Robert Adams Studentship Classes

Morning Light

1. Prepare a powerful morning program of joyful/happy ‘practices’ or ‘devotions’ that are personally tailored to your personality, (good habits/tendencies) samskaras, that opens your heart.’ Robert Adams advises us to create a beautiful place that is utilized only for this purpose of pondering, prayer, meditations.. Candles, flowers and music elevate the atmosphere.

“Do not stop until your feel the presence of the peace that passeth understanding. This will become a very powerful place. It will lift you up immediately.” Robert Adams


2. Practice the Robert Adams Meditations

“The Sage in the Heart Meditation. The I AM Meditation. Try to do this every morning and evening. This will align your human consciousness with Truth. Pray for others. This creates selflessness. Pray for yourself. Pray to God and He will help you. Never believe that you are above this.” Robert Adams

3. Arise Before the Sun Rises

It is no coincidence that globally, all hermitages, ashrams, temples, convents, monasteries, rise before the rest of the world. They engage in beautiful ceremonies, prayers, meditations, singing. The world affects them differently, as from a higher vantage point of solid immersion in Truth, in understanding. "Do not identify with 'your' problems as 'you'. Instead, go within, then you will be guided to take action." Robert Adams


Student Sharing  

“I was amazed at how I felt as if I had been meditating all day, like a cloud in peace and confidence after waking up to music before the sun and doing these practices every morning. I was called ‘high strung’, everything affected me. I felt everything amplified. So it was upsetting. I now utilized this energy sensitivity for going into the divine every morning-as a test I did the whole thing for forty-five minutes before work and before bed. I can’t describe the difference. I felt like I was in another world, where I was looking from a beautiful peaceful place, yet I was more alert, engaged and clear headed than ever. True. I think I directed this sensitive energy into a powerful place and it affected my whole system.” Larissa Miller Lesson Student Santa Barbara Ca.


4. Nature, Exercise, Walking Outside in the Fresh Air

“Go outside into the peaceful beauty of nature everyday if you can. Look at the ocean, the mountains, feed the birds. Meditate outside if you can sometimes.” Robert Adams

Robert Adams walked for miles each morning at sunrise. He often climbed a large scenic hill in his neighborhood, walking for miles again in the evening, often taking his beloved family dog Dimitri with him, tenderly carrying him in his arms for blocks around the symphony concert park in front of his later home, when his own body had become prone to illness. His children often walked-ran for miles each morning together at sunrise.
Running in the fresh morning air for blocks, walking in nature whenever possible, all have been proven to not only activate endorphins that release the natural happy feelings of the human physiology, but acts to dramatically lessen depression and lethargic tendencies, the illusion of hopelessness, and minor health issues. This frees us from the confusion of the temporal human condition into a clarity of purpose by experiencing a direct alignment and illumination within.


5. Selfless Service. Alleviating the Suffering of Others

“In the West, many people think spirituality is memorizing a lot of terminologies, going to retreats, listening to different speakers. Yet they remain the same. They have the same mean habits. Unhappiness, selfishness. They do not know what to do with themselves. They live only for themselves. They think about themselves all day. The more you surrender your bad habits, the more good results will ensue. Therefore, when you forget yourself and help others, alleviate the suffering of others, something happens. You have changed the world, in a sense. You have done something holy. Compassion naturally flows through you. You are lifted up into ultimate reality. For compassion is your true nature.

Selflessly serving others is not separate from illumination. From your sadhana- spiritual practices. This is your sadhana. You serve God in other people. This brings holiness. You have risen above this world. Above mortal enslavement.  Therefore, you visit the lonely, the sick, you feed the hungry, you drive a housebound person, you save animals if you can. You must be of service in order to unfold. I am not speaking of serving someone who gives you credit, or performing your everyday duties. I am speaking of course, of alleviating the suffering of others because it is natural. It is a joy. Do not look for thankfulness. For a reward. Many people are ungrateful. This has nothing to do with you. Your expansion.

As you are unfolding, you find that you have no other choice but to help those that are suffering. Do not become isolated, self-absorbed. Do not use spiritual terminologies to excuse selfishness. This is not a mind game- we wish to be a living conduit of compassion. Therefore, this is why we say, as you are unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet. Smile with all your heart. This brings joy to all. You have made the world better for being here. Observe your reaction to going out of your way for others. Remember, I am calling you to a higher vision. This makes the moment holy. This is of great importance.” Robert Adams

Simple offerings such as packing food, blanket and socks, or gift packs for the homeless shelters, volunteering to nurture or walk pets impounded awaiting adoption, befriending the elder and isolated, serving food at shelters, protecting children. Robert Adams and his daughter regularly give to children and counseled in hospice homes.

“Many seekers take and take but rarely give back. Always give something back. You must have a great benevolence.” Robert Adams


6. Take Care of Someone Other Than Yourself Every Day

“Do not live only for yourself. Take care of someone else. Many seekers say “Me, me, me, when will I become illumined?” They only do what feels good to them. The world says to put yourself number one. But I say put yourself second and others number one. What do I mean by this? The path to illumination, so to speak, does not occur in your mind. Your mind says "I think this, I feel this, I want this." But when you put the 'I' aside and surrender to the heart, the Heart of God, you will find that wonderful things begin to spontaneously occur.

You are here because of karma. Your actions have repercussions. Your choices create your future experience here on earth. It is all up to you. Therefore, when you expand yourself to dedicate your actions, your choices to take care of others, you naturally unfold. You change for the better. You get out of your head, your debates, your conceptions. Arise. Transcend the world. Transcend your mind. As God takes care of you, take care of someone else. Gently. With great heart. Take loving care of a child. Take care of animals. Take responsibility for other people. Only then can you expand beyond yourself.”             Robert Adams

"Be very honest with yourself. Many seekers become stagnant, lethargic. They do not develop their gifts, their talents, their dharma. They do not contribute to the world. Many simply discuss spiritual terminologies and labels. But what are you doing for others? For the suffering in this world? This is a wonderful opportunity to utilize this lifetime to be a living conduit of love, compassion, humility. Every action counts. It becomes a part of you. Selflessness is very important. Not as a lecture. Not as a concept. But as a joy. A delight. An expression of your Self. Therefore take care of children, animals." Robert Adams


7. Reconciliation and Forgiveness

“Forgive everyone. Forgive yourself. This does not mean to accept vile actions. To be abused by others. This is erroneous. You simply do not culture hate. You do not gossip. You do not hold resentment. You surrender it all, the whole thing, to God. And you bless them. Now this sounds very simple. However, this is a very powerful practice. You are held in karmic bonds with those you do not forgive. On this earth, you are under the law of karma. No matter how much you think you may have gotten even with someone or told someone off, you are simply entwining yourself in the chaotic repercussions of your actions. You are continuing the repercussions. You are starting a new action.
When you forgive them in your heart, surrender it up. Completely. You are free” Robert Adams

In the start of the new year, practical integration of the reality of integral forgiveness, for many people, changes everything.  A teenage Lesson Student of Robert Adams has been deeply applying the lessons enthusiastically. He shared with us his experience of literally applying the dialogue of forgiveness, described below:

He and a group of teens at school had been having a war of words through email messages, many containing adolescent insults and arguments. This had gone on for two years. He would often interrupt family and social activities at all hours to see what they wrote to/about him. One weekend he spent the entire morning of Saturday and Sunday pondering the lessons and practicing the Sage in the Heart meditation with his family. Chanting.  Without double guessing himself, he suddenly texted his peers. “I forgive you.” There was silence. No response. One boy then asked him what he meant. Another mocked him. Silence. He repeated his message. “I forgive you.” There were no more exchanges. He felt free for the first time since the ‘war’ began. A weight had been removed from his shoulders. When seeing them at school he waved and walked by. The hostility of the game had dissolved. One boy was a ‘churchgoer’, and two weeks later also said “I forgive you.” The boys waved at one another or ignored one another for the rest of the school year. He never said a word of ill will about them. “I realize forgiveness is a force, not dumb weakness.” the boy commented to his parents.

In this new year, let us all apply this forgiveness, freeing ourselves from the illusionary chains of self-rationalization, denial and belief in ‘winning’to really win, in loving freedom. As Robert Adams emanates in bright shining clarity; let us extrapolate the essence of forgiveness on both the temporal earthly and supernal response, in which we continue to rise. Reconciliation. Let us ponder a myriad of the most beautiful transmissions of Robert Adams;  

“This is compassion. Reconciling yourself with the whole universe, all of the kingdoms, animals. We have to have a great compassion for the flowers, vegetation, everything that exists. This is important. Ponder this. Some of us wonder why we have been on this path for a long time and we do not seem to make much progress.
It is because your compassion is not big enough. As Consciousness you have become the epitome of compassion. Rejoice! "  Robert Adams

"It behooves you to reconcile yourself with everyone in this lifetime. To create peace where there is none. The world will continue on. However, you will experience the result of your actions. If you create peace, peace permeates your life. Unfoldment occurs naturally. For you live in Truth. This is

why the Bible says to go and reconcile yourself with your brother before you go to the alter. This is how you live in Truth rather than talking about it. It is easy to say "I am a student of so and so". But who is willing to reconcile themselves with all of life? Thus you are freed from much suffering".

Robert Adams

Robert Adams Benevolence Project Link



Compassion Is Your True Nature

"Become a living conduit of compassion in this world.
For compassion is none other than your true nature. This is who You really are.
This is your eternal, unchanging Self.
Without compassion, there is no spirituality. All living beings originate from
the same source of love. Compassion.
Be merciful. Full of mercy.
In this way, you naturally reflect your true Self. Your eternal Self.
You become a light in this world.
The world loses its power over you.

Therefore, live in your true nature of compassion. This brings happiness.
Even as a child I could never understand how anyone could hurt an animal.
What right do you have to hurt an animal?
Your job is to protect the animal kingdom.
When you see God in all living beings, whom can you hurt?
You become compassion itself.
Your heart becomes big. And your personal suffering begins to subside.
A great joy ensues."

Robert Adams Silence of the Heart The Robert Adams Pure Form Lessons. All Robert Adams Dialogues are Extemporaneously Presented and shared with those present as 'a sincere aspirant', rather than distributed en masse to the public, in a tender and sensitively aware realization of each persons heart and life path.


Enjoy the Gentle Truth of Robert Adams. Download This Book on The Animal Kingdom.

Harmony With All Life


What Is a True Mystical Experience?

Have You Had a Mystical Experience?

"I began in mystical Christianity. I was pulled towards this since I was a young boy. I sought this out by myself. I did not know why. I traveled long distances alone to attend talks on Christian mysticism. I begin to have unusual experiences, beautiful experiences that are beyond description. This is why we do not talk much about them. It is very difficult for most people to understand. There were glorious experiences of the entire universe emanating nothing but love, and we were this love. There is a world of eternal indescribable love, of bliss, of peace, that is the unchanging substratum of our existence. The Supreme. God.

So I devoted myself to this. No one understood this. My mother was very spiritual. Very religious. But she did not understand this. The question arises; why are certain people pulled towards a path of deep unfoldment, and others are not? There is something deep within you that is pulled to rise above this world. To rise above this world of man’s inhumanity to man. To experience the fathomless love, the peace, the truth, of God, Ultimate Reality. Once you experience this, you cannot go back. You cannot go back to believing that this world is all there is, that man’s inhumanity to man is Reality. We do reject it, we expand beyond it. We do not say the world is not real. We realize that God, as the world, is real.

We do not simply sit back and 'accept' it. We do not coldly observe it. We must understand what is happening. It is all happening on a backdrop of light, of eternal love. And so we become a vehicle, a living conduit of this love. Many people ask me, "Are the experiences of the saints, the martyrs, those who became transcendent, beyond time and space, true?"

Of course, this is of the mind, to imagine that only what we see is true. Can you imagine, if all there was to life is what we have experienced? As we unfold, we begin to experience the unimaginable beauty within. When your heart, your being, is loosened from the sole identification with this physical world, you may begin to experience the 'higher worlds' so to speak, for want of a better word. For on the path, there are many bliss permeated, heavenly realms of sublime perfection. This naturally occurs within you. And yet we keep unfolding further. For those of the devoted faith, such as the Christian mystics, the love in their heart is none other than their true Selves, God within them, and God, takes them over.

The love completely takes over. And of course, this love is beyond the false limitations of time and space. Of suffering and confusion. But as we say, the saints and sages did their homework. They prayed, meditated, reflected, contemplated, almost all of the time. What appears as 'sacrifices' to us is to them a joy. You forget to eat. You give of what you have to others. You feel pulled to stay up all night in devotions while everyone else is sleeping. Do you see what I am saying? All of the miracles, the joy of the so called levitating saints, is of Truth. The appearance of the spiritual giants to students with pure heart, centuries later, this is all of the eternal. Of ultimate Reality. Are you choosing to live for the eternal, or the temporal?

Now, this is  not as it sounds. I am not saying that you never go anywhere, never laugh or have fun. That you criticize what other people are doing, that they are wasting their time. Quite the contrary. You become more humble, more loving. You realize that you have no idea what other people are going through. No idea at all. Yet you, belong to God. You will not give up. You have made up your mind that the glory and the splendor of Reality, right here and now, will be your experience. You look no different than anyone else. You have a career, you are friendly to your neighbor. This is why I say that if you will stay up just one night, doing the I AM Meditation, The Sage in the Heart Meditation, praying, singing, you will never be the same. Everything fades into the background of the bliss that is all pervasive, permeating you. Yet you are not doing it for this reason. You are doing it out of the love in your heart. This love will protect you. But you must be sincere. You anchor yourself in God, not in looking for these experiences. And yet they come to you, of pre-ordination. Divine will. And you see beyond this world, into a great magnificence.

“Do not discuss and debate. Instead, do. Put this into practice. Experience this for yourself.”

A true spiritual mystical experience of Truth is never ‘weird’. It is never frightening, crazy. It has become the style to say that you had a 'breakdown' or a 'psychotic break' and you emerged spiritual. (laughter) Illumined. Or that everything must be destroyed. It is all about destruction. One seeker t told me he could no longer function. So he became enlightened. This is not what I am referring to. Quite the contrary. True progression is a gracious, gentle unfoldment. Joy ensues. But you cannot go on doing everything you, your human self, wants. You must surrender your anger, bad habits. Self-absorption. Follow self-control. Become humble. Full of loving kindness.

This is not as hard as it sounds. (laughter) It is who you really are. Naturally. If you focus completely on one teacher, sage or saint, one path, what is within you will become You outwardly. Experientially. What is within will become your Reality. Your life. If you are devoted to a saint or sage, you realize there is no death. They are among us. You are surrounded by the spiritual giants. They assist your efforts to awaken. See yourself taking the hand of the saint or master, and continue with your daily practices.

Follow a guideline of universal laws. Have you ever read Proverbs? This is very powerful. All of the true religions say the same thing - how to behave. The Christian mystics completely gave themselves over to Jesus. Jesus is the master of compassion. If everyone did what Jesus taught, everyone would be illumined. But who is willing to do this? Therefore, as you are living your life in this world, it behooves you to become acquainted with discernment. In your spiritual experiences. So called visions. You do not seek mystic experiences out nor reject them. You stay anchored in God. You trust in the supremacy of goodness. And God will reveal to you what you need to know.

But what are you doing every day to realize this? How do you know what a true mystical experience is? First of all, you will have no desire to leave your family, responsibilities, abandon people. Instead you will see The Supreme in them. You will serve God in them. You see the heart of God everywhere. You will have no desire to take drugs, to seek out these experiences. They occur naturally as you are destined to experience them in your unfoldment. With gentleness. Purity. If a saint, a master, appears to you, you are grateful. Humble. And you understand. You expand into the splendor and glory. You become a delight for others. You feel peaceful, beyond the common use of the word. You know, and you know that you know.

You feel an ineffable feeling of Good. Of love. Nothing that anybody can do to you can affect this in the least. You feel a deep gratitude for this life. This opportunity to unfold. Time, space, fear, confusion, all dissolve into a great benevolence that has no beginning and no end. It begins to permeate your daily life, your job, your home. You naturally begin to be attracted to that which is of compassion. Goodness. Perhaps you become altruistic. But you cannot have a true mystical experience and remain the way you are.

You cannot brush people off, be cold hearted. Participate in vile activities. This reveals your inner stature. Therefore, be very careful. Do not become involved in activities that involve all sorts of crazy involvements, the occult, and so on. If your grandmother comes to say hello after she leaves her body, say hello back. Send her love. And simply continue on with your spiritual practices.

Now if you are referring to true experiences of illumination, the experience of the mystics and saints; this is another thing entirely. All of the universe reveals itself to you. The planets, galaxies imploding and exploding, the gods and goddesses, the myriad of heavenly realms or lokas appear, eternity reveals itself within you and without you. What is beauty on this earth does not define a miniscule of the beauty that is of The Supreme. It is all happening spontaneously and naturally. Yet there is a peace that is beyond understanding, the realization that all is truly well, yet you are where you are in order to become a vehicle of this. Every-thing is wonder-full. Everything is perfect love omniscient, all pervading, eternal, unchanging. And You, (the real You) are That.


Copyright Robert Adams   Robert Adams Infinity Institute all rights reserved.
Non profit required disclaimer: The works of Robert Adams are represented solely through his own self established institute, The Robert Adams Infinity Institute, constituting his own personal experience.



An Ancient Way for Modern Day

How To Make Decisions.

"How to live? Live by the golden rule. Do to others what you want others to do to you. Follow the universal laws, the Yamas and Niyamas. The Beatitudes. When confusion arises, return to this."

Making Conscious Decisions in an Unconscious World.

"We are spiritual people. This world is not."

Three guiding stars for making decisions in daily life: "You have been given the gift of free will in this life. Every decisions that you make incurs repercussions of the same origin. It behooves you to make decisions that reflect your True Self. To become a living vehicle of loving kindness."

1. Dive deeply into The Supreme, Truth, God, through solid devotions, practices until you feel 'the peace that does not change." Holy music, chant, prayer, and meditations as instructed enhance a complete lifting up 'beyond the confusion of this world' into eternal truth, wisdom, guidance.

2. Reflect on the decision in light of "The worlds great spiritual laws, upon which all true religions agree. Read the Yamas and Niyamas. The Beatitudes. Live by The Golden Rule. These are fundamental. This will protect you." This discerns the temporary from the eternal.

3. Ponder the decision that is for the good of all. "Never think that all that matters is your own desires. Your moods, fluctuating feelings, bad habits. Be still and observe this with compassion. Observe your reactions. You have this power. Be very honest with yourself. This results in Freedom. Freedom from bad habits, cycles of moods, up and down. You will rise. Be strong. I am calling you to a higher vision. Have fun, but do not become involved in the vile things of this world. Cling to the pure, the gentle. How you treat others will return to you. Stay anchored in Truth."

Living by spiritual laws is an internal choice for ourselves, rather than judging others. "Do not bother other people. If someone is harming you, harming others, then take proper action. If you must sue someone, sue them with love-do not culture hate. Yet create peace whenever you can."


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m"Blessings in Peace! Thank you for all of the love and truth- the spiritual truth of the ages online! The depth of your commitment is soul enriching on a variety of levels. When Robert Adams states that the silence is not quiet or absence of words but the presence of God, I thought of this. This is both, for compassion. This radiates all that I have learned from you and the nights on this site of purity and love!" John Wood


The Animal Kingdom

"You must reconcile yourself with the Animal Kingdom. If you really had compassion, could you eat meat?" Robert Adams

Silence for the Suffering of the Animals

James Aspey Took a Vow of Silence for 365 Days to Draw Attention to the Suffering of Animals.



A Radiance Emerges. Light on Enjoying the Holy-day Season

"This is a very auspicious time. People all over the world are thinking about God. This is a powerful time. Therefore be of good cheer. Increase your practices. Rejoice in the glory and the splendor. Become more compassionate. Become benevolent. Selfless. Give to others, asking nothing in return. It does not matter what reaction you receive. Feed the hungry, visit the housebound. Bring joy to the children. Celebrate. Ask others what you can do to make their lives easier.

Become a living embodiment of loving kindness. For this is really your true nature. This is who You really are. The world has just covered it up. It is up to you to awaken this nature. Thus, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Jesus is the master of compassion. Love for your brother, as your Self. For they are one and the same. Therefore you find joy in bringing joy to others. You find Grace. Do this humbly. In a practical manner.

And you begin to unfold. A radiance emerges. You see the holidays with the wonder of a child. And you will feel a holiness. A great peace."


A Great Compassion

A great compassion for flowers, vegetation, everything.

This is compassion. Reconciling yourself with the whole universe, all of the kingdoms, animals.

We have to have a great compassion for the flowers, vegetation, everything that exists. This is important.

Ponder this.

Some us wonder why we have been on this path for a long time and we do not seem to be making much progress.

It is because your compassion is not big enough. As Consciousness, you have become the epitome of compassion

Robert Adams Silence of the Heart


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Robert Adams Thanksgiving

Following a formal traditional large extended family and visitors from various countries for a non- harm Thanksgiving supper, beloved Robert Adams fulfilled requests to speak at non harm spiritual animal organizations. There, he would walk among the long buffet tables with live turkeys strolling causally through the room, petting them with his children.

Mrs. Robert Adams offered much loved gourmet non harm feasts of multiple entrees, exotic fruits and vegetables, savory grain medleys and nut loaves, based on her cookbook and non- harm radio program. Laila and her father devote an arena of the Benevolence Project to teaching animal education and compassionate welfare, continuing expanded programs in requested arenas throughout the world.

"One who has a realization of Truth, could never harm an animal." Robert Adams The Garden Talks, Silence of the Heart.


Fall 2019 Illumination Blog

"Peace. Peace. Peace."

Robert Adams is an internationally revered spiritual teacher who introduced the 'Now' movement to America at large in expanded realization, as an intermediary introduction to classic spiritual unfoldment. He is the sole American revered in both the East and "When I say to love your Self, I am not speaking of your human self with its foils and foibles, I am speaking of your true Self with a big S. Your eternal Self."West as a spiritual sage, whose stature was confirmed by ancient tradition. Much loved Robert Adams teaches his own personal experience in interior illumination honoring classic spiritual mores, emphasizing the virtues of love, compassion and humility.



Joyful Fall Greetings.

Welcome to the Fall Robert Adams Institute Illumination Blog. This season our beautiful immersion topic is 'Peace and Surrender' as everyday realities. The topic of peace defines the foundational terrain of The Teaching of Robert Adams, both in the 'splendor and the glory of illumination' and in the the everyday contemporary world. In practical compassion and transcendence, we become 'an asset to this world'. Peace is our origin, our home, our true nature. In this world, establishing peace rather than passivity as taught by Robert Adams, is as the fine 'razors edge', as explained in the Katha Upanishad, "The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over...as is the path to salvation, say the wise."

"Do not intellectualize peace and compassion with dry head knowledge. You must help others, for you are unfolding into a living conduit of peace in the world." The gentle sage refers often to 'The peace that passeth understanding' as a direct experience available to anyone who 'sincerely applies themselves to the practice of diving deep within to to rest in the Self - Sat Chit Ananda daily." In this fall season, may your days be bright with the light that is the eternal reality behind all physical events, in your own personal experience. May you be richly blessed in the words of wisdom, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children on God." Beatitudes.

In Love Omniscient,

The Robert Adams Institute



All-Pervading unchanging Reality. It is always there. Waiting for you. This will give you strength. Fortitude.

For this is the nature of God. This is Truth. Therefore do not be discouraged. This will lift you up above the world and guide you to be of service." 

The Original Pure Form Teaching of Robert Adams
The Robert Adams Institute Blog
Topic Surrender


The Art of Surrender

'Prior to awakening comes a complete surrender. Not visions, not spiritual experiences but a total and complete surrender to the Self. When I say it's a complete surrender it's exactly what I mean. You surrender your entire life. This means all your problems, all the things you think are bothering you. All the good things, all the bad things. Everything is totally surrendered to the Self. And as you're doing this you automatically become compassionate and a tremendous amount of humility transpires within yourself.
There is a total surrender to God. Not certain things. I know some of you like to surrender the bad things, forget about that. You just surrender totally and completely. The bad and good things are all part of the relative world. And the whole relative world has to be totally and completely surrendered. Totally given up.

Then a great compassion and a great humility will come by itself. You see we're not trying to do these things physically? We just let ourselves fall into the space where all these things happen by themselves. And this comes from sitting in the silence. You see how all these things are connected to each other?
As you sit in the silence without desire, without want, without trying to change bad for good. All of a sudden you will feel yourself surrendering. Surrendering all of your ego. The body-mind surrenders. Everything let's go. And you become the epitome of compassion. A tremendous humility wells up within you. When you can feel these things the next step is to awaken totally."

What Is Surrender? Crisis Management Through Surrender to God

"Surrender is humility. You no longer cling to that which is not conducive to unfoldment. You no longer rationalize your changing confusion, reactions, bad habits, for you have found something better. Something eternal. Something wonderful. That which never changes. That which is eternal, glorious. You have found that within you is a grand magnificence. And you surrender to this. You surrender your heart, your words, your actions, until all that emerges from you is of Truth. Goodness. Ultimate Reality. You bow to this. You can do this formally if you wish. Light a candle. Bow to the God of your faith. When you truly surrender yourself to your SELF, (the divine within) you will be lifted up above the vicissitudes of this world. It is like a wave, a momentum that carries you once you have surrendered your heart. You are never the same. Why? You are no longer enslaved to the misery, the bad habits, the chaos, the meanness, the fear that you identified with as 'you'. You have discovered that you are not these things at all. You simply identified with them as one believes in a mirage.

When one surrenders to That which is Ultimate Perfection, The Supreme, God, He will take care of you. You will begin to see things from a so called higher perspective than you ever did before. You will begin to understand why things happen. Yet you will be a light unto the world. You will no longer contribute to the suffering of this world. It is all up to you. Which will you serve? God or Mammon? You cannot do both. This does not mean you leave this world, become strange, never go anywhere. It is all an interior realization. You will no longer be attracted to those things that are not of the qualities of The Supreme. You are not better or less than anyone else. You rejoice in this life. Surrender to God in your heart is the first thing upon awakening. Remind yourself of this through the day. Imagine God, a great spiritual giant, a saint of your heart, standing in front of you. In your heart, surrender to this bright light of Goodness. Become this light of Goodness. Radiate this light of Goodness. YOU are That."

Surrender to God

"What do you surrender to God? Everything that is not of your true nature. Each day, surrender that within the human self which is not conducive to unfoldment. Say "Here God, take my anger, my depression, my resentment. Take this from me. I surrender this to you, I give this up to you. I surrender to The Supreme. The Eternal. Omniscient Love. Compassion. " Do this several times a day if you must. You can do this with your breath. Do this regularly. This will weaken the power of these bad habits. This will be of great assistance to you. This lifts you up above this world. Above your samskaras. This enables you to surrender your humanity to God, the Self within; omniscient love, unchanging peace, loving kindness, bliss eternal, Sat Chit Ananda. How do you know when you are doing this? The qualities of the Self, the Supreme emerge from you. Peace. Humility. You stop bothering other people; you create peace. You become an asset to humanity. You have a realization deep within that this earth is at the evolution of the third grade. You continue to unfold. And you cling to Goodness."

"When you surrender a situation to God, you are not becoming passive. Not at all. You experience an interior realization that all is His Will, but you are a conduit of Good in this world. You have responsibilities. Karma. You have your dharma, your duty in this world. Yet if you surrender deeply, truly in your heart to The Supreme, with love and trust, then the suffering subsides. The worry subsides. You go out and take the right action, the highest action regarding the situation. You do not let what happens happen. If you help someone, you help them with all your heart. If you pray for someone who is sick, your pray with all your heart. You intervene with compassion if this is of assistance. Your duty is to alleviate the suffering of others. You do not remain idle. This is of the highest importance. Do not utilize spirituality to become apathetic. Quite the contrary. You become radiant, vibrant with The Light of a Thousand Suns. Yet in your heart, you give it all to God. You do not take the entire burden upon yourself. For you know, in your heart, that all is taking place in God. And you are at peace."


Prayer Surrender

"Prayer makes you humble. This lifts you up. No matter what is happening to you in the temporal world, surrender to God. Trust in the supremacy of Goodness. Pray to God and He will help you. Surrender your heart to God in prayer. Open your heart. Ponder the Truth and surrender completely to Ultimate Reality. To Absolute Goodness. Eternal Unchanging Bliss, The Supreme. How to pray when you surrender? The Lord's Prayer. You must open your heart and surrender the intellectualization of the mind. Rationalizing bad behavior. This dissipates suffering. You are rising to a higher Reality. You are becoming conscious of this Reality. This is more powerful than anything you are going through. There is a Reality that supersedes the physical realm, this is beautiful beyond imagining. This is all pervading. Surrender to this."


Summary of Steps to True Surrender in The Teaching of Robert Adams

1. Gently step back from the situation, and dive into the divinity of the Supreme.

2. Deliberately and sincerely hand the entire event over to the Supremacy of Goodness, The Eternal, Unchanging Omniscient Love that is God with humility and genuine heart. "Say 'Here God, I hand this over to you. Completely and totally. I surrender this to you.' " Remain in the peace. Do this upon the arrival of worry. "This is not escapism. This is Ultimate Reality. You are not running away. You are taking the highest, most compassionate path to the Truth, to love for all concerned." One may follow the ancient tradition of lighting a candle, surrendering in a church service, or simply in ones heart.

3. Take action required for the situation in accordance with prayerful guidance and in harmony with the eternal divine laws as stated in the Yamas and Niyamas, the Golden Rule. "No truth will guide you to harm others, to be aggressive, angry, belligerent."

"When you surrender, do not go back and begin worrying again. Dive deeply into the peace that passeth understanding. Ask God to completely take over the situation. And be at peace."


Sailing Through Life

"Surrender to The Power That Knows the Way. The Power that knows how to make a seed grow into an orange tree, that makes the sun rise again everyday no matter what is happening on the earth. That brings the seasons every year. This Power Guides your life to your highest good. You will sail through life. However, you must be very honest with yourself. humble, pure of heart. When you feel worry, fear, anger, surrender to The Power That Knows the Way." Robert Adams




The Ladies Illumination Course Has Returned

A Weekly Video of Robert Adams Pondering One Topic Meditation in Specific Guidance, alternated with the beautiful feminine- guided Robert Adams Meditations suitable for your daily meditations with grace, as you are guided in the words of Robert Adams. Enjoy Personal Life Guidance in this joyful, gentle foundation of the Teaching, to transform and clarify daily life with spiritual strength. Humorous, rare narratives, daily life re-invention rich, personal content.


link on the course here

"I must say that my home life has improved considerably since retreating to my much anticipated 'Thursday night surprise package!" I so needed this time to just chill into truth...but nothing ever touched me as deeply as this course." Tricia Hewitt, Ph.D. NYNY




What is 'Karma'

and How Does It Affect Me?

A Rare Guidance on The True Universal Laws of Compassion:

An in- depth look into the totality of the layers of personal incoming events that arrive in ones life, and the power of compassion in regards to karmas. As You Sow, So Shall You Reap. Bible

"As long as you are in a physical body, you are under the laws of karma. How to live? Live by the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you wish them to do to you."

So much has been misunderstood about karma. Karma is not a punishment. Karma is a tool for understanding. For compassion. We understand how our actions affect others. Since most people do not understand how to behave correctly, how to have compassion, this helps us to understand. It is an exacting law of the material world. Many people tell me that they are beyond karma. But as long as you are in a physical body, (you) your body is under the laws of karma. There is no escaping it. (referring to misconceptions of being beyond 'good' and 'bad'. Goodness is the essential law of spiritual life, eliminating karma and suffering.) You body includes your mind and emotions. It will affect all of these areas to the extent that you yourself created on a previous occasion. It is really very simple. Yet, you need to understand it, because it explains suffering.

Every true spiritual teaching explains the laws of right and wrong. The laws of karma. The Bible tells us that as we sow, we shall reap. Whatever we plant shall return. If it did not, how could we understand a loving universe? Man fools himself. He pretends that because our actions do not return right away, they are not going to... Surprise! (Laughter)
Now you may ask, what creates karma? Everything. Everything that is not of your True Nature creates return responses. Just the way you gave them out. Of course this occurs in the world of action and thought. Beneath it all, your peace remains, unchanged. Waiting for you. Now this is very interesting. This includes words, actions and thoughts. Yes, thoughts. Uh-oh. Some of you don't like that. Let's say you have a nasty thought about somebody. You may be smiling at them, 
but in your mind you choose to entertain a nasty thought. Now you know that your thoughts are part of your consciousness. So what is your consciousness doing? What is it doing everyday? What are you thinking about? What are your habits? Do they speak of your True Nature? Most peoples don't. They think no one can see or hear their thoughts, so it doesn't matter. The problem is that they (thoughts) also create karma. It means that you understand. This doesn't mean that you refuse to see the truth. What is going on. It means that you understand. You are honest with each person you are with.

You are compassionate. You are kind. You are radiating love. You do not have bad habits. You never say 'That's their karma.' Thinking a nasty thought about someone can become a bad habit. And you attract nasty thoughts back. And no one knows what is going on. They just know that they are suffering. Thoughts are real in the material world. They are actually a part of the karma's of the earth. Therefore they attract repercussions. Now this is not to create fear. It is to create freedom. Freedom from bondage. The bondage of bad habits. Without freedom from bad habits you cannot stop creating karma. It is impossible. Let's say that you say one thing to people and secretly think something else. This means that you have created the habit of deception. This creates karma. Then one day you trust someone, and they say one thing to you and another thing to someone else. Something nasty. Now you are hurt. Now you are suffering. Now you are confused. But you do not remember where it came from. You created it by doing it to someone else.

Each Time We Act Against Our True Nature, We Create Suffering

This is why we have the law of Ahimsa. Not harming others. Not harming any other living being. But you stop creating karma when you do not 'try' anymore. You are simply not attracted to doing things that cause karma. You are becoming more anchored in your True Nature, Loving kindness. Your True Nature does not want to harm anyone. Anything. Your True Nature is loving compassion. To all. Each time we act against our True Nature, we create suffering.

Now Karma can get more complex

Say you are trying to create a career. A living. You are honest. Hard working. You do your best. Yet something always happens. You can't seem to get a break. It starts to affect you. You become depressed. You become despondent. Your personality changes. All because you cannot understand what is going on. Now, one way to approach this is to say, "I have bad karma". And to give up. This is the passive stance. It is taken by many so- called spiritual people. But there is another way. There is hope. You see, you do not have to be a victim of your karma. Your real, Ahimsa based True Nature (giving only love) is stronger than any karma. It is not subject to the laws of this world. (meaning karma can be balanced with loving actions) Your True Nature is Pure. It is beyond the appearances of suffering. No one who understands karma says, '"That is their karma." when they see someone suffering. They have compassion. They intervene. This is where the hope comes in. There are two things more powerful than your karma. Compassion. And Forgiveness. When we choose these qualities, these truths, we Awaken.

"Never think that you can 'get away' with anything. The lords of karma are always watching."

There Are Two Things More Powerful Than Your Karma

Let's say that you see someone suffering. You may not like the person very much. But this has come to you. You see this. This has all been pre-arranged. Even this is your karma. 
So you see this person suffering. Now, you have two choices. You will create your future. You can see their suffering and say, "I understand the laws of karma. This is happening to him because of something he created. How lucky I am to understand this." And you walk away. This is the way of the beginning seeker. The one who does not understand. They only care about what happens to them. And so they go their way. But one day they will be in that position. They will be suffering, and no one will care. There will be no one to help them. Perhaps they will be in a religion, or a family, where they think, "Well, that is your karma." And there is no compassion. So he starts wondering. And eventually he will learn that everyone deserves compassion. This does not mean that you let anyone hurt you. This just means that you deal compassionately. Gently.

Compassion Is Stronger Than Karma

Then they eventually Awaken. Oh, now I understand. Compassion is my True Nature. When everyone has compassion, then no one suffers. That is when you live in a more spiritually advanced, knowledgeable culture, or civilization. This is who we really are deep down. But something, someone changed our minds. We decided not to be compassionate. We refused to simply live in our True Nature. This is why we suffer. It is so simple. Yet we make it complex. It is not. Now there is the second way. Remember, the first person walked away. He thought he was 'spiritual'. He thought he was Awakened. But he thought to be spiritual meant you only do what is convenient. What is comfortable. What feels good. There is a whole new religion that thinks what 'feels good' means it is Your True Nature. It is 'peaceful'. And they don't understand why they are still suffering.

Now if you choose the second way of compassion, you begin to Awaken. Awakening occurs each time you live in your True Nature. But you must choose to do this. No one can do it for you. Then you begin to feel joyful. Peaceful. And this begins to define your life. And so you see, in the end, you actually feel better than you ever thought possible. For you have overcome all suffering. You see someone suffering. You understand that there are the laws of karma. And you step in. You see what you can do to help. To alleviate suffering. You do anything you possibly can. This is what it means to be holy. Two things have happened here. You have intervened in someone else's karma, and you have changed your own. Every time you perform an act of compassion, you change your own karma. This is a law. The story of the Bodhisattva encompasses this law. To not accept complete enlightenment, complete annihilation of the ego and separation from God, into omniscient love, bliss and joy, until every single person on earth does. And so you return to this earth. To help others. So you see, it is not so bad. (Laughter)

You Can Change Your Karma.

But you cannot perform actions without karma. Now, the truth is, there is no karma. (In the non-changing Bliss of God beyond re-birth) Yet, you cannot escape your karma, But there is no karma. You see, you are here on earth in a physical form. Yet this is all a dream sequence. This is not your Home. Your real Self remains ever anchored in the bliss of God. It has gone nowhere. It is who you really are. This is the Real Self that remains never changing bliss consciousness, pure joy. This is what the person meditating feels. This is the bliss spoken about in all spirituality. It is a fullness of heart. You are lacking nothing. You are a part of all of life. You are Omniscient. You are interested in the well- being of everybody. And yet, you are nobody. No ego. No anger. No selfishness. Nothing but your True Self. This is occurring right now, this very minute. Right where you are. Be still. Watch. Let the thoughts go by. Feel who you really are. You can feel it. You can feel the bliss. The completeness. The 'you' that is beyond it all. The 'you' that knows the truth behind all changing circumstances.

Q and A on 'Karma'

Q: Is it better to meditate and pray for the world, or to get involved and help the world?

R: Both. You leave the world better for being here. You work for good causes, but it does not destroy you if things do not go your way.

Q: My brother works on those ships that save whales and dolphins. He does this full time. I wonder about this. Is this the best way?

R: Anything that alleviates the suffering of living beings is very good. This makes one unselfish. You do not become self- absorbed. You are an asset to the animal kingdom. This is a compassionate quality. That is a spiritual boon.

This is why when I say "Leave the world alone" of course I mean to think higher thoughts than the world. Then, you get in there and help, wherever you can.


Robert Adams on Peace in the World

A Fresh Fall Look at Peace in the Current Cultural Climate

"Abide in This."

"I feel and see peace in every situation. Whatever appears to be going on, there is peace. Just as in the center of a hurricane, there is a peaceful circle, total stillness at the center of a hurricane. The same is true in the center or a tornado. The cyclone. There is a Center of Peace. We (Our True Self) are all that Center. The true peace is You (divinity within the human experience). Everything that appears is an image. An image that appears on the Reality of Life. That is Reality. Consciousness. (God). And, all of the vicissitudes of the world are superimposed on this Consciousness. YOU (Gods Presence Within) are totally Absolute Freedom, total harmony and joy. This is your true nature. Abide in this; Truth, love, happiness, peace, joy are all your True Nature.

It is a feeling beyond a feeling. Everyone is your brother and sister. Therefore, you have a great compassion. A love for all humanity."

Silence of the Heart


Take Refuge in Peace. Our Daily Reminder

"Take refuge from this world in the peace within. The peace that passeth understanding. The depths of which are unfathomable. Find sanctuary daily in this all pervading, unchanging bliss permeated peace of God. The Supreme. When confusion, suffering arises, abide in this ever present peace that is the origin of your being. Ultimate Reality. For this peace is omniscient Love. This love is your true Self. Here, you will find everything that you have been looking for Suffering subsides. Happiness begins to bubble up. Joy ensues.""Peace does not mean that you take no spiritual responsibility. That you remain passive when you should be a living conduit of loving kindness. It is the opposite. As you experience the true totality of peace, it permeates all who come in contact with you."


Welcome Reunion Students: Did you attend the 2016 Robert Adams Institute Eight Wk. Class Series in Georgetown? All students will be enjoying a reunion weekend of special videos, concerts, Dialogues and celebrative traditional feast in October. RSVP.


Trusting in the Current, Power That Knows the Way...Everyday.

There is a power, and there is a Presence which I like to call The Current That Knows the Way, that takes care of everything. It is all a part of The Grand Illusion (* "The Grand Illusion is the experience of being in physical form, completely defining 'you'. Always remember, even in physical form you can rise to a higher vision. Live by 'higher laws' of compassion. Abide by a Higher Reality. Then, you will be correctly guided. This is called the spiritual path." Robert Adams)
And, even in this 'illusion', which appears in front of your eyes, there is a Presence and a Power that lifts you up. It will lift you up as high as you can allow it to. Until it lifts you up completely out of your body, out of your thoughts, out of the universe, into a completely new dimension.

Question: What are 'The Higher Laws? Higher Qualities'?
Robert: (example) If you cannot say anything good about someone then remain silent and you have thereby blessed someone else with your silence. Learn to behave, live in loving kindness. Until one learns to behave, one cannot begin to progress. Your humanity must be surrendered to Omniscient Love and Right Action. You will rise to a higher reality.

As a human being, you have to behave yourself. Be compassionate. Loving, kind, helpful to others. As Consciousness, you become others. You have become the epitome of compassion, of loving kindness, of Bliss.
What is compassion? Actually compassion is when you are reconciled with this entire universe.
So many times I tell you, everything is 'karmic', everything is pre ordained, you do not lift one finger that is not pre- ordained for you to do. Yet, at the same time, I am telling you that you have to give up certain things, and develop Higher Qualities, which is right."

Q: Robert, how do we react when we are attacked, unjustly for doing only good, (which) appears to have been the 'way of the world' since Christ's time and before?
Robert: Abide in Goodness. You will be lifted up by higher laws than those who abide by no laws- until karma returns to such, creating suffering. In this light, you perform Right Action, - do not cultivate hate. What is Right Action? Do unto others as you want them to do to you. If someone attacks you, takes from you unjustly, abide by the laws of the land. Do what is necessary to protect yourself. For this life is a sacred opportunity. Many people hear me tell stories of the thieves, crooks that approached the Jnani, the Sage, but they forget the end of the stories. They all stopped being thieves and became devotees! (laughter) That is interesting. No one remembers the end. The moral. That is why I say, look very carefully at who you are attracted to. If you are saint, you will be attracted to saints. If you are a thief, you will be attracted to thieves. But you cannot fool God. God sees the heart. Therefore, remain gentle, humble and strong. Live in righteousness. Speak truthfully and take Right Action Continue to Abide in Goodness. For this is none others than the Self. "

Daily Living


Robert: Making quotations is one thing. Being a Living Embodiment of the Truth is another thing. There is a difference in knowing the Truth, and just letting yourself be walked on. This does not mean you become a rug for somebody to step on you.
You become a doormat for no one. You are abiding in the Self. When you abide in the Self, everything will be OK. You are not a coward. You are not running form anything. You are abiding in the Self.
Robert: Your body and mind are motivated by karma. The law of karma takes care of them. But you are not your body. If you are aware that You are not your body, the Right Action will ensue.

Never think that if you were truly spiritually unfolding, you would have no feelings for those suffering. This is a very dangerous idea. It is the opposite. You will have increasing compassion. Loving Kindness. Not as an idea. As a direct, practical action.

So many people ask me about the holocaust. They think that if people were illumined, they would just sit there, doing nothing, and observe everything that was happening 'peacefully'. Quite the contrary. The true person who has had a direct experience of God, is the first person to get in there and help. You could do nothing else. You are of one heart. You help others whenever you see suffering. For You have become a living conduit of Truth, of your true Self within, of love, compassion and humility while in this world in a body. There is nothing to discuss, you simply help others. Because the mass consciousness of this planet is on such a low, so to speak, consciousness, of mans inhumanity to man, you must lift yourself up and rise above this. I am calling you to a higher vision. Now.

It Is All Up to You.

I am not a guru. You have asked me to share my experience. Try it and see if it works for you. I can tell you the truth, this world is not your home, yet you must leave it better for being here. By all means, if you want Self Realization, and you want to become Free, and you want to be free from the ocean of samsara, worldliness, and become Bliss- Full, then it is up to you. I can share these things with you, but I cannot make you do it. It is just like: I can bring you to the gold mine, but you have got to do your own digging. What comes first in your life again? Whatever comes first in your life, that is what you become. Realize the God within you will never lead you astray.

Reminders on The Path-Always help whoever is in need. 

You should make it a policy to help whomever is in need, if they can, and not thinking about it. This is our karma, in any event. It has been pre -ordained again, every step you are going to take in this body, in this plane of existence.
But if the chance arises, when you have an opportunity to help people, by all means do so.

The First Sign is Compassion for All Living Beings.

Illumination is not a psychotic break. Not an earthquake. A forced 'awakening'. It is peace. Harmony. Love. Security. In That which remains unchanging within and without you, God. Progression is always natural, gentle, loving, full of peace. This is the truth that never changes. This is who you are. Spiritual unfoldment is not a dry, intellectual head game of experimenting in all sorts of things. The first sign of true spiritual growth is compassion. Compassion increases. For all living beings.

Without compassion, there is no 'spirituality'.

Be As A Rose

A rose need not declare, 'I am fragrant'. By its very nature it is fragrant.
So you need not declare, 'I am doing a good deed', by your very nature, you cannot help helping others. By your very presence. And if you can't say a good word, or can help in any way, you say nothing. Thus you have blessed someone with your silence. You will naturally feel inclined to be of service to others in your actions, for you will feel no other choice. You are pure compassion. You intervene when others are being hurt, animals, children and so on, yet you retain your peace.

"The Sage is Not Confined to a Body."

How do true, illumined spiritual teachers continue to guide "the sincere spiritual aspirant"?
"The Sage is not confined to a body whatsoever. A Sage is the All Pervading, everywhere present. So, to be in contact with the Sage, all you have to do is think about the Sage, and you are in contact with the Sage.
So we must first develop humility We have to develop love, peace."

"There is no time or space that separates a true sage, a true spiritual master- one who Knows God. They do not dissolve into a void, become impersonal, disattached. There are many dimensions of existence, higher-so to speak-evolved planes of love, harmony, peace, there is the pure bliss state. Selflessness, where ones joy exists in helping alleviate the suffering of others. There is no' end', there is only infinity. A rare, true spiritual master has risen above,' master' for want of a better word, the planes. Those who have committed sincerely to a spiritual path are in the heart of the teacher. They are aware of their actions. Their prayers. Their efforts. They are available to the pure heart who is sincerely making the effort, at any time. There is a divine connection".


Mrs. Adams Roses

She once said to me, "Never forget a kindness (someone did for you.). I never did." I was fortunate enough to visit Mr. and Mrs. Adams home for celebration holiday parties. For family events for a couple years. This was his inner circle tradition for over twenty five years they explained. The majority of the guests were in amazing colorful saris and evening clothes, They were from India. They had their own family culture of his students. Some in second generation. They, as their teacher, all had large, solid, musically or professionally inclined families that shared their talents. The warmth was overflowing. I never saw anything like it. In American groups i saw, most were single. Separated from their folks. Warmth and 'lavish' (a word Mrs. Adams taught me) unconditional giving were not big priorities. It was mostly a vague concept. Values were mostly absent. This was so different.

I was a member of another spiritual tradition and church years before.

Mrs. Adams was the root of the warmth and authenticity. Her bright and lively personality lit up the room. It was a breath of fresh air. It dissolved our spiritual pretending side. We could just be happy. Straight to the heart. She taught women to respect themselves. They enjoyed in the family the childrens play noises rather than aiming for quiet. The kids laughter sounds were ageless and welcome. A natural flow of joy. As the teacher says, there is a big difference between talking about love, meditations on love, and the way you act if others cross you. In a litany of rules, the idea in my previous church was to keep kids-as a burden you created, as quiet and fairly non existent as possible. I had never been in such a well- meaning really happy but solid group. That felt so deeply right in the order of the divine. The home viewed the ocean. Several generations lived together in roomy harmony. Mrs. Adams legendary tropical table feast was both awesome in the formality of presentation, but mostly welcoming to everyone as family. No air of cool separation or what did you contribute?' She just had a selfless hug of love in it all. I watched. She filled up people's empty hearts. Her counsel set many women straight on enjoying life wholesomely. I got it. The real thing that doesn't need to be discussed or told to meditate on- because if you are innately loving it is already there. You bring out the happy in others. And it was her front garden that affected me deeply. It was the roses.

She told me each morning at sunrise, and later in the gold twilight, she was out in her large Mediterranean yard of her roses. We all asked her what it took to grow so many in perfect condition. There she was,happily nurturing, watering, caring for them. Her hands were artistic. She cared for her roses as she did for others. Making everything bloom. All different colors, sizes shapes. My take-away was that there was an inherent sweetness, a sincerity, trusting, that ran through them all, as if they were just visiting this planet. To make it more beautiful. At first I did not understand why she did all this when they had a gardener. I'm practical that way.

But the sight of it was meditative in its beauty. For it was not' how can I get a perfect garden?' but like' I love these roses and life should be gorgeous whenever possible. and the roses were divine'. I got it. Neighbors strolling by would stop and smile and leave notes of thankfulness for the sight. Robert Adams waved and smiled. He allowed few if any students into his private residence. So this was an undeserved blessing. He struck me a gentle fellow who would suddenly speak your unsaid thoughts as gently as a host or angel asking to help you if you wished. Provide hope, encouragement. Very protective of his wife.

I was surprised to see how family oriented his life was because newbies would mistakenly clump him with neo sixties no- rules leaders, which he corrected. I was not aware that his wife, refreshing, candid and classy, was a well known dress designer in the Los Angeles area until I saw her lace dresses in Nordstrom. When they moved into a gated community in Encino as family members moved on in their education. I could no longer drive by the route to work and wave at her blissfully busy in her legendary rose garden. It took a great light out of my day. At the time she resembled the actress Elizabeth Taylor to me.

It was years later when after my own children were grown and off to college that I heard that this teacher who had been supportive of the arts and Hollywood Bowl concerts I loved, had increased in international renown. He was visiting Arizona to give talks. His wife was now selflessly caring for his outer requirements full time, as sudden illness touched his form. For this she had paused her career. Her LA company of seamstresses and friends. He was more shining than I had ever seen him. A new completely transfiguring glow shone from his soft spoken ways. Of course there was a family concern for this new illness. I saw him joke and did amusing things to make them happy. Just being near him felt like you had elevated into a quick haven of peace so deep it was hard to describe.

She had married a foreigner as a teenager, and never knew adult life without the sage, her husband.

I had to head to New York for new work. When I returned, much later, she had moved into a lovely home on a street close students. She was humbly and devotedly continuing classes in Satsang. But I somehow got the wrong address and could not find the house before I had to leave. I got lost in the area. I had no phone number. In the morning I left early morning for the airport. I drove through the scenic residential street. The warm of morning was lighting the sky. I watched a figure in the yard up ahead moving about, seemingly in a long sparkly sari type gown. Driving slowly, I looked closer. I was overjoyed. It was actually her. She was delicately floating about in a large yard of big boldly blooming roses in Arizona heat!! I knew the sage had brought me here.
I drove into driveway and we had a wonderful greeting. I knew if she was with all her roses all was well. We have kept in touch.

To this day, I cannot grow a weed, but whenever I see big blooming roses, I remember two extremely rare, lovely species of people that I briefly met that like roses, share their fragrance for such a short while with the rest of us. I am thankful.

verified, documented submitted narrative.



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"A friend turned me on to Robert Adams. I found him in odd bits of patches with people talking about him but no real stuff. bits and pieces some guys tried to put together. it just kinda seemed like it was missing something. Couldn't get core of what this teacher Robert is all about. When I found Robert Adams here, what I experienced was Robert Adams-deeper. How do I say this.. the whole thing of his spiritual experiences and how to apply that. I could do that.. at my speed, on my schedule. Just more real for me, in my heart. I can tell he comes through here.  Thank you."  Miranda Cohen, WomenCore


News just in... the 2020 Robert Adams Calender of beautiful daily guidance and inspirations is available to steer every day in the right direction, featuring Silence of the Heart jewels of Truth.




Hi blokes, peace be with you ! On behalf of the animal kingdom, here is one of my favorites., Give it up for Katie B. at Gentle Barn!!

Together we are Better! The Virtue of Compassion. "Your job is to protect the animal kingdom.' Robert Adams

"You Must Reconcile Yourself with the Animal Kingdom."

Robert Adams is referred to as 'The St. Francis of the West" in groups of Eastern temples that honor him, due to his uncompromising, peaceful protection of animals, honoring their centuries old tradition of a non- violent diet. The gentle teacher, who spoke only upon request while living the contemporary life of an American family man in traditional spiritual ethics, remains devoted to supporting rescue sanctuaries for decades, in Los Angeles and nationally. The beloved sage and his children devotedly brought home a variety of injured or abandoned animals, an often humorous sight when the 'barnyard animals', a gentle baby and Mother goat here and there, peacefully roamed serenely through their large family home amid antiques , oriental rugs,visiting inner circle talks amid Mrs. Adams immaculate formal surroundings.

The gentle sage often answered the door with a large talking parrot on his shoulder, a birthday gift from his child, accompanying him from room to room throughout the day rather than being in a cage. Robert Adams beloved dog Dimitri's life began as an abandoned dog who spiritually blossomed into a communicative, deeply loving and protective soul, whom he carried in his arms for years around the park for his daily walk, long after he ceased to be ambulatory. His beloved family-family counselors and spiritual teachers-continues to educate on the spiritual requirement of compassion for animals rather than self oriented complacency, establishing animal aid projects and speaking to groups nationally. The touchingly rare beauty of Robert Adams Teaching, the founder and established author of the modern 'Now' movement, inspires souls throughout the world to his call to 'A Higher Vision' in everyday living, among the most important, the Virtue of Compassion.

" Without compassion, there is no spiritually. Peace. Peace. Peace."


Within You is Unimaginable Beauty. Create a Life Bright and Shining. Now.

"Create a life Bright and Shining! Create a life conducive to unfoldment. It is entirely up to you how you create your life in this embodiment. Rise above the foils and foibles of this world, mans inhumanity to man, and create a life Bright and Shining in this world, as the sun behind the clouds. Within you is unimaginable beauty. Emanate the peace, the harmony, the love that is your true nature. Approach others with loving kindness. Compassion. Become a living embodiment of compassion in this world. Be very careful who you become involved with-spend time with those that are conduits of good in this world. Who are humble, gentle, full of warm heartedness. Choose an environment of gentle, warm- hearted people. Create a home of kind happiness. Serve God in others.

Regardless of what is occurring to you, try to make others happy. The life you choose to lead is entirely up to you. Spend time in the beauty of nature daily. Trust in the Supremacy of Goodness. Peace. Try to create peace wherever you are with whomever you are with. Make peace with those that you have not made peace with previously. The best way you can prepare to do this is to experience the indescribable peace within. For your life will reap the fruits of your efforts. It is all up to you. Your true nature is Bright and Shining like the sun. Feel this. Emanate this to all. Surrender to this Reality. This life may be a dream but it can be a joyful one. Trust in the Supremacy of Goodness. " Robert Adams Compassion is Your True Nature

One Burst of Illumination


"The discovery of who You really are is the key to your residing, subsiding in the Reality of the substratum of your existence-happiness.

By asking (through spiritual practices, devotions) who You really are, You will burst forth onto the brilliance within, that is glorious beyond your wildest imagining. You are flooded with the deepest fulfillment that is possible. You slow down the mind-cease to identify with the racing chase towards mirages, and allow the incredible fullness, the resplendence of the depths of this moment, to surge upwards through You. You discover a peace that is so all-encompassing that it cannot be described. You become love. Pure love.

You no longer try to evaluate it, find fault with others, you are not simply your human mind that leads you up and down like a yo-yo. You, in essence, are something completely different. That something is ineffable.

The illumination within (The Supreme-God) cannot help but to burst through to all that it comes in contact with.

For it resides in complete joy. Here you find the refuge, all that you are seeking. Wherein all suffering dissolves.

As we are all illuminated from within, the moment of realizing our true state is at hand.
We feel this deeply."

Robert Adams

Happiness This Moment book extract.

...regardless of the events occurring on earth, Bright and Shining Reality remains ever the same, filling you with indescribable love, joy, delight and completion.

You gently realize that You (the Eternal You) are this Reality. You were always this Reality. And so is everyone else. This is the experience of all great true religions. There is no variation. No modification. You are infinite. Unchanging, all-pervading peace. Compassion. Happiness.

How does this feel? Bliss magnified a trillion times. Love expanded beyond infinity. The day will come when you will open your eyes to a completely New Reality. It is so bright, all-pervading, that all will be revealed. And you will know who You are. Far above this temporal experience.

Joy is your heritage. Everything will sine with the Splendor ad the Glory of Ultimate Reality-God.

A New Reality

by Robert Adams

copyright Robert Adams

Bubbling Over With Thankfulness

"Try to be bubbling over with thankfulness for this life you have been pre -ordained to receive. To take birth in this human embodiment, to be able to unfold, really progress in this lifetime, is a great boon. It is very auspicious. Somewhere you have earned this.

So rejoice in this freedom. Utilize this freedom. Honor this freedom.

Enjoy this divine freedom to unfold beautifully each and every day-in the glory of The Supreme. It is all up to you. If you feel you can be thankful for nothing else, thank God every day for this gift. Something will begin to happen. Humility will arise. Happiness will begin to arise.

For this is the unchanging nature of your Self. You will begin to notice the wonder, the glory and Splendor of this world. In the meantime, expand this thankfulness to those that have nothing. Become a living embodiment of kindness. Assistance to others, and you will tap into this happiness of the heart center within you.

You are not passive. You become a conduit of the alleviation of the suffering of others; you will be lifted up to a higher consciousness. Trust in the supremacy of Goodness.

Today, surround yourself with the pure and lovely, the gentle things of this world, and be thankful for them. God is taking care of you. You must have a higher vision than what you see. Dive deeper. Find the eternal Light behind the temporal events. When despondency arises, say to God, "I am bubbling over with thankfulness!" You will laugh at yourself. See the world with the wonder of a child. Identify with this. This is Reality.

You are taken care of very well indeed. How does the earth know to grow food? How do the birds know where to fly? There is a Power That Knows The Way that created you and is guiding your life.
Therefore, be thankful.
And be at peace.

Peace. Peace. Peace."

Robert Adams


“Our Mission on This Earth Is To Be Of Service to Humanity. Alleviate the Suffering of Others in Practical Ways. "

Robert Adams personally established and named his own Institute with his selected Teachers as the pure presentation of his Message in love, compassion and humility, honoring the classic ethical and moral precepts of spiritual unfoldment. For over five decades The Robert Adams Benevolence Project has provided food, clothing and toys to homeless children rooted in the foundation of love, compassion and humility.

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"Never forget the most important thing. Love, Compassion and Humility. As you are unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet."

"Our mission on this earth is to be of service to humanity"

"If the end result of illumination is love, Compassion and humility,
what if we were to do that now?"
Robert Adams.

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