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Peace be with you. Welcome to our April Daily Illumination Spring Blog and our 20th anniversary celebration year!
The Robert Adams Institute introduces three powerful new Online Master Classes on consecutive days for Spring
Brotherhood Original Format evenings. As spring arrives we are lifted into a new intensity of joyful dedication to
The Teaching of Robert Adams in his purest gift of living timeless Message, beginning with the moment we open our eyes.

Our Morning Practices online Master Class explores the precise morning 'jumping into God' techniques in Robert Adams Practices, including the immediate Pondering of the Lessons, The Three Primary Meditations including the much requested "Sage in the Heart Meditation'', joyful music and the original chants. We are lifted in The Supreme. The Sage directs: "When practicing, don't forget the love." For this spring rising into a beautiful personal experience of "going beyond the words into a direct experience of God" we fill each moment with the Truth; "Don't forget the love."


"The holy days are very powerful People all over the world are worshipping God.
Find the joy in this. Increase your practices. Be of good cheer and celebrate.
The teaching of Jesus is a teaching of illumination. Jesus is the master of compassion. The practices of all true religions are in harmony. For example, the repetition of the names of God,
whether you use prayer wheels, males, or the rosary, God The Supreme receives it all.
It hastens unfoldment. If your heart is pure. these are very good practices to experience ultimate Reality. God."


Robert Adams


Easter With Father Celebrating Easters Message of Eternity

Amid the Teaching of Compassion Through the Holy Days A Personal Narrative of Years with the Gentle Sage Robert Adams


“It is good to do holy things, to worship, pray, go to religious events. This humbles you. It lifts you above this world. Give of yourself when you do this. Give your heart. These holy days have a very strong power. Many people are focused on God. If you really open your heart, you will experience God.”“Jesus is the master of compassion. If everyone did what Jesus taught, everyone would be illuminated. But who is willing to do this?" Robert Adams on religious holidays such as Easter. The Happiness Discourses

A Shared Personal Narrative Growing Up with Robert Adams

Easter Sunrise Service With Father

Dad splashed deep, bright Light beyond this world on all circumstances, any darkness, rather than allowing it to simply 'be', taking great care to make us happy. The Return to the Light of purity, joy and kindness-he taught this pool of refuge was an option of transformation of all events of our lives, this depth of divinity was our teaching in all circumstances. An ambiance of light- hearted, naturally discerning wise joy prevailed as our solid, ever returning North star. In a gossamer like transcendence, dad responded as if was perfect everyday fare to have spiritual visions appear in your room as I did at a young age prior to having siblings. His natural upliftment of everything occuring into a lovely spiritual plane of supernal love was indeed, everyday fare. In depth, on this foundation, words like 'sacrifice' and 'lovingkindness' were simply founts of joy that open the door to greater joys, while here on earth. Our father always rose before the sun every single day of his life. He would walk for miles or climb the nearby hills or mountains, even swim for miles in the ocean when we lived in an oceanfront home. .But holy- days (holiday family celebrations) were something special. The ancient nature of religious celebrations, festivities and happiness took over the day, and many friends, relatives, celebrated authors and teachers, joined us for his wonderfully special ease and boundless generosity in leading the path into warm welcome. Joy. Our home was permeated with the spirit of 'Where there is room in the heart there is room in the home.' We learned the sanctified joy of sincerely giving, welcoming and making others happy in a deep, supernal comforting hospitality. Continue Article Here

Copyright Robert Adams Infinity Institute. Excerpt The Infinity JOURNAL and Inner Light News



Extracted from the newly released Robert Adams 20th Anniversary Edition:

Illumination Daily. A beautiful daily spiritual journal with ponderings for self observation,

inspiration, morning uplift and strength for each day of the week. Illumination. Daily.

The Original Pure Form Dialogues of Robert Adams . Light on The Teaching.

Clarification on 'Non- Reaction' and 'Non- Resistance'

Q: Would you say that non-reaction and non- resistance are the cause of suffering?

Robert Adams:

Not in the way that you are saying. This is a very interesting point, a very important realization. For you see, the Western culture grasps these words, and the mind takes them literally. For example, many people ask me about the holocaust, they say, if one is realized, illumined, one would simply observe the whole situation without becoming involved or upset. Of course, the opposite is true. The one who Knows will be the first one to get in there and help. They are an emanation of Supreme Compassion. Truth. Right Action. You do not ignore injustice. Abuse. Vile actions. Now. Does one 'resist' suffering? It is natural to not simply accept so called suffering, because your true Self is Bliss, Peace, Love, the harmony of God. Therefore when this is not being experienced, one naturally attempts to return to this natural state. Yet you are guided, you take Right Action. If you are sitting on a tack will you not get up? Who will stay there and say “I am not resisting suffering.”?

Therefore, the point is not to 'not resist suffering', it is not to 'not react, this is not the point at all. The point is to rise above the suffering to the bliss, the love, the compassion, the radiance! The Light of a Thousand Suns that is beyond suffering. You wish to rise, not to stagnate in a state of non- action. Remember, this is an internal realization. Do not focus on where you do not wish to be, do not say “I am not suffering”, instead say I am surrendering completely to God, until I feel the joy,

the love, the bliss, that is beyond this temporal suffering. And you are very gentle with yourself. Therefore increase your practices until you are able to identify with the bliss of God. Until you really feel the peace that passeth understanding. This is available right now. It is up to you to identify with this through these sadhana practices that we have been doing.

Q: Good evening Mr. Adams. ("Good evening.") Thank you for your endless patience and kindness. There is a topic I present in my classes at University that is often contradictory in each individuals self- decided interpretation. But not necessarily with scripture. This regards the common reference by borderline meldings of general "awakening" interpretations. It is common to read the words "destruction of your life foundations you trusted, the range of frightening to boundary-less chaos, and feeling of emptiness with no divine order, all for the 'true' one who wishes to find enlightenment. You speak of the opposite. There is a 'gracious' unfolding. Nothing at all may change outwardly unless for the better as inwardly the light grows. Is this correct?

Robert Adams:

Yes. You must be very careful who you open yourself up to, for there are many people projecting their own past confusion as reality. Aggression, chaos, confusion, feeling lost, having chaotic relationships, making karmas, these things are of the human mind. They have nothing to do with spiritual unfoldment. One who is touched by God is immersed in attainment. Not loss. Not devastation. This is discernment. Many people have had such things in their past, have karmas with such imbalances. And call this 'spiritual'. Nothing of The Supreme, of true unfoldment, of illumination, is ever frightening, crazy, chaotic, makes you feel lost. It is just the opposite. If you focus your human mind on such things this is what you will experience. However, that is your personal decision. The fruits of your spiritual efforts are loving kindness. An inexplicable sense of deep, deep peace that does not change. An awakening to the Light of a Thousand Suns that is illuminating all temporal events. It is awaiting your surrender to The Supremacy of Goodness. You are filled to the brim with the bliss, the love, of God. You are guided by The Power That Knows the Way to beautiful relationships, the correct career. Your dharma. Happiness. The correct decisions based on compassion. This is how you were created to live. You were not created to suffer. That is the fruit of karmas. Then there is grace. When I speak of emptiness, I speak of emptying out all of the bad habits, the actions, the thoughts, that are not of the Self, The Supreme. And what is The Self? Omniscient all-pervading love. Humility. Dedication to your practices. Bliss Consciousness. Consciousness is another word for God. Happiness. This universe is a gracious one. You have many spiritual giants assisting you. They see your heart. But you must be honest with yourself. If you are truly unfolding, you are feeling peaceful. Safe. Surrendered to God. You are reflecting the qualities of the Self. Everything else that you have mentioned is of the projection of the minds karmas. Truth is a gentle unfoldment.

A Non Violent Diet of Ahimas "If You Really Had Compassion Could You Eat Meat?"

Q: You mentioned not eating meat. If I am not harming others, what difference does it make what my body does? Is this the correct perception?

Robert Adams

This is incorrect. Your body does not require the dead flesh of an animal to be healthy. This is complete delusion. Your body is under your command and creates karmas. It sows as it reaps. This is the minds rationalization to transgress the laws of compassion. When you eat meat you absorb the animals terror, its pain. What right do you have to hurt an animal? You must reconcile yourself with the Animal Kingdom." "Even as a child I could not understand how anyone could hurt an animal." "If you really had compassion, could you eat meat? The thought would never occur to you. Your job is to protect the Animal Kingdom. To become a living conduit of loving kindness. This is your natural state."

The University Talks copyright Robert Adams

Root Characteristics “Samskaras”

“When one observes oneself deeply, scrutinizes oneself honestly, one finds many interesting things. Why is one person attracted to anger, and another is repulsed by this? Why is one person attracted to serve others, to loving teachings, teachers, people, and others to cold, arrogant, mean ways of thought? Why is one fearful and another knows no fear? Why is someone benevolent, gentle, caring for others, and another irritated by others? It is because you have developed these character qualities previously. And it is up to you to do something about it. If you are a sincere aspirant, if you are really devoted to unfoldment, this is a joyful thing to do. You are naturally surrendered. You offer up all karmas, samskaras, and you release them.

You wish to utilize your human predicament, your position, to become holy, pure, selfless, in a humble and natural way. Therefore, you observe your samskaras, and you must make up your mind to surrender those that are not of The Supreme up to God. You release them. And you never act on them again. Now the thoughts may come to you, but as you jump into God, they lose their power and they hold no attraction for you. You must do the work to rise above this mortal coil.”

You Have Risen

"Peace. Harmony. Delight. These things are not temporal. They are Ultimate Reality. This is the Eternal Sun behind the temporal clouds. It is up to you to choose this. How do you begin to personally experience this daily?

By immediately immersing yourself in God, The Supreme, for longer and longer periods daily with great joy. It is fun! You must rise, your have this power. To rise above suffering, you must leave ill will behind. You do not

pretend there is no darkness in this world, you become the Light, for this is who your truly are, unchanging, eternal, protected. It is within you, surrounding you, permeating you as indescribable love, this moment.

Here is the love, the peace, you have been seeking, yet you must rise, lift your humanhood

beyond those habits, actions, thoughts, that you are enslaved too. Instead of identifying with anger, resentment, gossip, meanness, vile actions, mans inhumanity to man, you now identify with That which

is of Ultimate Reality, of God, the virtues, the joy, the harmony, and that is where you place your actions. Your deeds. Your consciousness. And that is what emerges from you. You have risen. You begin to shed the

human pullings of your bad habits, this world, your previous actions, and you make peace wherever possible, you create happiness for others, you become a living conduit of loving kindness. This is a power. This is the

Truth. What Is Stopping You? Is Never Too Late to Begin To Transform Your Entire Life.

Remember who you are. Remember your intrinsic nature. Remember to Remember. All of your confusion is a shadow reality that has no substance. But the more you give it power, the more it enlarges. You correct your karmas, your mistakes, you do not ignore them. Then you begin to exist, to function on an entirely new level. A bright and shining level that will support you if you surrender your heart to God completely. This means all of your actions, decisions. You scrutinize your motivations, your words to others, your decisions, in order to emanate the holiness that you desire. And you rise! You reconcile yourself with the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the human kingdom, deep, deep within. You make up your mind you will no longer participate in those activities that are not of Truth. That create complex karmic incoming repercussions. You are accelerating your evolution. You have risen above the lower attributes of your humanhood. If you make a mistake, you simply calmly go back and correct it. And the higher laws of this universe will rush into your life to assist you. Like attracts like. Think of all of the things you could have done with this life. You could have accelerated your spiritual progress exceedingly. Not by cutting people off, not by leaving people, places things behind. Not by going to

hundreds of teachers, retreats, workshops, but by becoming that which you seek. Actually becoming this. It is a beautiful process. A gracious, gentle awakening. You can become an asset to humanity. A happiness that never leaves would emerge. What is stopping you from ding this now? Ponder this. Peace. Peace. Peace. "

The Easter Morning With Robert Adams Video Presentation Will Be Repeated in US EST Twice on Easter Morning. Please register through your Candlelight Circle or Lesson Student Registration for this beautiful Sunrise Service.


The Silent Sage Part II

P. Devi Introduces The Happiness Dialogues Through Her Years With Robert Adams.

Both simple and layered, his message resonates with all. A true modern mystic, practicality melds with gentle beauty, his own radiance a reminder. "This is not dry head knowledge. You must experience this yourself." "Suffering subsides as the happiness bubbles up." Something within responds. Many described a new awareness of love that fills the air with a deeply healing balm at his words. No questions go unanswered. This beloved Teacher takes personal time and care to go out of his way for anyone who approaches him, doing so with personal questions answered in this book. We enjoy a distinctive quality separating this transmission from mass generalizations of peace and 'awakening' given within todays maze of modern offerings, the solid specifics of how and why in a fresh purity of intent, shining disarming kindness. ("If you cannot say something good about someone, say nothing at all and thus you have blessed them with your silence." "You are not to be a doormat, yet you live a life of non- harm to all.")

Married and residing in daily family life for 43 years, he joyfully states "Do not remove yourself from your role. Become a living embodiment of love." This care appears consistently in his personal commitment to bring happiness to each individual rather than simply announce a Teaching, and leave one to their own devices: to the intellectually jaded, this rare combination of powerful mystical illumination accompanied by tender kindness, traditional values, and a self- effacing benevolence, confounds all traditional assumptions of 'getting' happiness.


The Timeless Question of Happiness

Our assumption that happiness is something to be found, is challenged here by the discovery that happiness is something already gloriously present, simply to be uncovered. The personal emancipation from the dilemma of human suffering is as simple as returning to the Kingdom from which we originated, That of Illumined Love, yet requiring something practical of us:_Living in this New Reality. A dedication to the actions that practically awaken our dormant happiness, and all of its fruits: sustenance, comfort, compassion, and love; the very definition of our true nature. The result is a sustaining, real, original happiness which the outside world cannot affect.

"The happiness that we experience on earth is barely a glimmer of the Unalloyed Happiness that is the Origin of your existence." Robert Adams.

Continued next month: Part III Introduction to The Happiness Dialogues and Happiness This Moment


Non- Profit Required Disclaimer: Permissions required to utilize the words of Robert Adams. His personal experience in transmission is not presented, posted, published, interpreted or 'taught' per international copyright laws and non profit law. Please see legal page for your wise discernment; the Institute for Compassionate Living ICL Logo assures you of receiving only the original lovingly transmitted works in reverence and spiritual integrity to the Teacher, through his own Official Robert Adams Institute website, The Official Robert Adams FB Peace Pondering Sanctuary and all social media are presented solely by his own home Institute per his establishment. Per your kind inquiries and non profit requirements, violating and removed infringement listed on legal page.






Welcome to our 20th anniversary celebration year. Please join in with the Robert Adams Global Studentship in the daily morning singing of Robert Adams favorite Opening Song for many years in his classes. He often waved his hands joyfully leading the audience as if leading an orchestra. The words themselves express The Heart of The Master Teacher. "This has been my experience."


Let There Be Peace On Earth

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be
With God as our father
Brothers all are we
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony

Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now
With every step I take
Let this be my solemn vow
To take each moment
And live each moment
In peace eternally
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin 
With me

How To Live: The Golden Rule

"How to live? Live by The Golden Rule. Do to others what you want others to do to you. This is a universal law. This is a holy law. This should guide all of your actions."

"How to live? You should read the great scriptures from beginning to end. Read the Bible. The Bhagavad Gita. The Laws of Right Action, behavior, are the same. This brings peace."

The Eternal Light
"Within You is The Light of a Thousand Suns.
Let the true sun shine forth. How do we do this?
By remembering to identify with the qualities of our true Self; God within our heart. Benevolence. Boundless compassion. Loving kindness. Omnipresent peace. Harmony. Joy.
We do this everyday, regardless of what is happening to us.
No matter what appears to have befallen us.
For this power-this light Supreme, is stronger than anything in this world. It is eternal, unchanging. Therefore, as we begin to deeply identify with this in all circumstances, we begin to perceive the Light behind all of life.
And we cannot help emanating this bright shining Light of Reality. Truth. We become a living conduit of that light Supreme. The sun always shining behind the temporal clouds. For That is who we really are.
Robert Adams


Spread Sunshine to All
"As you are unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet. Ask others what you can do to make their lives easier. In this way you will naturally emanate your true nature.
Try to do one act of selfless service, helping someone, asking nothing in return, everyday. Imagine how much good you will have done for the world in one year.
Many people memorize many spiritual terminologies, but that is of the mind. One act of selfless service for someone else, alleviating the suffering of others, is holy.
This lifts you out of your problems. This frees you from becoming self-absorbed.
You become a living embodiment of Truth. You become a conduit of a higher reality. Joy ensues."
Robert Adams


God In The Workplace- A Simple Meditation

When you are working, you can imagine that all of the co workers are discourse-student attendees. A hard as it may be for some of you. If you are on a high spiritual path, this is not your world. The world of violence, of 'dog eat dog' so to speak, of mans inhumanity to man. You do not belong to this world. You belong to the world of Total Freedom, Total Joy and Bliss, pure Love, unalloyed Happiness. This is the world You belong to." "When I say to leave the world alone, I mean to think higher thoughts. Yet you do not cease to contribute good to this world, to alleviate the suffering of others in practical ways. Feed the hungry, the poor. "

Happiness This Moment copyright


Is Worshipping God Good?

"Worshipping God is good. Worshipping makes your humble. Holy. Softens the heart."
"Jesus was able to say, 'I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." He realized he was 'Consciousness' (divinity) not the body. (*"Jesus is the Master of Compassion".) "The scripture says not to go to the alter to pray unless you have made peace with your brother. For in order to enjoy the fruits of your efforts, you must surrender yourself to peace. Make peace with all. You must do your part." "There is another world of Reality where there is only Perfection, love, bliss, joy. With which do you identify? The choice is yours. You are possessed by God. You can never get away from God, no matter how hard you try."

"The devotional (religions such as devoted Christianity, etc.) and the Jnanis (mental understanding) are all the same. a real Jnani is a devotee of the Self (God within) and the Self is everywhere. So you are really a devotional when you are a mental (Jnani) orientation. There is no differentiation.

Q: You are saying that the Mental orientation (Jnani) has a lot of love?

Answer: Yes. They are supposed to, or they would not be a mentally-inclined (Jnani) illumined one. They should be full of love an kindness, joy and peace.

Happiness This Moment

A Shared Documented Personal Narrative
“There are many writers, explorers, theorists and seekers, but only a handful of actual Master Teachers.”

My Early Journey Into The Teaching
He Shines Like a Beacon in an Unsteady World

   When the internationally revered illumined Mystic, beloved Teacher, and rare modern- day Sage Robert Adams originally introduced The Happiness of The Eternal Now to Western audiences in remarkable depth over four decades ago, his deep warmth and ethereal radiance announced the presence of something extraordinarily different here. 
   Something far and beyond a mere philosophy, theology or interpretation of past spiritual offerings. far removed from ‘real life’. Here, sparkled a timeless, transcendent Truth from one who knew. His own fathomless reverberating happiness shines like a beacon in the darkness of an unsteady world. Yet he is a modern American mystic who happily lived his life in the suburbs. 

“Happiness is your true nature.” Is happiness actually our natural state? Amid an abundance of cynical Westerners discussing, debating, and intellectualizing the concepts of love, awakening, peace and compassion, here was one who actually exists as love, happiness, peace.. emitting light. One who walked the walk. Great tenderness with great power. 


©2014 Robert Adams Infinity Institute

Emphasizing Peace as a Basic Requirement of Human Evolvement

   What flooded out of this phenomenal gentle master teacher in unabashed eloquence and fluidity transformed so many lives, that increasing crowds began to gather around him, yet he sought none out. “I am not a guru. You must discover this for yourself. Try it and see if it works for you.” Refreshingly removed from substituting mere words for action, he remained quietly engaged in practical “service to humanity” through groups aiding the homeless children of Third World countries, providing for the local urban homeless population, and emphasizing peace as a basic requirement of human evolvement. A powerful Ultimate Truth speaks fluidly, purely and commandingly through him in words that reverberate deep within the soul- setting a rare Sage far and apart from contemporary offerings.

   Here, in modern times, is the rare one who speaks from pure Illumination. Yet it is his gentle, touching transparent innocence in the frame of relaying loving Truth that is most moving. “Compassion. That is the most important thing.” 
An internationally revered teacher of extraordinary humility, his consistent (and often startlingly uplifting) emphasis on “Bright and Shining” happiness, which is ‘The Substratum of Our Existence’, a topic few even claim to remotely imagine, resulted in a collection of his deeply moving Happiness Dialogues. These define the precise directives, experiences, and path to actually consciously return to our original nature of Unalloyed Happiness, as shared within this book. (Happiness This Moment) Here, the practicalities of contemporary challenges and so called ‘problems’, from loss to depression, are all addressed from a powerful and freeing perspective of Ultimate Truth, and a transparent, highly evolved selfless compassion.


The Experience 
The experience of an Original Full Format Talk of Robert Adams is a dip into the rare waters of sheer joy. Amid his own unique original format of Dialogue, Questions and Answers and music, the very air in the room palpably transformed, sweetened and uplifted as he guides his audience beyond intellectual concepts into the ultimate crux of his Message; an all-consuming love and happiness that exists beneath all appearances to the contrary. 
Indeed, there is a ‘happy ending’, and he would share his experience freely if asked, with a fathomless twinkle, “This has been my experience. Try it and see if it works for you.” And work it does, as those unwilling to concede to life as it appears in unsteady times amid a joyless existence, are ‘trying it’ and finding that a deep, prevailing inner happiness does exist beyond external appearances, awaiting our attention. 

We are invited to ponder the possibility that we emerge from “An Unimaginable Beauty” awaiting our humble daily access. This nourishing of the soul, the “Unfoldment into our True Nature of Unalloyed Happiness” is our destiny. Fresh, natural and lucid, life becomes extraordinary. 

Amid an unusually refined, kindly, gentlemanly humility, his Presence of Truth touches the most caustic of hearts, continuing to increasingly transform lives throughout the world. Amid hundreds of completely extemporaneous, soul-permeating weekly talks and spontaneous audience questions and answers- from celebrities to professors, monks to moms, his disarming smile of seamless, transparent wisdom reaches out to lift others up to where he resides. There, we remember a beauty forgotten. 

The Silent Sage 
As tour buses stopped to point out the suburban hilltop scenic home of the resident saint, fondly called The Silent Sage, audiences gathered to hear this teacher, devoted husband, father, who reflected the purity and nobility of both a child and a prince, whispering of ancient, highly evolved wisdoms lived out as Reality- rather than spoken of in alternative concepts. Both simple and layered, his message resonates with all. A true modern mystic. Practicality melds with gentle beauty, his own radiance a reminder. “This is not dry head knowledge. You must experience this yourself.” Something within responds. Many describe a new awareness of love that fills the air with a deeply healing balm at his words. No questions go unanswered.

  We enjoy a distinctive quality separating his transmissions from mass generalizations of ‘peace’ and ‘awakening’: the solid specifics of how and why in a fresh purity of intent, a shining disarming Truth through kindness. This care appears consistently in his personal commitment to bring happiness to each individual rather than simply announce a teaching, and leave one to their own devices.

  From personally consoling a distressed student to actually removing his new white Nikes on the street to hand them out to the homeless man approaching him, he lives that of which he speaks. The words of one going far beyond the ‘concept’ of love, to exemplifying the reality of it strikes deeply indeed. In these Happiness Dialogues, we are treated to a solid feel for the origin of his entire Message to humanity: Awaken to the amazing possibility that happiness is our True Nature. 

Extracted and edited by the author, P. Devi, original student of Robert Adams




The Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living Celebrating Our Twentieth Anniversary in Joyful Service

"Our Mission On This Earth Is To Be of Service To Humanity." 

February Pure Form Original Discourse Talks

"Within You is The Light of a Thousand Suns.

Let the true sun shine shine forth!

Can you feel the sun?

It is in your heart." 

Peace. Peace. Peace."

Robert Adams


The Gaps of Pure Happiness

The Gaps: Originally Introduced to the West

by Robert Adams copyright Robert Adams

"You must find the Gaps of Pure Happiness. Unalloyed Bliss. Divine Daily Happiness. As soon as you awaken, before you get involved in the world, before you say 'I', there is a Space which is The Fourth Dimension of life. You begin by trying to expand that Gap, when the mind is rested in The Heart Center all night while you slept. You will rise above the world. This will induce expansion. You wish to naturally expand this into The Splendor and the Glory. The peace that does not fade. The pure happiness beyond human imagining. This is Ultimate Reality. This is the Supreme. God.

You Must Make An Effort: Holiness The saints and sages that you admire, they have done their homework. The mystical experiences of great love require us to make an effort. You must make an effort towards holiness, selflessness, humility, compassion, within your heart.

The Fourth State

The Fourth State of Consciousness Series Introduced by Robert Adams

Your Nature is Love.

As you Unfold, you will be able to see through the experiences to the Other Side.

And the Other Side is the Fourth State of Consciousness, besides dreaming, sleeping, waking. And in The Fourth State of Consciousness, there is always happiness.

For That is the substratum of everything you see. The choice is yours; to identify with the (outer) world or to identify with your Self (God love omniscient within). How do I focus my attention on God?

By remembering I AM is the first name of God. ('I AM includes all of life, not ones sole human self. Do not use I AM to get things, I AM is All').

Your Nature is Love. When you think of I AM you are invoking the name of God.

If something is disturbing you, if you feel out of sorts, you simply turn within and invoke the name of God by saying I AM. When you do this, you are really saying I AM Absolute Reality, Nirvana. You are coming into your True Identity as I AM.

You can tell if you are making progress by how happy you are becoming. You know something is working. Happiness is your real nature. I am speaking to you of a state of perfect peace and harmony.

A state of Absolute Goodness. This is a true state. It is real. It is real to me. Just as the world is real to you. If you really knew what was happening you would cry for joy, this universe loves you. For You are That, your Self. Therefore, your nature is Love. "

Copyright Robert Adams:Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living- 'Happiness This Moment'


FAQ Student Questions and Answers:

Is Robert Adams a 'disciple' of a saint such as Ramana Maharshi?

Robert Adams was blessed with deeply moving appearances of the great saint Ramana Maharshi in childhood, with accompanying life experiences of 'jumping into God' in spontaneous states of immersion in an indescribable deeply blissful, selfless, compassionate, timeless holy love as the root of all life, labeled in ancient traditions as states of 'samadhi', in mystic Christianity as heavenly ecstasy of God in visions, and the holy spirit. Upon later meeting him, these experiences were all confirmed by Ramana Maharshi.

The gentle sage Robert Adams has never referred to himself as a 'disciple' of anyone. "I teach only my own experience. You have asked me to share this with you. Try it and see if it works for you." "I began in mystic Christianity. I teach also the heart of devotion."

The great Saint Ramana Maharshi was introduced to the West at large though the classic ventage film The Razors Edge. Robert Adams regards this great Saint in the highest stature of Illumined ones per the ancient precepts of classic illumination. He often affiliates his compassion gentility and spiritual principles to that of the teaching of Jesus as in his Christmas and Easter videos. The shared love of gentility, the animal kingdom as one shared unity of God Consciousness, and non harm, are foundational. precepts.Harmony.with.all.Life.html



The gentle, kindly Sage is the sole American acknowledged in the East as well as the West as of illumined spiritual stature, sharing his own in depth experience in personal consciousness. Robert Adams visited the great saint Ramana Maharshi after spending time with another great saint of the era, in response to his dramatic, ecstatic states of divine consciousness that he had been experiencing spontaneously since childhood. Ramana did confirm his spiritual stature, personal experience. Due to his personal powerful emanation of kindliness, ethereal peace and pure perception, students began requesting his Teaching, in the ancient tradition applied to contemporary illumination.


An Anniversary Thank You!

Deep appreciation to friends of Amma for your beautiful letters and Benevolence Project service in food distribution. Peace. Peace. Peace.


Jewels for the Day

"Never believe that you can 'get away' with anything. The Lords of Karma are always watching. Each action, word, thought brings a corresponding result."

"This life may be a dream, but it can be a joyful one."

"Discernment is not judgement. Wise discernment allows you to refrain from the vile things of this world. You live in a higher reality of omniscient loving kindness."

Jump Into God     (*Jump Into God Series by Robert Adams)

"In order to experience the mystical states of true blissful, all pervading Supreme Love, you must make the effort daily to jump into God. What are the fruits of your efforts? A peace that lasts longer and longer. A feeling of loving kindness to all sentient beings. You do not ignore injustice, you are the first to get in there and help. But now you help from a reality of peace. You are a conduit of supreme goodness. You perform Right Action in all circumstances for you are guided by The Power That Knows the Way."

"How do you begin? Each day, awaken before the sun. Immerse yourself in the beauty, the peace, the delight, of God. Do not stop until you feel the peace. Then go about your business. Do not become self absorbed. It is better to take care of someone, to have a profession, than to memorize many spiritual terminologies, yet you live only for yourself. Therefore, be of great service, happiness, assistance to others, and you will find a great joy in this. For this is the very nature of your True Self."

"Within you is Unimaginable Beauty. Won't you discover this today?


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January Blog

Happy New Year!

"As You Are Unfolding, Spread Sunshine To All You Meet. Peace. Peace. Peace."

It is Never Too Late

Sarah As we immerse ourselves in the joy of the season, we lift ourselves into the realms of palpable infinite divinity that surround and permeate us at each moment. In a natural, lovely and gentle graciousness, one that emanates the signature gift of the sage, we both surrender what is not of the divine realms, and anchor ourselves in That, that is. The fragrance of Ultimate Reality, emerges. We have a 'direct experience' of the world of the ancient 'saints and sages'. Here, we abide in Perfection. Let us move forward in unfoldment in "The Splendor and the Glory".




   Robert Adams Institute Happy Birthday Week

Thank you for all of your hundreds of global birthday wishes, love and beautiful communiques.

Our Birthday Candlelight Program will be video live for Students on the evening of January 18th. Amrit Singh, Institute Party and Concert. Bethesda MD. Cathy Snider Pure Format Robert Adams evening class lead by Prem Devi, rare videos, live music, personal counsel, early Dialogue live, Questions and Answers, Cake and childrens choir.
A special blessing in reverence and fond sharing.


Dr. Blake Warners Pure Form Classes in Six Week Original Pure Format with videos and meditations will continue this year in Bethseda, MD.


Begin Anew

Question: How can I get past everything that has happened to me, after I offer peace to all? How do I progress? 

A New Years Discourse by Robert Adams

"Begin Anew It is never too late to completely transform your entire life for the better. It is entirely up to you. How do we begin? By completely surrendering all that is not of the Self (divine) to God. We humble ourselves. Say "Here God, take these bad habits, this anger, this meanness from me. And you surrender it completely up.

You begin a completely different life. A beautiful life. A loving life. What is stopping you? It is all up to you. This lifetime is a rare opportunity to unfold. Begin to immerse yourself in the bliss of God everyday. Regardless of what is going on around you, dive deeply into these meditations, practices, until you feel the love, the peace. Do this everyday. Things will begin to change for you. The outer circumstances will reflect the inner peace. You will be protected. Forgive everyone. Forgive yourself. Never limit yourself by age, nationality, what happened to you in the past. You are the child of The Supreme. A Compassionate God.

You can change everything for the better right now. Right this moment. Be of service to others. As you are unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet. No matter what happens to you, never forget who You (divine Self) really are. Bliss is your birthright. Love, compassion happiness are your true nature. It is up to you to discover this. Won't you begin today? Peace. Peace. Peace."

Robert Adams"

Keep Moving Upward - Always Keep Moving Upward

Brad Keep Moving Upward "Always keep moving upward, no matter what appears to be happening to you. Do not identify with this, for this is not who you are. Keep moving upward. Keep unfolding. Keep progressing. Participate in those activities which lift you upward. Be with those people who are full of loving kindness, who are truly progressing. The pull of this world is very strong. But it cannot really affect you. That is why it is so important to begin each morning in Truth, joy, your meditation. Your practices. Do this until all you feel is peace. An unchanging, vast peace.

It is never too late to completely change your entire life. To transform yourself. To attain the greatest heights. Nothing in this world can stop you from attaining The Supreme. Nothing that has ever happened to you can stop you from attaining. But you must make up your mind to keep moving upward. No matter what. You will attain That, which is above all. Eternal. Omnipresent. Infinite. Love unimaginable. This is within you, now.

Robert Adams


The Robert Adams Institute Tribute And Anniversary Celebrations

Welcome to the festivities! Robert Adams always joyfully includes feasts and festivities on many occasions in the warm joy of spiritual brotherhood, many with performing artists including musicians and poets."Be joyful, be of service to others. Your spiritual stature is shown by your peace, your radiant happiness, your loving kindness to others. It is good to sing, be happy, celebrate."

Robert Adams Event

The Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living, his appointed teachers and lineage have provided his traditional feeding and hosting of good cheer in his celebrations for our international student family each year at hotel ballrooms through-out the United States, including his birthday celebrations, Tribute Weekends, and Three Virtues Events, each culmination in his traditional white candle ceremony, bubble blowing tribute, family style non-harm feast, and the deep Robert Adams Daily Meditations. In unity and brotherhood students gather together in joy.

"You must attain a sense of brotherhood with all of humanity. Peace. Peace. Peace." Robert Adams


Questions and Answers


What Is A ‘Student’?

Shelly Cannon, a three year student* : “What is a ‘student’? I know he refers to ‘the sincere aspirant’, the ‘seeker’, and student as ‘devotee’ or one fully engaged in the instructions ‘Whether you are a doctor or a dentist, a brick layer or a candlestick maker!” An acquaintance who simply read one book by Mr. Adams, is quite different than the Teaching, a student to our meditation class calls himself a student yet has not pondered the lessons, observe Ahimsa, nor does the daily practices. Am I incorrect? What exactly defines the word ‘student’ as differing from academia?


“The sincere aspirant is different from the student. The student is practicing these meditations, chanting, pondering the dialogues each morning and evening. Or they are practicing the devotions of their faith. But they are stopping the world and doing something everyday. Then they are offering pure selfless service. Service to others-the lonely, the hungry, the homeless- asking nothing in return. They are full of loving kindness. They are rising to a higher reality, one of omniscient love, in  harmony with the power that knows the way. He or she becomes a living conduit of loving kindness. Radiance. They live in non harm, Ahimsa. They choose one path and take it all the way. They are no longer indulging in anger, meanness, gossip. They have risen.

The Sage: Robert Adams: “Choose one path and devote yourself to this. Take this all the way to the end. Pronounce your unfoldment, to no one, be humble and holy.” 


“An Ancient Way for Modern Day”, the Sage emerges from the unusually deeper levels of Supreme experience, free of compromise of the foundations of the universal laws of  Good Actions, non harm, the Yamas and Niyamas and The Golden Rule that traditionally fulfills a fundamental comprehension of the spiritual path.

“Robert Adams is the only teacher in the West that goes directly to Truth through pure love. If you want to lift yourself up into the golden realms of realization without being cult-y, (weird or irresponsibly drop out), you will love the lessons and this teacher.”

The Yogini Newsletter  Sept. 2000 Boston Mass.


The Sage, Robert Adams: “The West uses this word to mean anything. A student of this Teaching awakens to  ponder and meditate upon the Dialogues before the sun each day, until they feel the peace that passeth understanding. It is good to sing to God with joy. Do not stop until you feel the peace, the love, that is God, The Supreme. This changes your entire day. They repeat this again before bed. Do this for a minimum of thirty minutes to begin with.


Throughout the day, you inquire. You surrender all of your bad habits, anger, jealousy, gossip, meanness to God. The Self within. You can pray. Use beads. Japa. The rosary. No difference. Of course you can tell a true student by their loving kindness. Their gentleness. They go out of their way for others. For they are living on a higher plateau if you will. The pull of the world, mans inhumanity to man, is weakened. You perform your dharma, your job, with joy. You become a better doctor, lawyer, parent, painter. 


A true student, serves others selflessly. This comes naturally. Alleviates the suffering of others. Feeds the hungry, helps the poor. Visits the housebound. Is a comfort to others. For this is the natural emanation of your True Nature. Check yourself. It is very easy to speak spiritual words; “I am a student, I am Consciousness”, but if you are still getting angry, hurting others, hurting animals, gossiping, yelling at people in traffic, it is just words. You must give up what is not of the true Self, of God, in order to rise higher. You must live in Ahimsa. Non Harm with all. This is your true nature.”


*The Lessons of Robert Adams consist of a sequential order of over 800 life-long Dialogues given publicly only once, sometimes twice a week in his only public teaching appearances. They are accompanied by personal questions and answers that may be submitted, The Candlelight Circle option video and meditation circle, and contemplative study Resource Reviews. Live Classes are held alternately as announced, traditionally in Georgetown, Santa Fe, Cow Hollow S.F., and Online Events.



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Daily Jewels of Truth

"Live by the golden rule."

"True love never ends."

Robert Adams Quotes on How to Live
"You can tell your spiritual stature by your loving kindness towards other people."
"You are here because of karma. It behooves you not to create any more."
"Become a living conduit of loving kindness."

"Within you is the Light of a Thousand Suns. Let the True Sun shine forth!"

"Discernment is not judgement. You must be very discerning in this world. Do not involve yourself in the vile things in this world."

"Our mission on this earth is to be of service to humanity."


Chopin and the Sage

Enjoy the beautifully personal sharing of the artistic and family life of Robert Adams, the beloved internationally renowned American Sage residing in the creative and celebrity studded city of Los Angeles. Nestled in the scenic and culturally diverse family suburbs with his large extended family, he devoted himself to a traditional, tender and often humorous priority of fatherhood above all. A documented, confirmed and videotaped series of his Presence in support of philanthropy, the arts, and the many animal protection causes is provided for students at the yearly celebrations. Robert Adams donated regularly to Amnesty International, various animal protection organizations, orphanages,and the classical music series held in his community.

"Sing with all your heart." Robert Adams

Enjoy The Personal Documented Student Narrative :Chopin and The Sage

"Attending years of Hollywood Bowl classical concerts with Robert Adams, with his deep love of music, was sheer bliss" writes a devoted friend and student.

"Music opens the heart." Robert Adams

copyright Robert Adams Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living

Personal Narratives and Videos.. Enjoy shared documented and personal touching narratives of these starlight evening concerts of Chopin, Beethoven and more, attended with the gentle revered beloved teacher, Robert Adams. All narratives are by students documented and archived to have spent ten to thirty years in consistent personal, regular studentship in the physical presence of beloved Robert Adams.


Chopin and the Sage.                 Part I

I was honored, happy, and warmly welcomed as extended family to join Robert Adams and his beautiful family to regular attendance at the Hollywood Bowl classical music concerts for several years. Sitting under the stars as the live music wafted through the warm evening air, there was a timeless sense of beauty of the soul. Just as the musical concerts of ancient times, resembling the higher realms of evolvement, these experiences were absorbed as living joy . Our favorite was Chopin. In later years when my gentle, spiritual life mentor and newly adopted father - friend experienced illness of his physical form, I drove him to his spiritual meetings, and we discussed my own spiritual background.

I drove everyone to concerts to continue our traditions, as this artistic, refined sage sat calmly in the back seat with his family, bringing his usual sparkling innocent levity to the evening. With the magic dust of deep compassionate caring, he always made everyone feel a sense of rising above their personal petty problems and identifications of importance. This occurred wherever he went. Everyone became kind and open, even strangers.

The sage always wore white linen suits or slacks and a white silk kurta, long Indian shirt. He lived family-Indian style in his large extended family of grandmothers, cousins, etc. all deeply bonded in warm laughter and good heartfelt humor, in a majestically decorated environment honoring him with love. The visiting and adopted nieces were always nurtured and enjoyed rather than left with baby sitters and told to be quiet, with a feeling of being in the adults way of fun and center of the joy of living. We would all ride in one large car. Often a guest or special visiting lifelong student would join us.

The car floated with fragrance of Robert Adams' sandalwood oil and his wife's floral perfume, as if we were in an exotic garden.

Robert Adams played music all day long in his home, and we had many long talks about various composers and his love of drums and Indian drums/tablas. His living radiant example of noble fatherhood and manhood in such a protective and gentle selflessness echoed of the saints of the Ramayana and ancient Vedic male role models, without trying, simply being Brahman naturally, having already transcended the primal nature, being gentlemanly and gracious in all interactions.

My most vivid, timeless permanent memory is transcendent of time and space, as all rose into a sublime flow of sincere happiness. Robert Adams sat next to me in his chair, emanating a thick deep still peace, and saintly happiness, attracting the glances of those nearby viewing this tall, white -clad gentleman, hands folded in his lap, sparkling within as the stars above. Chopin melodies rippled through the air in the live performance at the Hollywood Bowl. In those moments, we all sat in peace, carried away in the music that as musicians and musicians of the heart, we heard deeply in our souls rather than observing from a listener performer perspective. His love for his family was traditional and protective, attending all of their private school music performances and meetings, while together they nurtured needy children, visited hospice to read the Gita and comforted those passing over with harp and Indian music played live.

                                                               Part II

Tonight, I knew this was a karmic blessing. On his birthday, I took this rare master, my dearest friend and father figure, and his beloved wife who was an internationally loved benevolent host, established designer and gourmet vegetarian nutritionist to a Beverly Hills restaurant with live jazz, the music of his youth. Robert also loved Judy Collins as a favorite whom he played often. His openness to positive music was humorous and fun- spirited, with Willie Nelson and traditional gospel dropped in on occasion in praise of the one consciousness of which we are all a part. In fact, whenever gospel came on a special on television, he loved to stand up and sing and clap! I once drove two of his children with us to a 'vintage' concert by the singer Mel Torme of my parents-grandparents generation, at Robert Adams request to enjoy an outing together.

A completely new venue for a young Californian exposed to rock, classical and traditional Indian music training, I understood his international global awareness, comfortable in many different international cultures as a wise sage of understanding beneath all outer coverings/distinctions of nationality, music genres, religions and clothes - straight to the heart. Later that year at my request we enjoyed a concert at UCLA including Larry Carlton a jazz guitar virtuoso.

"I do not teach only Advaita, but the heart of compassion." "This is a compassionate Advaita. Most people using these words have no idea what they mean. You cannot be a mean person, and be studying Advaita! It is impossible. It is a way of life. " Robert Adams

Generally, in his home he played only classical, jazz and chanting. He kept a true yogic self contained discipline, one that was not rigid but natural and admirable as a pure soul. This included always waking up before the sun rose to walk, and run, swim, even climb mountains, then he would sit with sacred scripture in his pale blue velvet chair that his daughter gave him for his birthday, often with one of his children. He kept a full daily schedule of global counseling requests.

Of all the outings I drove him to for over a decade (when he no longer drove), I must say a favorite was the classic famed West Hollywood Japanese restaurant with gardens overlooking the Los Angeles city twinkling with lights.

Robert Adams sat gracefully and still in his warm, welcoming overwhelming peace that flooded everyone in divine consciousness naturally and happily, often patting me on the shoulder and discussing my Kung Fu studies, focusing on the original spiritual origins of the pure art developed by monks and nuns to protect their temples from intruders. He would graciously converse with a sense of joy.

When I met him arriving from a religious background, he lived in a large, beautifully decorated multi-family three story home, but as his body was touched with illness and his children began upper school and Universities, it was suggested by his physician that he move into a contemporary three story town home in a professional neighborhood that was easier to navigate, and within walking distance to lovely parks, art shows and live Sunday concerts in the park. There, we would spread out colorful Indian spreads and his many family members and their pet companions would spend the day listening to music and strolling in the park.

They were closely intertwined with his lifelong Indian students, his original Inner Circle, in regular discourses and dinners, that remained a lifetime following, separate from the brief new four year urban audience of Los Angeles, in the early 1990's, On those sunny afternoons we would once again soak in the floating melodies of Chopin and other composers, and he would smile, a golden grin, and sit in complete contentment, surrounded by a rare old school protective love and purity. Sometimes a glance would stop time, in the presence of divinity.



The karmically ordained blessing of my greatest loves; music, family and this wonderful soul who looked upon me with a golden radiance of both simple camaraderie, and deep divine awareness of all that was occurring, continued a lifelong anchoring in residing amid saints. From the time of my arrival, until after graduate school, and then sitting with his family in his suite at his requested family seclusion during his visit to snow- covered Arizona. His hilltop suburban ranch home was surrounded by snowfall; the kindly, powerful clear all seeing Truth continued unchanged, in a peace beyond this sphere. One that transforms with love.

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A monthly blog for daily Illumination on The Original Pure Forth Three Decades of The Teaching of Robert Adams.

"Our Mission On This Earth Is To Be Of Service To Humanity." Robert Adams