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"Be a reflection of the bright and shining light that is the True Self. When you begin to live this way, you have begun to become a student of Truth. Rejoice!"

"I Welcome You With All My Heart. It is a beautiful day.
Can you see the sun shining? It's in your heart."

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"Our Mission on This Earth Is To Be Of Service to Humanity."

The Robert Adams Infinity Institute is a Non-profit 501 (c)(3)

"I want to thank those of you that have brought toys to the orphaned are blessed for that." Robert Adams


Robert Adams personal dedication to the global welfare of children, exemplifies the core of his message on compassion as our true nature. The Benevolence Project fulfills requests in three primary multi- faceted arenas of inner city urban and remote residential and institutional distribution:

1. Distributing cheerful toys and personalized hygiene items to at risk children in homeless shelters, hospitals and Institutions.

2. Distributing food, clothing, toys to families and children of poverty, incarceration, institutionalization, crime victims, and 'at risk' youth.

3. Presenting uplifting dynamic multi media theatrical musical presentations offering an option of peace to abandoned at risk children.

The Benevolence Project additionally works in conjunction with children aid and Catholic Charities. Special thank you in brotherhood to friends of Amma, working in harmony with The Benevolence Project through practical service, food donations and warm harmony. Requesting that his three primary student groups and life long Inner Circle students bring toys to Discourse, he delivered them personally with his daughter. The Benevolence Project fulfills requests in three primary multi- faceted arenas of inner city urban and remote residential and institutional distribution.



Offered in beautiful programs of tender compassion and assistance, the Sage met each child, personally delivered their gift, joked and laughed with them, read to them, handed out balloons, and included personal spiritual counsel, unconditional nurturing and soothing comfort.

The Robert Adams Benevolence Project welcomes established national and international children advocates in accordance with the life long humanitarian dedicated work of Robert Adams in international aid and healing projects within the educational, governing and arts and entertainment arenas. We welcome with Francis Key and the International Peace Performers.

" YOU MUST HAVE A Great Benevolence."

"You must have a great benevolence. Be grateful for any opportunity to be benevolent. This will smooth the rough vicissitudes of life. This will protect you.

Raise you to a higher level, a level above this earth. Benevolence is your natural inclination. You have simply covered it up. Your ego has rationalized it away. Do not wonder about it, think what you will receive in return. Simply become a vehicle of benevolence in this world.

Your heart will reflect The Heart of God. If you do nothing else, you will have left the world better for being here. Won’t you begin this today?" Robert Adams



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"Become a living embodiment of compassion. Protect the innocent. Alleviate the suffering of others."
Robert Adams

His renowned large welcoming Inner Circle feasts and celebrations held in his home hosted by his beloved wife for Inner Circle students and visiting families of life long students often included guest children 'orphans' and adolescents who had nowhere to go, having been recipients of The Benevolence Project, recommended through community charity groups he was well known in and quietly donated to throughout his life.

Robert Adams well established in the social, arts and humanitarian community for their selfless works, particularly for homeless children, transformed the lives of many beyond the words and ideas of 'spiritually' in practical unconditional often remarkable selfless opening of hearts and homes to all avenues of souls in need.


Their wise strong clear nurturing guidance, and adoption of children lost in a modern world of chaos has resulted in a present day global family of adults who have devoted their lives to continuing the tradition of warm- hearted service in gratefulness for the rare example extended to them, of the ancient joy of being a vehicle of love and nurturing to those in need. This internationally revered Sage has established a global legacy of benevolence and brotherhood.

"Our Mission on This Earth is to be of Service to Humanity."

One out of four children in the United States go to bed hungry every night.

It is not enough to be compassionate. You must allivate the suffering of others in a practical way.

Thankyou to Francis Key for sending your song to the Robert Adams Infinity Institute

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The Robert adams infinity institute is the direct lineage and selected teachers of robert adams
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