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The Robert Adams

Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living Celebrating Our Twenty-first Year Anniversary!gf

            "Our Mission On This Earth

                 Is To Be Of Service to Humanity."


           "Peace..    Peace.    Peace."


"Live by The Golden Rule. Do to others what you want others to do to you. This is the divine law. This brings peace. Blessings. Alleviates suffering."



Established personally by beloved Robert Adams as the sole source of his original Pure Form Message of over eight hundred weekly talks on illumination through the virtues of love, compassion and humility, his Institute is A Non Profit Institute established in great care in the potent sequential order of his messages 'for the sincere aspirant' in a suggested one week to one month 'pondering and digesting until it becomes a part of you, inducing loving kindness" by Robert Adams. Per his carefully established loving order, his Teaching is presented through his Lineage the Original Pure Form Message of Illumination through love, compassion and humility, in his benevolence and brotherhood.

           "Peace. Peace. Peace."


How To Enjoy This Robert Adams Sanctuary


Enjoy this Robert Adams Peace Sanctuary Daily for inspiration, strength, higher attunement, palpable peace and deep life guidance.

Enjoy daily beautiful music joining in with iChant, pray with our global prayer network, meditate with the Pondering videos, lightly explore or dive into the Topics and Methods of Robert Adams in the book content explorations and request personal counsel in life application to in depth issues.






Welcome in Peace and Brotherhood. Deepest blessings to you and your loved ones, in Ahimsa compassion, brotherhood, Ahimsa, unity, love.

"You must reconcile yourself with the Animal Kingdom. All originate from one consciousness of love."
Robert Adams


A new emerging generation of Robert Adams students  from University contribute their artistic profession, love and dedication to the now public Student Illumination Program, vids, blog, many whose parents lives were illumined by The Teaching of Robert Adams in bright shining love. Thank you to Anita and Kristoff Johnson.




You Are the Eternal Glow

See your Self (the divine within) as the Light That Shineth in the darkness. The Eternal Glow that can never diminish.
Omnipresence. All-Pervading. You are that One. You have always been that One.

You are not what you think you are when you are sad. When you are angry. When you are upset.
There is something within you that knows the Truth. That is the Truth. You are That.

Robert Adams- Silence of the Heart


Dive Deeply Into The Peace Eternal

"Within you is an unfathomable, unchanging peace.


A peace beyond imagining.
Dive deeply into the blissful depths of this peace everyday. Take refuge in this peace. This is the peace of God.

Here you will find everything you have been looking for. Dive deep, deep within this beautiful peace, and something wonderful will begin to happen. It will begin to last longer and longer.

This deep peace will remain as you work, play, go to the store, laugh, go to sleep. In the depth of your meditation, your holy practices, you will find your true Self. And every action you take will come from this peace. The world cannot touch this peace. For it is of The Supreme. Eternal. Unchanging. You become a conduit of peace."



Contemporary Living


The Path of Righteousness and Right Living

Righteous Non Harm In Modern Times



God Sees the Heart. Peaceful Righteousness

"Always remember deep in your heart;the path of non-harm, A him sa, is not a passive path. 
Quite the contrary. It is an active, joyful path. When the world appears to have power over you, when there is suffering, you do not simply passively 'observe' ; you jump into God, find peace, then you help. Always stay in the peace.

The most holy act you can do is selfless service for others. Especially when you are in pain. In this way, you are reflecting your true nature. You have identified with a higher Reality than this world. And you are freed. God sees the heart."

"For example, there are Buddhist monks who march in protest for the animals. To help them. Yet they march in peace. This is the way."

Robert Adams


"Robert Adams transmits the purest truth through his being, his voice and his love, rather than interpretive generalities. He is in a class by himself, not to be missed. His rare combo of deep mysticism peers into the future and past of your soul, ordained by the virtues of the saints. He is indeed a Master Teacher." San Francisco Yoga Light 1990


Institute JOY! Celebrating Our 21st Year!



Living a contemporary American life as a devoted father and husband in the American mainstream suburbs, adopting several children, a known patron of the arts, animal rescue groups, and counsel of hundreds in quiet humility, his humor, kindness and deeply moving gentle ethereal peace, is beloved by students globally in his Lessons and Institute, directed by the Institute Board of Directors and the gentle beloved Sages lineage and Teachers. Known for his love and protection of animals and children, for giving the shoes off of his feet to the homeless, his award presented Benevolence Project joyfully continues his works globally.


"I am not a guru. You have asked me to share my experience. Try it and see if it works for you."


The Personal Experience of three decades of Teaching of the internationally revered Sage, "The Father of Awareness", beloved as "The St. Francis of Assisi".


1. The Lessons

2. The Daily Meditations, Music, Practices

3. The Benevolence Project

4. The Life Illuminated

5. Living in Non Harm or 'Ahimsa' with all, embracing traditional ethical vegetarianism.



"In this world we must always choose compassion, loving kindness. For that is Truth"


"You must be very careful for the West does not understand these teachings, and there are many dangerous, crazy people out there saying, "Nothing is real." "Everything is illusion." "There is not right and wrong." All sorts of of nonsense, and they hurt animals, people. Of course if you truly understood eternal Truth, you could never hurt an animal. For the nature of the eternal divine Self within is pure compassion, love, kindness."


"It is within Consciousness that there is only One, yet in this world we must realize that there is light and darkness and only those things of the divine Self, are Truth. The Self are pure Goodness. Therefore, one always chooses compassion for that is the only Truth. Never use spiritual terminologies to excuse cruelty. Selfishness. It behooves one to be discerning. To not create karma. For if one knows Truth, one rises to love."

Robert Adams


Life Foundations


1. "Alleviate the suffering of others. Feed the hungry. Visit the housebound. Give to the poor."


2. How to identify and recover your inner Bliss. "You will cease to be angry, resentful, fearful. You will feel a peace that does not change. A love that is indescribable. This is God within you, called Lord, The Self, Divinity."


3. How to develop a personal, joyful and fulfilling daily life, dipping lightly or diving into the depths of the practices, the Presence of God, deeper Truths.


4. Compassionate Self Inquiry, Meditations, Chanting, Lessons and rare personal counsel for life 'problems'. "Happiness is your true nature. Happiness is the substratum of your existence. "Don't forget the love."


5. How to compassionately and practically transcend life's predicaments, grief, heartbreak.


Western Teacher


Robert Adams is the sole Western Master Teacher exemplifying responsible 'householder' life, children, support of the arts, service to the poor, adherence to the ancient principles, revered both in Western and Eastern traditions, originating from an authentic confirmed lineage, and presenting the importance of the ancient joy producing virtues in modern life in accordance with universal laws, originally included in "all true religions". A rare example for American students.




Robert Adams appears in numerous literary magazines, journals, columns and references including The Mountain Path, Sublime Love, Nirvana 101, Inner Light, The Daily Om, etc.


His documented students work in tandem with many groups in unity for service, including Catholic Charities, Friends of Amma, Children's Homes, Shelters and more.


His timeless Teaching has been revered by both modern and ancient traditions of joyful discovery of an "unfathomable, unimaginable beauty, peace, compassion and love within us, presently for over fifty years in monasteries, ashrams, temples and mystical Christianity for his humility, powerful peace.


His beloved kindly humor, old world fatherly, caring, guidance and loving manner endears him to thousands around the world, as a contemporary Westerner, living a traditional conservative family life in the American suburbs. The lineage of confirmation by famed saints and sages for his purity of heart, selfless service to others, and impacting instantaneous transmission of a sudden ethereal peace and sense of all pervading love to others is described in meetings with two primary saints of the era.






iCHANT link 

Click here

the Music iChantgf

"Sing with all your heart." Robert Adams always selects live music to accompany his live Dialogues. He includes his favorite live performance as he sings along to the St.. Francis Chant below exemplifying his teaching: Non Harm to all. This music and other live chants are available on The New Reality Three CD Set for personal home use in daily joyful song.



Gregorian chants, Eastern chants, the holy music of your faith. Surrender all to God, a personal God in your heart. Practice The Three Virtues. This world will lose its hold on you. It does not matter if you live in a castle or a cabin. All that matters is that you have a direct experience of God. That you know who You really are. If the end result of Illumination is love, compassion and humility, what if we were to do that Now?"


Here we welcome you to a sanctuary of The Meditations, The Lessons, inspiration and clarification of The Original Pure Form Teaching of Robert Adams through his lineage and personally selected teachers.












"When I say to love your Self, I do not speak of

your human self with its foils and foibles. Of course I refer to your true Self. The Divine

Omniscient love, God within you. To this your surrender your human self, and Good prevails."

Enjoy the Pure Form Original Guided Meditations, Music and Dialogues on You Tube in Robert Adams Blessings with beautiful meditative backgrounds and Home Companion Downloads. c.


"If the end result of Illumination is Love Compassion and Humility, what if we were to do.

that now?"

Robert Adam, Renowned Master Spiritual Teacher of five decades, offers his potent experience of divinity.

Welcome to the twenty yr. anniversary of The Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living, established by beloved Sage Robert Adams to teach his personal experience in inner, classic' Illumination', or direct refuge in the all- pervading peace, love, harmony and daily blissful Reality that is God, the unchanging eternal, as a direct personal experience in contemporary times. "Peace. Peace. Peace."

In honoring our anniversary, we open our welcome with his favorite song that the globally revered Teacher opened his "classes" with for many years, singing joyfully, and leading all in this Message.

The Robert Adams non- profit Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living is personally established by Robert Adams as the sole teaching and presentation of his works in his Original Pure Form format, through his personally selected Teachers of Love Compassion and humility in his Lineage. "For generations to come." Offering peace, harmony and joy in daily life Robert Adams refuses all requests to affiliate others names, teachings, movements, websites or facebooks with his, refusing hundreds of requests to teach with him, attempt to interpret his teaching, or present his words. The gentle master teacher taught with no one but his daughter, whom taught with him since a teen.

Welcome to the sole source of the Pure-Form Teaching of Robert Adams, presenting his own methods, music, classes, celebrations and multi layered, classic personal path of Illumination.

Peace. Happiness. Love.

Daily Life in Contemporary Times

"No matter what happens to you, never forget who You really are. You, the real You, is eternal, omniscient love, bliss, compassion. I am not a guru. This has been my experience. Try it and see if it works for you. The happiness, the joy will come bubbling up. You will be guided for your highest good. You will experience the substratum of happiness, light, love that is behind all things. It is all up to you. This life may be a dream but it can be a joyful one. You must make the decision to begin today.

Begin to wake up and jump into the joy, the bliss of God, not tomorrow, not next week, decide now. Unfold now. Change your entire life today. You will be assisted by a myriad of spiritual giants. Everything will begin to change for the better. You will transcend suffering. All suffering will subside. For there is a reality more beautiful, more loving, a reality of eternal unchanging peace. With which reality are you identifying?"

You Are Craving the Bliss of God:


A Direct Personal Experience of God

"You are craving the bliss of God. The Bliss of your True Self. The actual experience of this. Because this is who you really are. This is your natural state. Yet you are actually already in this state all of the time."


"Do you understand this? You are already in this state all of the time. Every second of your existence. You have distracted yourself from this through a myriad of desires. Through fleshly desires, through anger and jealously, through accepting moods, anger, meanness, as ‘you’. Each time you make a decision to go in that direction, you have steered yourself backwards. You become less aware of your natural state. And you can go on doing this as long as you like."

"Do you understand this? This Bliss, this Love that surpasses your wildest dreams, is your natural state. When you see the ancients immersed in bliss, meditation, nirvana, all of these things, they are simply returning to their natural state. To God. And you can do this too. This is the way of the ancients." "This has been my experience."


"I began in mystic Christianity. You may apply these methods daily to your faith. The important thing is that you make the effort to discover the radiant life that is the Truth of your existence, now. By humbly making the decision to have a direct experience of God, with a pure heart, everything will change. Everything will become radiant."


A Traditional Mainstream Life-style in Spiritual Integrity:


"One who is truly touched by God does not leave their family, their job, their responsibilities. Quite the contrary, they become better, more loving doctors, dentists, singer, teachers, parents. Your life reflects the Truth, omniscient love. You can tell spiritual stature by their loving-kindness.


Robert Adams


You Have Risen


"As you become peace-full, anger slowly drops from your consciousness, as all anxiety and bitterness, hate, are transcended, and you begin to feel a wonderful peace. You begin to notice that those people who come into your aura also feel peaceful and harmonious.

You are not doing anything voluntarily, you have just risen. You have risen to a higher state of consciousness. 

If you can't say a good word about someone, you say nothing. And by your very silence, you have blessed someone else. 

You live in an intelligent universe that knows all about you, and it can take care of you, and meet all of your needs in the right way, in ways that you know not of. Trust it."

Robert Adams copyright

"Do these Practices until you feel the deep peace within you. The Bliss. Pure Bliss is your birthright. This is a practical Teaching. You should be able to experience, to really really feel, this deep bliss everyday. Your entire life will change. Everything is illuminated. You will perceive the deep omniscient love, the compassion, the bliss that is permeating all of life. It is up to you to find this. This has been my experience."



Selected by Robert Adams

for his Public Event Dialogues

Joyful Chant for Peace

"Make peace wherever you are with whomever you are with." Robert Adams


Chant Classes Live Online

New ONLINE Summit Celebration Classes: . The Third Karma and Compassion Master Summit. Six week series online with preparations for your special Pondering and Meditation area guided in dialogue by Robert Adams. The Original Pure Form Teaching of Robert Adams with live Questions and Answers by his own selected pure form lifelong teachers and lineage, rare joyful videos and humorous Inner Circle Dialogues with the beloved Sage blowing bubbles, and Inner Circle special guest sharings of joyful family celebrations at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

"As you are unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet."

Robert Adams

New. The Georgetown DC Original Master Class on Happiness This Moment. Online Six Wk. Series.

"Never say nothing is real. God, as the world is real."


Online Classes continue six to eight week evening classes of pure form teaching, question and answers, live music established by Robert Adams, videos, and candlelight international student prayer requests and guided meditation. This is offered in the original direct format of presentation established by Robert Adams, in joyful brotherhood.



Robert Adams self-established Home, The Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living, offering personal counsel, online original Meditations, music, master classes, Candlelight Services, is honored to provide the offering in his own original, sequential, step by step process to reclaim the deep wellspring of Bliss within you, in a personally guided, specific joyful format. This beloved Teacher spoke only once or twice weekly, choosing a carefully selected sequential series of Discourses presented to his original Inner Circle of lifelong students, and later small groups. Enjoy a rare experience in the truth of classic inner illumination per the ancient laws of spiritual integrity as embodied in the deeper teachings of Truth.

A rare example for modern Americans, Robert Adams resided in a traditional devoted life of husband and father in the suburbs, counseling international students, teachers and visitors daily. Mr. and Mrs. Adams raised all of their children to carry on their fathers message, in a loving joyful home in the Vedic ancient multi cultural extended family foundation, amidst the worlds famed spiritual teachers, authors, political leaders and ancient temples in international religious schooling, as a forefront to their present day teaching of his work, carried on by his grandchildren in love, "for generations to come."



"Deep within you is a supreme peace. A peace that is eternal, unchanging,all-pervading. This peace is stronger than anything that is occurring in the world. Take refuge in this peace. Discover this peace that passes all understanding for yourself, then emanate it to everyone that you meet. Take action to alleviate the suffering of others from this eternal source of peace."

Robert Adams

The Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living Hosts Classes in The Pure Form Teaching by Lifelong Students of Robert Adams as his sole dissemination in his pure lineage. Beloved Robert Adams is unaffiliated with other individuals or groups, refusing all offers of affiliation/representation.




Robert Adams Speaks:

On Tragedy and Suffering

One who understands all- pervading truth, who has been touched by God, One who knows who they really are, is the first one to get in there and help.


For you realize you are not separate from others. There are no others. I am the first to get in there and help. For you realize that the ultimate truth is that You, the real You, are pure compassion. Therefore you can do nothing else but alleviate the suffering of others.


You ask people what you can do to help them with all the love in your heart. There is no doubt about this. You are peace itself. Yet you do not use spirituality to excuse bad behavior, to have a cold heart. You preserve life. You honor life. You do what you can to be of compassionate service to others. You go out of your way for others. You have expanded your consciousness beyond yourself. Thus you are naturally manifesting your true nature.


The secret is that you never forget who you really are. You are a son or daughter of God. You are eternal, all pervading. Therefore you perform Right Action. Compassionate action. And you remain in peace, in your heart. Yet you feel the suffering of others as your own. This is the way of Truth.


1. The Meditations and Inquiry "Upon awakening."

2. Music and Chant Daily: The Dialogue Music

3. Service to Humanity: "Feed the hungry."

4. Pondering the Lessons "Do this twice daily."



Light on the Path



copyright Robert Adams



“When I use the word Space, I am referring to pure Consciousness. God. Bliss. Love. This is the Space within and without everything. Everything is Boundless Space. Pure Divine Perfection. The Supreme. By doing these things, you will really feel this, really realize Boundless Space for yourself. This will free you to rise above your mental limitations. For you are not a mere weak human being.


YOU are All -Pervading."The Boundless Space Discourses were originally recorded by Robert Adams over twenty five years ago, distributed in India through pamphlets, and constituted many of his recent Talks. The Boundless Space course consists of the original Dialogues, Meditations, Ponderings and more.


NEW: Lesson Student Reunion Bandhara! All former Lesson Students who wish to attend online reunions, celebrations, skype, all day chant, RSVP.


"You can tell someone's spiritual stature by their loving kindness. Their reaction when someone asks them to go out of their way for someone, without reward. Selflessness. Love."




The Original Pure Form Talks



The Life Awakening Series. Evening Master Classes


Robert Adams speaks deeply on the specific intricacies and simplicities of the personal laws of karma, compassion and grace, pre ordained events, incoming life repercussions, and rising above karmic character weaknesses. "Surrender anger, unkindness, resentment, arrogance, aggression, up to God." "Therefore, we wish to create environments, jobs, relationships conducive to unfolding. To progression. Create peace wherever you are. Therein you will cease to create incoming repercussions of suffering. Each day be of happy service to others."


"You are here because of karma.

It behooves you not to create anymore. How to live? Live by The Golden Rule. Do to others what you wish others to do to you. Live by the Yamas and Niyamas. (ancient spiritual laws of conduct)







The Sole Source of The Original Pure Form Teaching of Robert Adams through his pure lineage and selected Teachers, his Institute is a Non Profit Teaching taught by lifelong selected original students in daily studentship with Robert Adams for over three decades. The Robert Adams Institute is a Non Profit directing his original Benevolence Project, distributing food and clothing to homeless and institutionalized children, co directed by The Board of Directors in India and the United States.

Robert Adams copyright his own works for his lineage "For generations to come" in the tradition of the preservation of the purity and great heart of the originator, as exemplified by many ancient lineages.


"How to live?


Live by The Golden Rule. Do to others what you want others to do to you." "I began in mystic Christianity Jesus is the Master of Compassion. Everything of beauty, of truth, is of God. Always put children first."


Robert Adams



"I have found this to be a most potent and thorough recording of Robert Adams that surprised me in its strength and eloquence. I have started each day by the seaside as directed as the sun rises with this tape. I feel it has incurred a rebirth of my life. Thank you Dr. Warner for the gift."

Danjay Costos M.A. NY NY


A beautiful emanation of the Masters gentle uplifting transmission in revelatory clarification, welcoming guidance, and warm peaceful power of divine presence.

Robert Adams original Pure Form Talks include his established format of music and meditations as he chose in gentle beauty.


"The day will come when you will open your eyes to a completely New Reality. It is so bright, so All-Pervading, that all will be revealed. Joy is your heritage. Bliss is your birthright. Everything will shine with the splendor and glory of Ultimate Reality.

As the endless blue sky remains in vast magnificence above us, regardless of the events occurring on the earth, Bright and Shining Reality remains ever the same, filling you with indescribable love, joy, delight and completion.


You gently realize that You are this Reality. You were always this Reality. And so is everyone else. This is the experience of all great true religions. There is no variation. No modification. You are infinite, unchanging, All Pervading peace. Compassion. Happiness. How does this feel? Bliss magnified a trillion times. Love expanded beyond infinity."


Robert Adams

A New Reality