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The Teaching of Robert Adams
“Our Mission On This Earth Is To Be Of Service To Humanity."




A teacher to a varied global audience of decades, the soft spoken gentle Sage of wisdom has students that include both priests and monks, honoring their path. When asked “Can one attain Illumination, emancipation of the soul from suffering, by following the path of Jesus?” he answers, “If you completely surrender your heart. Feed the hungry, visit the lonely, you will be blessed immeasurably. This is the Supreme Path of Compassion. This is our True Nature.”

Robert Adams teaches that the teaching of Jesus Christ transmits the illumined path of Gods (“The Supreme”) eternal love and compassion, utilizing the gift of Free Will in loving our neighbor as our self, making peace prior to ‘coming to the alter’. (to do spiritual practice)

Robert Adams roots in mystic Christianity show ‘an ancient way for modern day’ in a path to the ecstatic, blissful states of consciousness of the ancient mystics in modern day. With great humility, living a life of spiritual integrity, family life or monastic vows, anyone can have the mystical experience of illumination, in the ultimate reality of The Light of a Thousand Suns.

Embracing omniscient love within and without us, regardless of changing outer events, is available to all who have a pure heart and ‘make the effort.’ Wherein all who come in contact with to such a one find no division, self aggrandizement or pronouncement of their spirituality, only an unceasing loving kindness in supreme realization that we are eternal, omniscient, pure compassion, bliss consciousness in The Heart of God.

“Pray for others. Pray for yourself.”  

Robert Adams 



“Meditation and Devotion go hand in hand.” Prayer. Love. Peace. Surrender. By a dip into the waters of peaceful practices offered here in Robert Adams own blessed original Institute that he formed, take sweet spiritual refuge. Try a daily practice, meditation or song, perhaps the meditations at dawn to beautiful music, a candle, “…until you feel the deep peace that increases…” one may ‘lift themselves beyond this world’.

Go beyond daily suffering and identification with the limitations of worries, stress, and an uncertain world amid spiritual/ moral confusion, devoid of concrete foundations. If one feels so called, you may dive deeper into the offering here amid The Original Pure Form Lessons, online and local classes, events, daily guidance, as you are guided from within.

“You may live in a castle or a cabin, be a lawyer, doctor, mother, father, student, it does not matter, all that matters is that you make the effort now. It is never too late to change your entire life. You begin with love, and that love expands, expands, until it is your complete reality. God, The Supreme; eternal, boundless, all- pervading omniscient love, is ultimate Reality. You cannot unfold without surrendering your human nature to this love. You will see the signs of unfoldment, a natural loving kindness, happiness bubbling up, a great boundless compassion. Suffering subsides. You will become a different person. You have risen.”

Peace Peace Peace

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