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Robert Adams


"Thank you Robert Adams Institute family for this uniquely 'glorious' morning wake up call to love, as the birds songs coming in my window. I never read all of the emphasis on happiness till I put them together in a garnished well ingested bouquet of manna. A deep peek into golden heights. Thank kudos."

Marla Gayatril Radiance Yoga


"I can't imagine waking up with the news anymore, I sit in my garden and ponder this revelation." Gina Tam. SF CA..


"I have included this masterpiece in my therapy orientation due to the rare meld of extraordinary wisdom and practicality. Robert Adams is a rare teacher indeed!"

Adrienne M. Nasser NY NY


"Happiness is Your True Nature. The Glory and Splendor Beyond this World. " A Soft Cover Book. Expanded Edition Additional Most Requested Discourses with an Accompanying Vibrant Spoken Word CD. In his own deeply touching voice Robert Adams Guides us in his Practices in joyfully uplifting experiences of the joy and sunshine that is your nature.







Our Students Share in Love;


"The book on happiness by Robert Adams is amazingly real, moving, from another Loka!. He goes truly deeper into levels of reality without becoming dry and spacey... a true mystic. There is no newly invented 'no dual' happiness but a sincere and truly happy juxtaposition of extreme cosmic perception and the most tender heart of understanding. I read it nine times!"


The Wise Woman Retreats

Gloria Conrad M.A.


"The Secret to Happiness. Bliss is Your Birthright." "Within you is The Light of a Thousand Suns. Happiness is the Substratum of your Existence. This is who YOU are. Happiness is your True Nature. Within you is Unimaginable Beauty."


A powerful contemporary treatise on the honest reality of actually feeling, experiencing, a deep, all pervading warm happiness as the foundation of daily life by unveiling the Unchanging Stream of Reality, a Backdrop of Light, Sheer Joy, upon which all outer events are taking place.


Precise life topics, directives, honest and warm self examination enabling the discrimination of the heart of happiness that is your heritage and true self. A warm and powerful, In Depth Application of Robert Adams Foundation, Daily Practices, Life Transformation with Robert Adams signature kind humor, practical understanding, and higher realm Transmission of 'Ultimate Living Truth' succinctly lifting one into profound divine experience in 'The Glory and Splendor Beyond this World, True Reality, Supreme Happiness.'


Today is a New Day
"If the end result of Illumination is Love, Compassion and Humility, what if we were to to that now?"


"Never say you are not real, nothing exists, for everything is a pure Supreme manifestation of God. What we do with our lives, with this world, is our decision. Yet it is never too late to completely surrender everything internally to God, and live in The Light of a Thousand Suns. NOW."




Books Happiness This Moment:



The premiere book on Happiness This Moment from Robert Adams

The Happiness Dialogues

The Premiere Collection of Robert Adams Thirty Year Teaching on Happiness/ Book
"Each day is a rare gift. Be thankful. Spread sunshine to all you meet.

Happiness is The Substratum of Your Existence. You cannot experience true happiness if you are still hurting people. Transgressing the Laws of Right Action. There are higher laws to this universe that are unperceived by the average human being. You must abide by this. A New Generation. A New Fresh Understanding. Pure. Exuberant. Benevolent.
Within You is the Light of a Thousand Suns.


A rich, sublime collection of simple practices, compassionate guidance in grief, how to identify with the eternal joy that does not change while being guided in all life decisions. Family, career and personal counsel are addressed in the light of The Teaching of Robert Adams in modern life. Robert Adams powerful Truth saturated words and compassion lifts up ones consciousness into a burst of eternity, enabling " A direct experience of clear, all pervading love permeating everything" in concrete, experiential raised consciousness. "Diving into God." "This life is very short. Before you know it, it will be over. What are you doing with it? Now is the time to rise."

Happiness is the Substratum of Your Existence. This is who You Are. Happiness is your True Nature.

"Within you is Unimaginable Beauty. Your True Self is Bright and Shining this Moment. Through the clear Realization of the Truth, your real Self will come shining through.

Everyone is looking for happiness. Happiness is the Unchanging Truth of your real Self. You are not the outer images that keep changing. It does not matter what is happening in your life, nothing is more powerful than the Absolute Truth of who YOU are; an Embodiment of Happiness.

Suffering subsides. No matter what your background or religion, happiness is the Unchanging Reality behind the changing images of your life. Won't you begin to experience this Reality now? It's worth it!

Beyond our myriad thoughts, desires, fears, is Unalloyed Happiness-radiantly happy for no reason whatsoever. Be gentle, humble and strong.

The world may appear hard at times, but do not let it fool you. It has no power over you at all. Always realize that you are Divinely protected, Divinely guided to your Highest Good.

The Sage is present just by thinking of him.
All healing is spontaneous.
"Let the True Sun Shine Forth!"

Robert Adams

The Life, Overcoming. Transcending. Practical Joy in Personal Appearance of Loss, Illness, A Master of Love, Robert Adams addresses practical contemporary life challenges in light of the original classical spirituality, through his personal experiences and originally developed practices to transform daily experience.


"An amazing transformation for my first year in college, awesome counsel and comfort to me in homesickness! Love the meditations so beautiful and universal."

Paige Wells St. Louis



Happiness is your

True Nature

Happiness is your True Self. Abide in Goodness in this world. You will be protected. Guided. Lifted up

A profoundly in depth, experiential and joyful alignment with the 'sun that shines eternally behind the clouds' in a contemporary awareness of personal life experiences amid the eternal laws of return, character samskars (innate characteristics), Grace, transcendence, joy and genuine peace that stands the test of time. "A jewel amidst flotsam."

The Happiness This Moment Master Class and Candlelight Circle Videos

"Rise above your habits and shine like the sun. To do this, you must shine in word and deed. Anger is the first thing to go on the spiritual path. You must operate by divine laws."

The most beloved quality of the rare Sage Robert Adams is the disarming kindness, beyond all denominations and labels, a genuine non abstract happiness that he brings out in others, through deep, genuine concern and inquiry, emanating a Supreme Goodness.

"In this world there is duality. Abide in Goodness. Right Action." A 'mainstream' teacher living a traditional mainstream life, his tender manners and royal appearing protocols in individual greetings, behavior at his talks, and respect for others, integrated a new aspect of spiritual integrity to a primarily non- mainstream culture, often interpreting an ancient cultures highly evolved wisdom originating in a far more developed state of ever deepening bliss consciousness. One lived out in all inter-actions.

Peace Happiness Truth

A Western Teacher Revered in both the West and East, the Message of Unalloyed Happiness defines the Primary Foundation of Robert Adams Message of Truth. God is experienced as Unalloyed Happiness. Joy, Loving Kindness. "Your true nature."

A True Master Teacher

A true Master Teacher and selfless Sage who exemplified the Vedic precepts of loving devotion to householder life active in the humanitarian engagements of his community, he remained purely devoted to a highly yet gentle, humble self disciplined life, rising before dawn for his entire adult life, walking for miles, devoting himself to his children who adore, revere and in turn devoted themselves to him, a rarity in the majority of Western spiritual derivatives of Eastern truths.


Robert Adams always jovial and encouraging nature endeared him to hundreds as his rare gentleness, concern for each person and their journey, and fatherly compassion awakened the dormant impetus to rise above all limitations and pursue the joy and authentic supernal happiness that 'bubbled up' within in the transmission of his unique Message. "As you are unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet. Ask others how you can make their life easier. Become a living embodiment of loving kindness. You will see that the light behind all temporal events becomes apparent to you as Unchanging Reality, Pure Bliss. This bliss is the real You. The You that is eternal."

Happiness This Moment Online and Local Classes are presented by the sole authorized Teachers of Robert Adams Inner Circle as posted and included in requested RSVP notification for registration in warm welcome.







The Softly Radiant Sage

The softly radiant Sage preferred to be with the innocents of this world in joyous service yet equally comfortable in the temples he raised his seven children amidst, to a Fathers Day brunch given in his honor with dozens who loved him, in the Beverly Hills Hotel, his manner changed not. All who met him left happier, lighter. Refreshed.

"It is never too late to change your entire life. it is never too late to rise to a higher vision."

What is the manifestation of non- abstract happiness in every day life? Loving kindness in the innocent guilelessness of a higher realm of purity, yet with the seamless wisdom of the ancient eternal.

He instantly perceives the truth of ones heart and intent behind their words and outer actions. His first introduction, always to inquire about your happiness.

If one was feeling sad, he did not begin Discourse devoid of a wryly mirthful warm hearted joke, a tender comfort, a moment of understanding of the human predicament, teaching many the jewels of shining spiritual integrity and responsibility to one another's happiness in a culture of 'me first' , brash disposable relationships and motivations to 'move on' before clearing ones own consciousness of anger, ill will and ill intent., as well as offering loving kindness to those one has harmed.


"Happiness is the result of Right Action. Happiness is your Heritage. You are bright and shining like the sun." "The ego loves to believe you are spiritual and above this world. So you memorize many words, Advaita, perhaps another path, and you become pompous. Belligerent. Superior. You cannot be happy like this."

"You, the real YOU, are pure, omniscient all pervading Absolute Reality, pure love. The realization of this Truth, the complete identification with this unchanging Reality is as the gentle unfolding of a flower. You entire humanity is transformed. You only express the Self, free of the mortal coil. This is a natural, gentle process that occurs accordingly with the effort applied. However, one of a pure and devoted heart may simply love God with all of their heart, surrender their human foils and foibles, and return to Sat Chit Ananda through love.:

The Message:
"Happiness is Ultimate Reality. The Silence and Happiness are the same. Yet you must surrender your moods, anger."

"Each day is new opportunity to Unfold. To completely transform your life. Do not label yourself by lack, limitation, age or believing that you are a mere human being. You are bright and shining like the sun. Be thankful for the opportunity to become an asset to the human race. This physical embodiment is a rare boon. A sacred opportunity. Always honor this.

"See the world with the wonder of a child."

"Be humble, gentle and strong. Be pure of heart, thought and deed. Harm no one. Today is a new day. Correct the past and rise to a higher vision. I am calling you to a Higher Vision. Unalloyed Happiness is your true Self. Loving Kindness is your True Self. Never remain silent when you can lift someone else up. Spread sunshine to all you meet.

Within you is the light of a thousand suns. Let the true sun shine forth."

This Has Been My Experience Robert Adams

"Live in Spiritual Integrity"