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2018 Online Classes and Celebrations

Jan. 21 Online Live West-East Chant

and One Hr. Guided Birthday Meditation

THE THREE VIRTUES: Online Ladies Special Event with live music* meditation

"Peace. Peace. Peace." The Robert Adams Meditations by Dr. Blake Warner live on his Student Site. Questions and Answers

Dr. Blake Warner: "The I Thread"

Georgetown Robert Adams Class Student Hosted seven to nine p.m. Feb 11 2018

" Peace. Peace. Peace." Robert Adams

The Robert Adams Peace Dialogues: Jan

Broadcast for Candlelight Students: four consecutive Thursday Evenings eight p.m. PST USA . Curren application, pondering and question and answers on the Sages in depth Teaching on Peace in current times. Guest speaker; Father Joseph Randolph, twenty two year student of Robert Adams


A tender, traditional format in depth pondering, clarification and application of the meditations and practices. In these much requested series, the full flowering of the original Discourses, Robert Adams own true definition of his self experienced original Topics, and rare, beautiful documented narratives are shared. The Master Series now occurs once a year for "the sincere aspirant" in a relaxed yet reverent atmosphere of deep reflection. If you feel a heartfelt devotion to this pure interior unfoldment in the Sage's gentility, please inquire as to application and dates.

THE ROBERT ADAMS RESPIRATION MEDITATIONS. The Robert Adams Meditations to Respiration: An In Depth Introduction

The Respiration Meditations

The meditations introduced to ones respiration refresh in a deep blossoming of expanded perception of The Supreme, within and without. "Do this until you feel the bliss, the peace that does not change."

In video, dialogues and personal counsel amid the warmth of brotherhood, the much loved Robert Adams Meditations to Respiration-ones breathing pattern- affect the entire nervous system in deep de stressing on the physiological level, as inner peace, soft luminous expansion into The Presence of God occurs naturally.

This beautiful narrated meditation experience introduces the precise respiration meditations in the pure form format of Robert Adams established by him in each presentation, with music, questions and answers and dialogue.

*The Respiration Meditation Book/CD is not required for this complimentary class

Upcoming Fall 2018

Seven Day Book Immersion in The Original Happiness Talks

Original Robert Adams Format of Discourse: One Hr. Seven consecutive evenings. Video and Download Instructional, Live Chant, Questions and Answers, Personal Counsel, Rare Talks.

The Yamas and the Niyamas: The Universal Laws of Living .

"Live by the Yamas and Niyamas." "Do not believe one can 'get away' with anything for the Lords of Karma are always watching." "Live by the universal laws of love, Ahimsa."

The Fourth Five Part Series: "Mornings With Robert Adams" RSVP Nov. 2018

Join Global Robert Adams Institute Studentship

The Ladies Meditations, Just for Today, are offered on bi monthly announced events. Please inquire as to these gentle, healing and welcoming evenings of poetry and personal unfoldment in The Teaching.

This beautiful live course includes personal counsel, Robert Adams own mornings with humorous narratives, photographs, rare videos and the original instructives on living in the world according to Ahimsa, right livelihood, your dharma or duty in career and to others, the mystical level of meditation experiences and their meanings.


"You Must Achieve a Sense of Brotherhood With All of Humanity." Robert Adams


The joy in our evenings in warm brotherhood of Studentship are an enriching and uplifting refuge of certainty in an uncertain world.

The original Robert Adams Brotherhood Classes began in Georgetown and Cow Hollow SF. These are announced on the requested lesson student RSVP listing.

Beloved Mrs. Robet Adams personally joyfully carried on the original pure form classes for several years until illness prevented her from continuing.

The Robert Adams Classes are presented only by Robert Adams authorized selected teachers. Per your inquiries in wise discernment, the Robert Adams Institute logo and website assures you of receiving only the Original Pure Format Teaching in pure presentation as preserved and established by Robert Adams personally in his grace and love.

ds link to Happiness

Ongoing Master Online SOH Class:

Yes, Amrit Singth is teaching again 2018!

Amrit Singh presents harmonium classes online with original music and personal experiences in Lessons.

A Joyful personal journey into the Teaching with interior application of the Practices.

Student hosted Institute Classes 8 week Series. Clean Spirituality. We stand spiritually strong in the reality of eternal love and compassion for all in honouring the golden heart of revered sage Robert Adams.

"How to live? Live by the Golden Rule. Do to others as you want others to do to you." Here he established his sole sites as the home of his Teaching. Enjoy the tribute sister site of his beloved, Mrs. Adams with Robert Adams literature and materials. Peace be with you.


Enjoy The Original Music of Robert Adams Live Discourses, Concerts and Classes on CD's.

"Music with words opens the heart to Truth" "It is good to sing and chant the music of your faith first thing upon arising in the morning, before the world gets a hold of you." Robert Adams


Enjoy beautiful music to awaken to and meditate to on CD sets for extended daily practices. RSVP for live online concerts, holy singing, chants of Gregorian, Easter and World, with guest instrumentalists.

Robert Adams in the Media

Robert Adams and his Teaching have been shared in the media for decades as the premier Western teacher of illumination in world- wide reverence in temples and ashramas, The Mountain Path and Saints and Sages magazine, the books; Sublime Love, Nirvana 101, Pure Advaita No Agenda, and  blogs/columns; The Daily Om, Modern Enlightenment.

"Robert Adams is the only Western Teacher acknowledged as a Master in India. Teaching the ancient ethics with his unique powerful wisdom so sacred, is a rare opportunity in todays world." 

Gur Kirtan, Light on India


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Robert AdamsEvents




The Candlelight Circle and The Robert Adams Benevolence Project


Would youl like to apply to host a Robert Adams Benevolence Project in your area? Application form listing requirements, meetings and food or clothing distrubution is offered in your application. Letters The Robert Adams Infinity Institute in Students Sharing:


"Candle of my heart is lit and shines forth with the rest as we illuminate this world with our own inner Divine Light. And so I begin my return home In greatest joy!" Vesna



"We are one with the peace of mankind. Thank you for the Happiness candlelight series. May all beings be happy. Would enjoy an online candlelight exchange with lesson students in Kansas City." George


“Our Mission on This Earth is To Be of Service to Humanity.”

The Robert Adams Benevolence


Welcome to The Robert Adams Benevolence Project, a practical application of the Teaching of beloved humanitarian Sage, and Teacher Robert Adams, in “Alleviating the suffering of humanity.” Robert Adams initiated this arena of joy filled service. “Never pass up an opportunity to be benevolent. To alleviate the suffering of others.”


The Robert Adams Benevolence Project is an all-encompassing application of the time proven service and aid organizations that provide food, clothing, hygiene necessities, inspirational encouragement, compassion and company to those that are in need, whether emotionally or physically, regardless of religion, race or culture.



For over four decades The Benevolence Project has provided food and clothing to the homeless and hungry in urban areas, under the direction and direct participation of Robert Adams and his beloved daughter. Children are a particular concern and dedication to The Benevolence Project. Throughout the world, the majority of the hungry and homeless are women-mothers and children.


Volunteering, Uplift Someone

“As you are Unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet. Visit the housebound. The lonely. Bring cheer to others. Alleviate the suffering of others. Leave this world better for being here.”


The Benevolence Project offers the beautiful opportunity to offer the best of ourselves, our heart, to those who are experiencing a stage in life where they have been placed away from others, are unable to leave their home, are completely alone in this world. “The forgotten”, as Mother Teresa called them, can be found in traditional residential care facilities, including a rapidly expanding plethora of private home facilities that place elderly parents of work-

ing children, although they suffer from no major illness or loss of faculties. The Benevolence Project volunteers have enjoyed this arena immensely, honored to be permitted to enter their rich world of conversation, humor, talents and skills, career wisdom, family wisdom, and full hearts.








This area is particularly recommended for volunteers who are unable or do not wish to travel out of their neighborhood communities, are cautious as to safety issues as a single volunteer or wish to bring their children or other family members with them.


These volunteers have special skills that, while seeming ordinary to them, define a rich and rare treat of intellectual- spiritual stimulation and upliftment to someone alone with little diverse or enriching interaction with others on a one to one dynamic.


One volunteer found several years of transformative, delightful and emotionally expanding afternoons introducing poetry readings and classical music afternoons to a suburban placement home in her community. She brought tea and ‘exotic’ Indian sweets to two women who ‘clicked’ with her, closing by reading from Happiness This Moment to them each week, introducing a comforting and new concept of what is called ‘dying’ to those who felt a need to spiritually ponder options.


The following guidelines are required to provide a sacred environment of mutual respect, personal integrity and focused intent, gentle loving kindness, becoming a vehicle of divine compassion in a humble, honorable and spiritually viable manner.



To establish a Robert Adams Benevolent Group please request the official nonprofit guidelines and instructions required.


Robert Adams Benevolence
What is Practical Compassion? The Joy of Manifesting Pure Truth. "The 'Jnani" (the Illumined One) is the first one to get in there and help. Do not stand idly by when others are suffering, hungry, homeless. Your spiritual stature is shown by your loving kindness. " Robert Adams

One in four children in American goes to bed hungry every night. The majority of the worlds
hungry and homeless are women. Robert Adams, raised by women in a devotedly religious
atmosphere himself adopted and raised several children, while remaining in active support of several
international children's humanitarian aide organizations.


The Robert Adams Benevolence Project is
the recipient of several community awards for distributions of hygiene items, food, joyful toys and literature, and multi-media directive productions to 'at risk' teens and youth currently making 'karmic' long lasting decisions devoid of guidance or love. For information on starting an ICL Benevolence Project in your area, or donating.


Choosing The New Reality
The Path Home
"Since ancient times, throughout all cultures and traditions of Illumination, there are three types of people that enter The Path. The first is called the 'Seeker'. The Second is called the 'Disciple', and the third is called the 'Devotee'. The Seekers run from pillar to post. To India to seek a teacher, then to St. Louis when they hear about another teacher.


They are Seekers. And this is good to an extent. Because they are better off than the people who do nothing, and think that they are (mere) human. Unfortunately, you can be a Seeker...without ending it. If you are a sincere Seeker, with a heart that truly wishes to Awaken, the time will come when you become a 'Disciple'.

The Disciple finds a teacher and learns all they can from that teacher. Yet, they still are not sure. They still have doubts. They still are interested in "Me, me, me," asking, "What am 'I' getting out of this?" So they still go to other teachers, time to time, even while staying around one particular teacher.







New. The Student Pondering Page is now public on Facebook.

The Student FB -Pondering Page is s non interactive inspiration refuge



The Robert Adams Candlelight Circle is a Seven Week Complimentary Video Summit Student Circle given in the precise original format pondering the book Happiness This Moment, the resource in precise three decade offering of Robert Adams Public Dialogues: Dialogue, Chant, Meditation, Prasad/tea (prayed over blessed refreshments, Robert Adams favorite recipes shared) Questions and Answers, Guest Music, Fellowship. Join with our global family for blessed evenings.


Eve Rotney: "Just a line to say that I have enjoyed my Thursday evenings so much that I am taking this warm loving course again with everyone, /the letter exchanges are just amazing, and I can feel the love of the teachers through the ethers. Thank you for providing this incredible opportunity freely to all. The mini movies are just gorgeous!"

Eve, New York NY.


Freely Offered to All in Love

A beautiful Thursday Evening International Studentship course in the privacy of your home with candles and live music, a newsletter and live student exchange follows each lovely evening of brotherhood.



Robert Adams Dialogue Continues: They may be a Disciple, but they are not that close, for if the disciple is sincere in their heart, with love and compassion, thinking kind feelings towards all, they will eventually become a Devotee.

To Have Only Love Towards All
The 'Devotee' becomes the Consciousness of the teacher. A Devotee
for gets all about his or herself. They could be here where everyone is, but the Devotee sees nothing but the Teacher.

The Devotee is oblivious to anything going on here but only has love, and good feelings towards all. He is interested in the Teachers welfare and ultimately becomes 'enlightened'. It is he that awakens before anyone else. In which category are you? Ask yourself. To be truthful, I would rather have five 'Devotees' than ten thousand people who are 'Seekers'.

Questions and Answers on Ancient Terminologies of Reality
Q: It sounds like you were describing what is called 'Bhaktas' (those
great saints emphasizing love of the heart) with the term 'Devotees'. Where does that leave 'Jnanis'? (Illumined Ones whom primarily emphasize intellect / Inquiry)

R: Bhaktas, Devotees and Jnanis are all the same. A real 'Jnani' is a Devotee of The Self, (God) and the Self is everywhere . So you are really a Bhakta when you are a Jnani. There is no differentiation.

Q: You are saying the 'Jnani' has a lot of love?


R: Yes, they are supposed to, or they would not be a 'Jnani' .

Q: I mean, an aspiring 'Jnani.

R: They should be full of love and kindness. Joy and Peace.

Q: Then it is not very useful to make the distinction?

R: Who makes the distinction? "The Un-Illumined". (Ajnani)

In reference to: ...If You Pass a Starving Man, Give Him a Piece of Bread

Q: ...I have noticed that no matter what state arises, the problem is whether I am willing to let this go...

R: Act as if there is something you can do, even if there is nothing you can do. If you were passing a starving man in the room, do not think there is nothing you can do. Give him a piece of bread.


The Self is the Self. It is self- contained. It is happy. It is peaceful and it is knowledge. Everything else is transitory, it comes and goes. The only free choice we have is with whom shall we identify? The body or the Self? That is your choice.
True happiness automatically ensues and there is no question about it.
Robert Adams



ROBERT ADAMS STUDY GROUP online meditations, chants, warm original format established by Robert Adams.




"You Are Here Because of Karma. It Behooves You Not To Create Anymore."


"Never say "I am nothing." Westerners do not understand this ancient Truth. By 'no-thing' I simply mean nothing temporal. You are a child of God. Love, happiness, loving kindness is your nature. Do not use spiritual terms to evade the repercussions of your actions. Instead, realize that this life is sacred, auspicious, a rare opportunity to unfold. If you really understood 'no thing' you would have no desire to announce your spiritual stature to anyone. Why would you do this?"


"You Are Eternal." You are far beyond the temporal experience that is appearing in ever changing events. How to realize and directly experience this deeply beautiful reality?

This is the path of illumination. "Do these practices daily, and the happiness will come bubbling up. This world will lose its hold on you." The sequential, multi- layered Teaching is guided by Robert Adams through is Lessons, Practices, and deeply joyful, beautiful guidance on daily life events and choices in accordance with The Power That Knows the Way.


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