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Dr. Blake Warner: Online Master SOH Class

"You Must Achieve a Sense of Brotherhood With All of Humanity."

Robert Adams

Ongoing Master Online SOH Class:

Amrit Singh presents harmonium classes online with original music and personal experiences in Lessons.

A Joyful personal journey into the Teaching with interior application of the Practices.

Student hosted Institute Classes 8 week Series. Clean Spirituality. We stand spiritually strong in the reality of eternal love and compassion for all in honouring the golden heart of revered sage Robert Adams.

"How to live? Live by the Golden Rule. Do to others as you want others to do to you." Here he established his sole sites as the home of his Teaching. Enjoy the tribute sister site of his beloved, Mrs. Adams with Robert Adams literature and materials. Peace be with you."


The Original Music of Robert Adams Live Discourses, Concerts and Classes

"Music with words opens the heart to Truth" "It is good to sing and chant the music of your faith first thing upon arising in the morning, before the world gets a hold of you." Robert Adams


Enjoy beautiful music to awaken to and meditate to on CD sets for extended daily practices. RSVP for live online concerts, holy singing, chants of Gregorian, Easter and World, with guest instrumentalists.

Robert Adams in the Media

Robert Adams and his Teaching have been shared in the media for decades as the premier Western teacher of illumination in world- wide reverence in temples and ashramas, The Mountain Path and Saints and Sages magazine, the books; Sublime Love, Nirvana 101, Pure Advaita No Agenda, and  blogs/columns; The Daily Om, Modern Enlightenment.

"Robert Adams is the only Western Teacher acknowledged as a Master in India. Teaching the ancient ethics with his unique powerful wisdom so sacred, is a rare opportunity in todays world."


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Robert AdamsEvents

 Gur Kirtan, Light on India

The gentle Sage of peace, in a rarity, Robert Adams is the only American Master Teacher of a authentic ancient lineage, acknowledged globally for five decades. His over eight hundred Discourses, from The College Talks to The Inner Circle and Garden Talks transmit a lift into a beautiful, holy consciousness of personal experience of the eternal, with a personal caring and love of God, reflected in The Sage in the Heart Meditations, and the multi layered topics, originating with bringing his much requested The Eternal Now and the Gap to the West prior to an familiarity with such topics.


Robert Adams emphasizes the necessity of warm heartedness as a pre-requisite to joy, unfoldment and any true inner experience of unfoldment. "You can memorize a hundred spiritual terminologies, but if you are not a kind, warm hearted person, you cannot progress. For what do you think the nature of your True Self is? You are a beloved child of God, but you must experience this personally."


"If the end result of Illumination is love, compassion and humility, what if we were to do that now?

A Beautiful Pure Form Experience of the Daily Practices of The Teaching of Robert Adams in crystal clarity, power."You will experience the Bliss of God everyday by doing these things.""You want the mystical experience of the saints and sages. But they have done their homework. These practices bring joy. They transform everything. They bring holiness. But you must make the effort. Bliss ensues."


Included is his' I AM He' meditations, The I AM Meditations, The illumined depth of The Fourth Dimension, along with a illustrious introduction to many multi-layered rare practices and meditations of Robert Adams origin, complimenting the in-depth complete immersion in the ever expanding continuous method of compassionate Inquiry. This richly profuse collection of jewels of in depth personal practices provides an unusual offering of complete life guidance.




A modern American family man, his beloved wife by his side, his emphasis on peaceful compassion in the traditional classical precepts of Illumination endear him to thousands. He relays only his own personal experience as his Teaching with a seamless love, amidst years of personal counsel.

Introducing The Eternal Now, The Gap, The I AM Meditation to the West prior to any previous cultural exposure, his kindliness and emanation of peace attracted audiences. Introducing these precepts to the West over 40 years ago, Robert Adams has never nor is affiliated with any other groups of the culture, labels or 'non dual' 'advaita' modern groups or interpretations, as he states: "There are a lot of people saying 'I am Consciousness, and 'sitting', being quiet, but they are not kind warm hearted people. You must be compassionate. For this is the nature of the Self." "I teach devotion as well as jnana. Both are the same. There is only a difference to the 'ajnani' or one who unfamiliar with the ultimate direct experience.                            

With Love and Gratitude to Beloved Mrs. Adams: Join  Beloved Mrs. AdamsWelcomes All Into a Warm Immersion In Her Husbands Message in Her Column:




Join in the Daily Pondering in the Tradition of  Robert Adams.

"Do not simply read the words. Digest them."




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The Student FB -Pondering Page is s non interactive inspiration refuge



ROBERT ADAMS STUDY GROUP online meditations, chants, warm original format established by Robert Adams.




"You Are Here Because of Karma. It Behooves You Not To Create Anymore."


"Never say "I am nothing." Westerners do not understand this ancient Truth. By 'no-thing' I simply mean nothing temporal. You are a child of God. Love, happiness, loving kindness is your nature. Do not use spiritual terms to evade the repercussions of your actions. Instead, realize that this life is sacred, auspicious, a rare opportunity to unfold. If you really understood 'no thing' you would have no desire to announce your spiritual stature to anyone. Why would you do this?"


"You Are Eternal." You are far beyond the temporal experience that is appearing in ever changing events. How to realize and directly experience this deeply beautiful reality?

This is the path of illumination. "Do these practices daily, and the happiness will come bubbling up. This world will lose its hold on you." The sequential, multi- layered Teaching is guided by Robert Adams through is Lessons, Practices, and deeply joyful, beautiful guidance on daily life events and choices in accordance with The Power That Knows the Way.

"I teach not only Advaita, but the heart of devotion. All faiths may apply these practices."

Robert Adams

Clean Spirituality, where our actions and words celebrate our spiritual core.

Beloved Dr. Warner, Robert Adams first student, is his direct original student and requested Teacher.

In deepest blessing and gratitude to Mrs. Robert Adams, the Sages selected teachers as lifelong Inner Circle Students, and the joy of brotherhood in unity. Here he established his sole sites as the home of his Teaching. Enjoy the tribute sister site of his beloved, Mrs. Adams with Robert Adams literature and materials. Peace be with you. 


"Always remember the most important thing: love, compassion and humility."

"If you are a true friend of God, you feel loving kindness to others, you are of service to others. You alleviate the suffering of others in practical ways. Therefore this Christmas feed the hungry. Give presents to the children, visit the housebound. Go out of your way to make others happy asking naught in return. For this is the nature of the Self, God within you." Robert Adams


"Within you is the Light of a Thousand Suns. Let the True Sun Shine Forth!"


Peace. Happiness. Fulfillment. Security.





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