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A Refuge of Peaceful, Directed Inner Unfoldment , Love and Harmony

Experienced Through The Pure Form Teaching and Practices

of Robert Adams


"I Welcome You With All My Heart. It is a beautiful day.
Can you see the sun shining? It's in your heart."
Robert Adams


Welcome to the Robert Adams Women's Illumination Sanctuary. Please take this time to release the cares of your day, inhale "a few long deep breaths" and find refuge in the eternal ever present peace of God. Enjoy here a contemporary integration of this multi faceted Teaching of love, compassion and humility. "In true unfoldment, one does not leave their loved ones, career, environment, but one becomes a better parent, wife, husband, dentist, doctor, artist. By jumping deeply into God, into the peace that passeth understanding daily through these practices, suffering subsides. Happiness ensues. It is up to you to make the effort. One cannot simply discuss, say "I am Conciousness, I am the sun, I am infinite.' If you realized this, you would not tell anyone. You simply become a more loving, warm person. You are very honest with yourself, observing your words to others, your actions. You begin to see the light behind the temporal; the joy that is Truth." R.A.


Bedtime and Morning Meditation. A Beautiful Experience in Diving Deep Within the Peace.

This meditation on the words of Robert Adams extracted from The Happiness Dialogues is a powerful strengthening anchor, an instant de- stressor in times of "despondency, confusion or suffering." A daily deep upliftment. This is best listened to for deep immersion and upliftment into "The Truth of Who You Are" on headphones/buds in a peaceful, uplifting environment.

"No matter what happens to you, never forget who You really are. Each morning and evening, immerse your consciousness in the truth of who you are. Keep your awareness on God, The Supremacy of Goodness, throughout the day. Before you fall asleep, dive into this truth. As you wake up, wake up to peace. Harmony. Happiness. If you have a wonderful meditation, a deep experience of peace, before you fall asleep, you will awaken in a higher state of consciousness. This will affect your entire day The world will lose its hold on you. Suffering subsides."


"As you listen to the music, allow it to make the words come alive in you, as you, beyond the mind. If you are really applying yourself, you will be lifted into a higher Reality, experiencing the peace, happiness and bliss of The Supreme." Robert Adams instructs 'sincere aspirants' that the chosen peaceful music opens the heart center so that the words of truth may easily enter. In this resonance within, wisdom is easily assimilated and becomes a realized part of your consciousness. The application of Robert Adams chosen music, chants and ponderings throughout his 30 years of famed, extemporaneous Dialogues, are the living words of pure eternal Truth. They unfold within us in gentle grace.

In deep emanation of the vibrant peace of Robert Adams radiance, let us rise into the experience of this sparkling feminine reflection of Truth, in the ancient tradition of temples in which the women and men within may embrace their formal daily practices and devotions separately in interior awakening of 'the unimaginable beauty'. As one applies the beautiful Illumination CD to their daily practices, many find a potent increase in easiness to absorb the words more fully, feel a deep peace more quickly, and find a longer lasting transformation of moods, stress, and new spiritual refreshment that causes suffering to cease, by applying the following sharing of the Robert Adams Institute student community;

Outdoor Pondering and Meditation for the Illumination CD/Book

1. Find or prepare an area in a garden, on the beach, desert, mountain, etc. This one area should be utilized regularly, as it gathers the reality in 'concentrated focus' of Truth.
2. This area should be deeply moving to your personally, your favorite aspect of nature that reflects "The Beauty of The Supreme.", rather than a neutral area.
3. Robert Adams expresses that pets, cats, dogs, etc., are absolutely welcome and will soon attune to your peace as you soothe them, chant and emit love. Robert Adams had his beloved dog Dimitri with him for the majority of the time, their mutual love apparent. Dimitri accompanies him in many of his outdoor inner circle dialogues, concerts and celebrations.
4. If possible, follow one or two ponderings from the book with the CD meditation. Ease away the cares of the day prior with deep breathing and/or chant. Close eyes and 'digest' the words.

5. Many students shared that they enjoy private 'nature' pondering alters where an inspirational improvisational arrangement of natural elements create a private space. One can bring 'portable' images, flameless candles, flowers each time the area is utilized.


Questions and Answers

Question: Can I use a different spot outside each time?

Answer: The Sage suggests gently that one attempt to utilize the same area each time, as it enables one to immediately feel the Presence as one arrives. The focused devotion, peace, and pondering of pure Truth begins to lift one immediately upon entering. Even a simple lawn chair pulled up in the same far corner of the lawn or garden each time can provide this consistency.

Question: Should I always be sitting up, spine straight?

Answer: This is advised in most cases by Robert Adams. However, "It is better to ponder on lunch breaks, laying down putting your children to bed or resting, recovering from illness, than not to do it all. It is the depth that you devote yourself. Your sincerity. With consistency. Then, one masters the body and enjoys sitting up straight for their meditations. You go beyond the body."


Children and Tweens


Introducing children and tweens to this gentle CD awakens their attunement with this aspect of themselves that is not normally acknowledged in the world, creating a strong refuge of love, peace and guidance. In a world of chaotic mixed messages, this soothingly attunes them to their purity, strength and truth. The power of the ponderings, transmissions, incur upliftment, divine presence.

" I have listened to the CD with my teenage daughter after my husband passed. It completely eased and changed the situation from unbearable to a gentle transition. It has brought us closer, my daughter was hesitant, now she says it 'makes the day like a holiday!'. She remembersit everyday. I really can't find the words to say, but his has become a family member. A gift.."

Maye Collins Rivera, R.N. Documented Lesson Student

Robert Adams was raised by his mother and grandmother in a deeply religious, ceremonial oriented home in which he was cherished and deeply loved. His sensitivity to mothers and daughters continued in great love spending the majority of his life in a closely bonded family. He requested that men do not curse or disrespect the women students in their conversations.

"You wish to reap the fruits of your efforts. By devoting more and more time to this, you will be lifted above this world. Suffering will subside. You will experience the unimaginable beauty that is within you." "The most important thing is that you do something. Do something peaceful, spiritual, meditative, every day. Really do this. Until you feel the peace. Love. Truth." Robert Adams



Spiritual Journaling

"Take One Path and Take It All The Way"

Enjoy the art of daily goals of unfoldment. Spiritual journaling and introspection is an ancient practice, one utilized in monasteries and spiritual communities. "Scrutinize yourself everyday. Your thoughts, your actions. You want to emanate your true Self. The easiest way to do this is by developing the three virtues." Spiritual journaling is the comparative gentle observation of our own unfoldment in rising to the 'bright and shining glory' of who we really are, in the classic path of true illumination, with the authentic specified guidance of a globally revered sage. Spiritual journaling differs from traditional diary-writing. Rather than exploring emotions, incidents, confusion, trains of thought, one holds up our vision of natural, gentle yet powerful spiritual unfoldment focus in which 'all suffering subsides', in a dynamic and beautiful sequential pathway. "This life is very short. What are you doing each day?" The Robert Adams studentship community utilizes the art of self observation in writing solid progression.

In holding up our relationships, decisions, thoughts, intent and crisis response to the steps offered by the sage, the universal laws of Right Action, Karma and beatitudes, "the happiness comes bubbling up." Following the meditations, music and practices of The Teaching of Robert Adams, we can record our progression in terms of the gentle markers of the teaching of illumination.




In Her Fathers Garden


    The Home Life of Robert Adams. A Rare Example of Vedic Householder Life in Modern Times

"If you want to know someones true spiritual stature, ask them t go out of their way todo something for someone else, asking nothing in return." Joy in genuine tender compassion defines his being, genuine and real beyond appearances. Spiritual accountability for treating others in a premiere fashion was a commonality rather than the exception. Originally in his extended wing, he later offered an occasional international student, seeker or teacher to experience their counseling appointment in the soft beauty of his living room, offering refreshments, often live music in an unexpected graciousness and benevolence.

His daily structured schedule revolved around awakening at dawn, walking for miles with his beloved devoted family members and canine companion, followed by intensive personal counseling schedules that included international phone appointments from various countries including the UK and India, requested months in advance, scheduled by his beloved wife. His soft spoken kindness in immaculate concern for the person on a practical and eternal realm, deeply affected his children, as they observed the highest in integrity and purity in holy offerings to others.

In tender unspoken clarity, he always placed his family first and foremost, in lieu of public requests, which children receive on the soul level, featuring happy dedication to their personal time and fun. Playtime with father along with guidance was by gentle example in uncompromising purity of love. The mornings were most beautiful, as he sat in the golden sunlight sometimes reading scriptures to us, playing with the animal family members, radiating a true, sublime beauty that is rarely reflected in common life. Many expressed surprise at his detailed yet humble observance of exacting spiritual virtues. Mother made floral scented teas, chai and beautiful tropical fruit salads, and they often walked holding hands. No one ever heard them say a poor word of anyone.

Father accepted and acknowledged as a gift the deeply beautiful family spiritual experiences we believed to be common to all, including regular premonition dreams my mother and I shared. This initiated a beautiful awareness of higher realms. Father and his environment are always permeated in a soft Grace and his actions reflected that in a real manner, naturally and humbly, through the spiritual role of householder tradition and protectiveness. Father had nothing to do with outer facades of 'spirituality' or alternative versions, nor did he instill his experience on others, accept offers to hold dialogues daily. He spoke publicly only once or twice weekly.

The virtues described in the Vedas and biblical commonality, defined his nature and personality, without any sense of deliberateness or superiority. Alleviating the suffering of others was pivotal in the virtues, while our friends who were children of teachers were often left to their own devices, in the way of a moral compass. Giving was our family foundation, as we received so we gave. In an innate benevolence rooted in genuine purity of heart, we regularly had orphans, disenfranchised spiritual seekers and troubled children of unstablehomes who received my parents solid, spiritually anchored, warm boundless nurturing and guidance, asking nothing in return. This refuge they provided for many. Father has an ethereal combination of the unusual simplicity, beauty and clarity of a monk juxtaposed on an equally measured character of culture, music/ art and a natural affinity with the most refined and highest of mans aspirations.

"The great sage is a friend to all." Vedas.

Everyone that he encountered was treated with dignity and respect, from the waiter to the country's premiere spiritual teachers who approached him to lead their organizations, which he gently declined. His primary life joy is family and children in the Vedic role of householder, bringing comfort, laughter and deep care. Always totally himself eating simply out of a wooden bowl with chopsticks, brown rice and macrobiotic food, when invited to a great feast of many formal Asian courses of the finest cuisine, served by a variety of servers with exotic entrees and heirloom china he was totally at home, the same, in kind princely stature. There was no essential difference to him. Yet he excelled in perfect honor and respect for both, flowing in an effortless fluidity between both worlds. For it was the inner in which he lived.  “Divinity shines by itself.”

"Laughter doeth good like a medicine." Always a gentle disarming smile an innocent joke waiting with a twinkle in his eye, the gentleness of the divine particularly shone amid the innocents- the children and animals. Rarely discussing 'spiritual' formalities, he lived the most elevated and noble principles in every aspect of simple daily life, naturally and elegantly. There was an unannounced ambience of Ahimsa or non harm, honest speech and an innate kindness that defined our home, natural, exuberant and enthusiastic, yet anger or verbal shortness was non- existent. Days were often culturally inclined with concerts or exotic colorful invitations to temples, as honored invitations and introductions of the great world religions, introducing customs to his children with reverence and humility.

For his family, it was only an experience of a tender divinity, joyful wonder and positivity on higher levels of reality that sustained us when the everyday lacked spark in school and observance of the cruelties of the modern world, “mans inhumanity to man”. We always downloaded deep reverberation of higher attunement within as ‘reality’, against which everything else was superimposed. Our father only included traditional, anciently founded ‘true religions’, wherein the students were instructed to followed the required fundamentals of goodness. In this light we accompanied him to profoundly beautiful and striking multi-cultural celebrations and devotions in temples and cathedrals, most with great formality, honoring our hosts with dignity and love.


His particular affinity in nature is the ocean. The bright, soul lifting sunshine and ocean emanated the light of his own true heart in the most personal of ways. Through radiant shining health he splashed light on everyone and everything, equally or even more so in a body later experiencing serious illness, in which his peace increased. As a young girl I visited a Zen monastery and wore the traditional robe spending the day meditating with the monks in a hilltop monastery upon invitation. Father himself was quite at home in the robes of the Orient, in the pure beauty of simplicity amid the reflections of nature, defining  the purity of his essence.

The inward soul renunciation of all that was not aligned to the love and beauty of the Self was so deep, and so pronounced, that he would be often seen embracing these traditions for long extended periods in absolute stillness. Many were utterly shocked to see the same depth of commitment and devotion in which he could honor an invitation by a visiting teacher to attend an Indian temple with chanting and sweets and music, even leading the music at times, utterly devoted to the joy of family life as the chanters held their singing children on their laps.  

Yet he was equally at home in utmost perfection in the still quiet of hours of meditation in temple environments, honoring both in in its highest component. A great sense of humility and grace in honoring others emanated from him.  “The most important thing is a pure heart. Love, compassion, humility. Without compassion, there is no spirituality. Without love, it is dry head knowledge."


Making It Real

Personal Questions and Answers Regarding Peace Eternal Unchanging Within

(permissions granted by questioners for public posting-copyright material includes Robert Adams personal unpublished counsel of others)

Q: Thank you. Very much. (Robert Adams smiles, nods.) I hear all these people talking about peace and we are this but you are the only one teaching actual methods to do something. I spent quite a bit of time in seclusion in a temple before entering graduate schoo...l so I feel as an American woman I have actually experienced the culture and dedication to this that traditional spirituality entails. Can you speak on last week...um when you said the saints and sages did their homework. You have to give something up?.. Then I think you said you cannot stay the way you are just doing whatever you want and going to retreats saying I am peace while messing with people, and indulging in anything and everything..there seems to be a cultural divide on this.

RA (one of theree) Yes. Of course you must give up, surrender your bad habits. Your anger, irritation. Resentment. Yet in its place, you begin to emanate a deeper understanding. A peace. Therefore as I have said, be very careful who you associate with. Who you listen to. Be around people who are gentle, kind, happy. If you can find any. (laughter) Of course, you will be attracted to those who are most like you. Is this what you want? I am calling you to a higher vision. To pull yourself up. Now. Create a life pure and shining. This must come from within. The saints spent lifetimes devoted to a sort of purification. Not an outward show, or talking about it. A deep, deep surrender. Of the heart. Then you suddenly see that all these things your read, are real. And they are available to you now. It is up to you to discover them. To completely transform your life. If you participate in vile activities, your consciousness will reflect this. Vile movies, tempers, hurting others. Rise above this with a humble heart. Aplogise to people you have hurt. Yet you do not depend on what people think of your or do not think of you, you simply do good and go deeper, until you feel Ultimate Reality.

Just For Today. A Womans Meditation on the Teaching


The Robert Adams Women's Illumination Course: Each Week Includes a New Speciall Topic Centered Pondering with Robert Adams

Alternated with the muFeminine Guided Meditation

The Teaching of Robert Adams - A beautiful Guided Sanctuary for Women in Applying the Teaching.

The Robert Adams Women's Illumination Course is a beautiful, meditational nine lesson series. Each week you will receive a pondering Topic directive by Robert Adams alternated next week with a beautiful feminine guided meditation video that gently, in crystal clarity dives into the living reality and power of the words of Robert Adams as an ever present eternal reality, lifting one up to palpable realms of experiencing The Supreme, God, as eternal love, unchanging peace, and the sweetness of omnipresent all pervading perfection. We surrender what is not of our true Self naturally, rising to a higher, authentic level of our own true Self.

Robert Adams appears in The Golden Tribute selecting the music for his meditations, explaining that music 'opens the heart, is more conducive to meditation."

The rare experience of being guided by the words of Robert Adams in the feminine gentle pondering of Truth as all encompassing 'bright and shining reality' now, presents a sensitive, soothing and deep layer of experiencing the divinity of the Teaching. In traditional temples/ashrams and spiritual origins, the women and men are separated simply for the strength and purity of each to expand.

Each rich multi layered weeks course includes a specific practical personal spiritual goal for the week for your inner unfoldment. Practically addressing common challenges in the world for women including emotions career loss betrayal self esteem family life and children.

"So you can reap the fruits of your efforts."


"There should be a little longing in all of us for total freedom. And a little longing for total peace and harmony. And a little longing to realize and experience perfect harmony in all conditions. But what you're really experiencing right now is your program- ming. Time passes by, before you know it, you're gone."
"Be honest with yourself. What have you accomplished in this life? I'm not speaking of material things, material possessions. You've got to leave those behind. You cannot take those with you. I'm speaking of your spiritual life. Have you really been practicing some kind of sadhana to release you from the bondage of humanhood? Or have you just been running along with the tide, waiting for something to happen to you? This is your life and what you do with it determines where you go and what happens to you. " Robert Adams


Contents of Course: Each week for nine weeks you will receive selections from:

* Video guided Robert Adams New Talk Topic alternatied with Pure Form feminine audio video meditation Enjoy a special Topic dialogue explanation by Robert Adams from the inner circle and student inquiries.

* One to three reflective pages of rich accompaniment to your guided meditation video pondering including:

* Rare, documented, touching personal narratives with Robert Adams families memoirs and The Golden Tribute narratives.

* Child rearing teachings from Robert Adams questions and answers, family life and the spiritually conducive home. "This has nothing to do with spiritual terminologies; love children first." Robert Adams stories of the happy parent and the spiritual path. "You children are not separate from you spiritual path, they are your spiritual path." Teaching children to benevolent, honest, familiar with the laws of karma, personal interior relationship with The Supreme in clean spirituality strong in spiritual characteristics in the world. Protection of children and , development of the three virtues.

* Non Harm recipes to initiate a non meat diet as directed by Robert Adams, including several of his regular dishes,

* Directives on classical kirtan or spiritual singing, original favorite songs selected by Robert Adams.

* Direct personal counsel for women on theembracement of the relevant topics of that evening.

* Robert Adams on his beginning in mystic Christianity.

* Robert Adams words and experiences in reference to women spiritual teachers, ancient way showers and his statements in contemporary life.

* Pertinent advice, guidance and questions and answers on living in the world on a true, classic spiritual path in relationship to media, career, health and illness, eternal life after passing over.


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