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What is the historical group sequence of Robert Adams Teaching? I love The University Talks! Ruth Landry NM

Robert Adams Teaching is honored to presently enjoy a fourth generation global Studentship, originating /continuing with his Inner Circle of original students, primarily of families, University students and European/East Indian orientation that had enjoyed his words revered in temples, as the only American confirmed by a saintly lineage.

What are Sri Adams favorite chants and songs? I know several he played but cannot place the titles. Peace.. Suri Donna Los Angeles Ca.

Warm greetings in brotherhood Suri. The gentle Sages favorite devotional chant played the most often is Door of My Heart and I Will Be Thine Always by Paramahansa Yogananda. His favorite song is What a Wonderful World, as sung by Louis Armstrong in his original recording, played regularly in his private residence and at Discourse


Throughout his teaching span, the Inner Circle of original students remained in a separate, joyous family oriented environment of beautifully hosted supper feasts, afternoon British traditional teas hosted by his wife, garden talks, amid a wide array of known spiritual teachers, celebrities, charity founders and ‘sincere aspirants of pure heart’ receiving mystical Discourse apart from his public requests to speak to groups.

Robert Adams remains a private citizen who devoted himself completely to family life, never at any time a ‘full time’ public teacher, only providing Discourse, with questions and answers, once or twice a week to public audience that anyone could attend. The Sage counseled full day in his private home by phone/correspondence and appointed formal visitations, with an audience of ‘devotees’ who shared a familiar deep background and comprehension in his primary foundational transmissions based on his own personal experiences, i.e. had resided in temples, deeply devoted to spiritual, ethical life principles.

These individuals dedicated one- pointedly to the full hearted practices in Teaching were able to fully comprehend and ‘put into practice’ the “deeper teachings, for want of a better word” and respectfully follow the established moral precepts as a natural, gentle, spiritual way of living. This is the orientation of all classic Illuminated paths, or “all true religions” of Truth. This group shares a joyful unity with global Inner Circle family, and includes the kinship of two cherished Catholic priests who remain deeply devoted through his Robert Adams Institute, as well as several monks of the Tibetan Buddhist lineage, both of whom found a deep value and spiritual advancement in the application of his Teaching. In the gentle peace-based emanation of the Teachers rare mystical Truth, joy emerges.


Lastly, during the period that the gentle beloved Sage experienced illness in body, his stunning emanated ethereal peace, kindliness, perception of the interior heart and life of others, warm light and joy became extremely pronounced, garnering a new dimension of global requests for visitations, teaching, and blessing in his traditional unchanging Sage-Student format of Discourse, Meditation, Music and blessed refreshments in loving brotherhood.

He welcomed children on the stage or forefront, blowing bubbles with them, and asked refrainment from behavior transgressing the karmic or divine laws of right action. One would palpably experience astounding supernal peacefulness in his presence as though meditating extensively, increasing in spiritual perception of ‘higher spheres’. Those present effortlessly experienced a holiness of feeling sheer bliss. The Inner Circle remains joyfully engulfed in this “Divine Connection” amid professions, service, family life, monastic life, as the ‘sincere aspirant’ unswerving.

In the following years of refusing ashrams, famed movements and teachers/students who requested affiliation with his name, Robert Adams graciously accepted a local invitation to speak weekly to a small, group of deeply varying orientations. This group was a melding of various seekers in an urban city environment, many with an unusually varied history of spiritual orientation and experiences that historically rooted back to the 60’s. This was much different than his pronounced suburban family environment of his foundational group.

Robert Adams always remained uninvolved with alternative ‘experimentation’, and encouraged loyality to a singular path while he remained in the solid Vedic family role in the suburbs, in classic example of illumination in contemporary times.

To a varying degree, the urban group consisted primarily of single, seasoned seekers of many formats, some intellectually inclined ‘experimenters’, with an extreme variation in backgrounds and experiences. Robert Adams provided a deeply established, sound and classic Truth of divinity with a classic teaching harmonious with ‘all true religions and great truth teachings’. The gentle Sage of peace refused no one, treating all with respect, gentility and tender consideration, merciful and kindness.


The joyous illumination of these hours changed many lives. Due to the seeking of solid truth on the experiential level, a true mystic master, Robert Adams perceives the deepest true soul need, gently and with refined courtesy. He shares his own personal experience, emphasizing the techniques of his own “Compassionate Self Inquiry” and The I AM practices as calming and steady focused internal techniques to transcend the many ‘radical’ and varying experiences of the intellectually inclined.

Here, Robert Adams allowed those present to receive the transcript, with most graciously and silently leaving donations. Robert Adams never at any time distributed his talks en masse to the general public at large, stating that this was only for those ‘deeply called’ to completely live the joy and beauty of true unfoldment through peaceful lives of Non-Harm.


A group listened once, sometimes twice a week to public Discourse, followed by Robert Adams retreating to his private residence, with no further Teaching other than appointments for occasional luncheons and holiday Discourse parties, or holy festivities with live concerts, poets, feasts, readings, and gathering toys and donations to children’s orphanages. He greatly cherishes the innocents, animals and children, refusing to miss a family event to teach. This public last small audience did not participate with the life- long group of Inner Circle ‘devotees’ or their Discourse home events.


In accepting an invitation to visit the scenic town of Sedona Arizona, Robert Adams and his beloved wife visited the world -famous town in which he briefly agreed to teach weekly, residing together in a hilltop home with a panoramic mountain view in the beautiful family suburbs of Arizona for a bit over a year. In this, his most public offering, he became the famed topic of various magazine interviews, tour group stops for buses and the famed Sedona jeep tours, due to his emanation of palpable light, a holy peace, and an unusually affable, transparently genuine loving kindness, always accompanied by his loyal dog.

Greeted by excited passers-by and friends as he and his wife strolled hand in hand each evening through the artistic town, many global famed teachers and various students sought rare appointments. Often guests arriving from various countries throughout the world participated in the beautiful formal hosting of English afternoon teas and were regarded as ‘the guest as God” in the warm hospitality of his wife’s arranged appointments.

His beloved wife who prepared the festivities, a renowned designer of beautiful women’s clothing creations, os the only person Robert Adams allowed to care for and assist him. In the elegantly welcoming sanctity of his private residence amidst great Eastern art, music, humor and gentility, Robert Adams accepted reservations for personal appointments for council and extended musical concerts and festivities.

In increasing affection for his humility yet contemporary sensibilities, the Sage was fondly known as the ‘resident saint’ and ‘silent sage of Sedona’ and an ‘American Saint Francis’ for his love of animals and children, giving the shoes off of his feet to street homeless, and being accompanied everywhere by his beloved little Shih Tzu temple dog. His voice had grown softer as he emitted a light of such loving, peaceful mysticism, the sole American was highly honored by the East. In Arizona, his mystical prophecies and blissful states of God permeation in transmitting eternal messages occurred and are shared in The Golden Tribute celebrations, an inspiration to many in all walks of life.

Robert Adams forms his Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living

To provide protection of his works in the United States as is the custom for great spiritual traditions of pure classic illumination, this gentle beloved Sage carefully copyrighted all of his works, for his heirs, Institute to carefully preserve and teach ‘for generations to come’ in his blessing and true Presence. Over eight hundred complete public Discourses and the private ashram, university and family recordings are listed.

He tenderly and personally established and named his Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living with classes and the Lessons, in his sequential selection, for the years that come, for those who feel deeply called to the pure complete original Teaching, blessed in the grace of love from the original Teacher himself, in “the most important thing, love, compassion and humility.”



Peace Peace Peace






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