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The Teaching of Robert Adams
“Our Mission On This Earth Is To Be Of Service To Humanity.”

Robert Adams is a Western spiritual master of international reverence, teaching his personal experience upon request in the classic tradition of joyful inner Illumination for over thirty years. Through the path of peace and compassion within the cultural context of ancient ethical precepts, his roots in mystic Christianity provides a supernal insight through direct experience of this truth.

Robert Adams is the sole American confirmed and honored in an ancient lineage as a true illumined sage by the great saint Ramana Maharshi, featured as the teacher in the vintage film The Razors Edge. Conveying an ancient wisdom for modern times, his uniquely powerful transmissions of a palpable peace, his ethereal nature and warm benevolent kindness endear him to thousands.. More/video

The Robert Adams Institute Welcomes you. May you find peaceful refuge in omniscient love through timeless wisdom of the globally revered, gentle sage Robert Adams.

Dr. Blake Warner Ph.D.

"Within you is Unimaginable Beauty. Discover this today. Dive deeply into the peace that does not change. Do this every morning upon awakening and just before sleep. Here you will find refuge in That Peace Eternal. Here you will find the Unimaginable Beauty. It will last longer and longer until one day, it never leaves you."

Peace Peace Peace



The Pathway to Illumination by Robert Adams taught from his unique personal experience, embraces the following eight fundamental Pathways. As you begin to experience gentle inner illumination, you begin to associate yourself with your original spiritual nature, rather than your physical-human limitations. You begin to naturally practice the pure fundamentals he emanates, "Begin at the beginning", revered by what Robert Adams refers to as fundamental precepts of "all true religions" of the world. The result is a "Direct experience of God", resulting in extended periods of peace, an awakening of loving kindness, compassion, humility and a realization of a sense of brotherhood with all. Living in natural spiritual integrity, one's life is guided by The Power That Knows the Way. "The happiness comes bubbling up." A lasting, authentic new happiness that includes all of life.

"The happiness of this life, with a loved one, a beautiful sunset, a selfless act, is real, yet it is a glimmer of the eternal indescribable joy that never fades."






"I began in mystic Christianity. The great saints and sages that you admire did their homework. You must make an effort to achieve holiness of heart. The saints of blissful ecstacy lived lives conducive to such experiences. There are many great Christian saints and sages.

Jesus is the master of compassion. If everyone did what Jesus taught, everyone would be illumined. But who is willing to do this? In the West, everyone wants to be a teacher, but who wants to know God? "

Robert Adams roots in “Mystic Christianity” include several discussions of the use of prayer beads, the repetition of the names of God, and the ancient mystical Christian practices. In answering the questions of priests in his audience, he explains the unity of these practices. ...More/Video

The Practices

“Be joyous, full of good cheer."

"If you truly experiencing God, you are filled with joy, for this is the nature of God. You do not ignore others pain, you awaken the joy that is eternal, un-changing, all pervading, within everyone. Joy, happiness, this is your true nature. This is your origin. Worship God with happiness.

Sing with all your heart. You must make the effort. You can completely change your entire life for the better today. It is never too late. It is all up to you. Begin each day in the glory and the splendor. First you must surrender up your anger, resentments, aggressiveness, gossip, self -aggrandizement, give it all to God." ...More/Video

Non- Harm

“You must reconcile yourself with The Animal Kingdom. What right do you have to hurt an animal? Your job is to protect the Animal Kingdom.

Your body does not require meat to be healthy. When you eat meat you absorb the terror, the suffering of the animal. Animals share the same universal origin, consciousness of omniscient love. There is no spirituality without compassion.

Compassion is your true nature. Therefore,  live in the path of non- harm, Ahimsa, to all living beings. Be merciful. Your job is to become a conduit of gentle loving kindness in this earthly embodiment.

Regardless of what is occurring in the world around you, remain in the unchanging all pervading Reality of compassion, loving kindness. Happiness ensues.” Robert Adams. ...More/Video

Three Virtues

“You cannot unfold without the most important thing: The Three Virtues.

Love, Compassion and Humility.

For this is the nature of your true Self. This is who you really are. It is up to you to reflect these virtues everyday.

Practice these qualities. They must become a part of your human self in your everyday life.

This will protect you.

You will be correctly guided in all circumstances. You will leave the world better for being here. You are simply reflecting your True Nature.

Without love, compassion and humility, you remain in dry head knowledge. ...More/Video





Inner Circle

An In- Depth Orientation in Introduction to the Teaching of Robert Adams

What are Sri Adams favorite chants and songs? I know several he played but cannot place the titles. Peace.. Suri Donna Los Angeles Ca.

Warm greetings in brotherhood Suri. The gentle Sages favorite devotional chant played the most often is Door of My Heart and I Will Be Thine Always by Paramahansa Yogananda. His favorite song is What a Wonderful World, as sung by Louis Armstrong in his original recording, played regularly in his private residence and at Discourse. ...More/Video

Golden Rule

What is Karma? The Universal Law of Love

“How to live? Live by the Golden Rule. Do to others what you want others to do to you. Live by the ancient laws of right action honored by all true religions; follow the Yamas and Niyamas. (see definitions) You are here because of karma. It behooves you not to create anymore.

This earth is at the level of the third grade (of evolution). We are still learning not to hurt one another. Each thought, action word, creates incoming return, karma. This is the universal law. Most people are creating new karma and receiving incoming chaotic repercussions from past actions. This is the gift of Free Will. It is all up to you.



For well over 30 years the award winning Robert Adams Benevolence Project, regularly provided abandoned, abused and homeless children with food, clothing, books and toys, as well as holiday parties, concerts, and individual children’s birthday celebrations in homeless shelters, orphanages and institutes, honoring each child who would otherwise receive nothing.

The Benevolence Project fulfills requests in three primary multi- faceted arenas of inner city urban and remote residential and institutional distribution. ...More/Video

Love Eternal

“True Love Never Changes.”
 Robert Adams

Robert Adams Answers Questions on Jesus.

Compassion is your True Nature.
"Jesus is the master of compassion. If everyone did what Jesus taught, everyone would be illumined. Yet who is willing to do this? Be compassionate to all. Be full of mercy. Forgive Everyone. Forgive yourself. Selflessly serve others. Feed the hungry, visit the lonely, you will be blessed immeasurably. This is the Supreme Path of Compassion. This is our True Nature.”

Robert Adams teaches that the teaching of Jesus Christ transmits the illumined path of Gods (“The Supreme”) eternal love and compassion, utilizing the gift of Free Will in loving our neighbor as our self, making peace prior to ‘coming to the alter’. (to do spiritual practice) ...More/Video



Books and CD's


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Silence of the Heart

"Silence of The Heart" is the Classic Life Treatise on the stages of illumination honored by ashrams, churches and temples.

This non-denominational teaching is presented from the personal direct experiences by the globally renowned illumined Spiritual teacher, beloved Robert Adams, founder of The Robert Adams Infinity Institute.



19.90 + Shipping

A New Reality

"There is a glorious world of love, peace, compassion, harmony, omniscient good. Which Reality are you identifying with? "Prepare a special sanctuary with flowers, candles, music. to ponder the Truth until it becomes a part of you. Until you feel the deep. deep peace that passeth understanding. ...more

Peace. Peace. Peace."



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Happiness This Moment

Happiness is your true nature. Happiness is the substratum of your existence. The essential foundation of divine reality of the unchanging nature of the joy within. Happiness. This book includes the much requested student life introduction to Robert Adams. Within You Is The Light of a Thousand Suns...More


24.90(Book, Pondering CD & Consciousness Cards)+ Shipping

Illumination Daily

New. A beautiful personnel spiritual journal accompanied by the most requested powerful daily guidance pondering quotes of the beloved sage. Personal pondering, observation and private notes on spiritual progress and vision in self observation, character illumination, daily joy and practice notes of progress. Your personal journal appears for writing on the left side with the accompanying daily illumination by Robert Adams on the right side...More/Video


Silence of the HEart vol 1

19.90 (2CD SET)+ Shipping

Silence of The Heart Vol 1-3 Beautiful dialogues by Robert Adams. more

Silence of the HEart vol 2

19.90 (2CD SET)+ Shipping more

Silence of the HEart vol 3

19.90 (2CD SET)+ Shipping more



19.90 (2CD SET)+ Shipping



Please enjoy this CD Collection due to student request available as a two CD set. ...more

CD One:

All is Well- Explained from the divine perspective- Ambient background.

CD Two:

Compassionate self Inquiry- Ambient background


Robert Adams 32 Lesson Set

46.00 (32 weeks of Lessons)


You must do something spiritual everyday. I call you to do these things everyday. You will live in a New Reality. Your entire life will be transformed. You will have a Direct Experience of Bliss, The Supreme, Peace, Love, Truth that does not change."...More


19.90 (2CD SET)+ Shipping


Please enjoy this CD Collection due to student request available as a two CD set. Immerse yourself in the Pure Form Sanctuary of the Message of Love, Compassion and Humility in direct experiential purity, guided, blessed by the Sage.... more

CD One:

Original Robert Adams dialogue on I Am meditation combined with Robert Adams own compassionate inquiry. - Ambient background

CD Two:

Observing the Human condition- Ambient background



Richly hued, classically illustrated powerful inspirational imagery of supreme caliber as utilized for generations of spiritual aspirants, these beautiful jewels of infinite light are hard top plastic, desktop/purse portable cards for instant upliftment in ‘The divine connection’ with the deep words of Robert Adams. Perfect for pondering throughout the day as mind and senses are immersed in the Truth of Robert Adams.    


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