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A Very Special Monthly Dialogue Pondering according To The Precepts of Robert Adams Teachings

Beloved Mrs. Adams continues her husbands work in her original personally held classes or 'satsangs', and Dialogues in books, counsel and yearly student Tributes, honoring his humor and revering his personal distribution of his experience.
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The Path With Mrs. Robert Adams

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I Welcome You With All My Heart. It Is Wonderful To Be With You.

"True Love Never Changes." Robert Adams



It is my pleasure and delight to introduce 'the sincere aspirant,' in guided pondering and full clarification the original format of 'digesting' the radiant transmissions of my husband, in the manner in which he specifically guides one in order to be completely transformed by the path of true Illumination. Together, in the evenings and at dawn, we shall 'Ponder the Lessons' in potent immersion per the ancient way of sacred Truth, "Digesting each sentence, until it becomes a part of you. The fruits of this practice are peace that lasts longer and longer, loving kindness to all, joy, purity. It is by these signs that you know you are unfolding."



Mrs Robert Adams book released.


I Welcome You With All My Heart



Mrs. Robert Adams shares a beautiful, humorous and personal life with the internationally beloved sage in over four decades of marriage, residing in the American suburbs, deeply devoted to raising a family, nurturing and charitably caring to many in need. An established designer of formal wear and a gourmet non-harm nutritionist, she shares her own origin in a wealthy estate upbringing, marrying as a teenager following a seers prediction. The gentle Robert Adams tenderness as a protective, traditional, devoted father and husband in a large extended Indian- styled family, counseling hundreds by phone, made the everyday extraordinarily beautiful.


Mrs. Adams is beloved for over three decades of taking in, welcoming, nurturing and guiding the neglected, abandoned and abused children that were brought to them for assistance, adopting several homeless children in a safe harbor..Her nurturing jovial caring for all exemplifies her husbands non -denominational foundation of "spirituality in actions of service rather than words." Beloved in the East Indian community for her lifelong devotion to her husband, her joie de vivre in exuberant good humor, their lifelong inner circle group shares early years of wonderful memories and experiences at the yearly Tribute and Golden Tribute video.


"I Welcome You With All My Heart."


Thank you for your beautiful letters and loving inquiries regarding my husbands powerful Message

A Light on Spiritual Integrity:The blessings are bestowed on those whose actions reflect the Teaching.


My Husbands Personal Experience. A Selfless Sage With a Heart of Gold Throughout Life. Only Love.


My husbands Teaching is simply his own personal experience. I have received many inquiries by lifelong students and new, regarding unaffiliated claims to be teaching my husbands personal experience, charging fees. In honoring your trust, it is not taught, represented or attempted to be interpreted by any others than his lineage. His talks or 'transcripts; were never, in any circumstances, distributed en masse, but selectively offered to deeply interested audience guests who occasionally received permissions to share with interested friends in a small group. This has been inaccurately utilized to imply a worldwide, permission to infringe his personal experience for criminal distribution,: attaining a public media presence by affiliating with my husband. "Live by the laws of the land." The blessings are bestowed on those whose actions reflect the Teaching in "action, word and thought", in spiritual integrity.


Preservation of his experience rather than attempted self interpretations and self pronounced 'teachers', is a sacred gift to all, potent in joy to the pure heart. Thus he himself copyrighted his own works The rare message is for those 'few who are ready,' and was never mass reproduced nor distributed, as he legally preserved his own works in loving preservation and wisdom of the consciousness of those receiving it, as he prophesied in his Golden Tribute for his present format. For my dear loving friends whom request clarification, in protection of your trust, regarding requests by strangers for monies for 'retreats': in simple joy, my husband never allowed anyone to teach, represent, interpret or affiliate their names with his. He denied all such attempted interpretations for the future, in boundless foresight for his wishes for his own works. "The West thinks spirituality is three hundred dollar retreats. I do not give three hundred dollar retreats. Everyone wants to be a teacher, but who wants to know God?" Therein, one is blessed whom lives by truth.


The Blessing of His Teaching


The 'Lessons', ("These are really lessons in living correctly.") consist of over eight hundred transmissions of deeply beautiful elevations of inner realization, the realization that one is truly pure love, bliss, compassion, known as The Self within. They emit a sound series of sequential arenas of his personal experience. One Series explains the interior Realizations required to 'begin to begin', such as 'being a good person' per the karmic laws. Another Series reveals the powerful Practices. Another the sense of identifying with the Eternal while gracefully applying oneself to the temporal. This is often misunderstood by Westerners as incorrectly identifying with 'nothing' literally rather than spiritually expanding beyond the temporal simultaneously in the 'glory and splendor of the eternal, The Supreme. "When I say no-thing, of course I am referring to no thing temporary. "Never say nothing is real. God, as the world is real You begin by being a good person."  The golden heart of my husband is shared in my book, illuminating his warm- heartedness, in a rare

uncompromised teaching of Good. "Peace. Peace. Peace."


Shared Wisdom




June-July 2018 Posting


"It is most important that you do your practices, these meditations, each morning and evening. The world will lose its hold on you. The happiness will come bubbling up. Won't you try this now?"

Robert Adams


The real You is everything glorious, radiant, Perfect Goodness. Sat Chit Ananda." In this arena, tonight we shall ponder his consistent referral throughout his Discourses to The Supremacy of Goodness."Trust in the Supremacy of Goodness." This instructive is found in over twenty two transmissions, The Sage with the heart of gold, my husband radiates and immerses all in a kind goodness that is of God.


"Many Westerners are very greedy. They have no idea what illumination, enlightenment means. They collect hundreds of books, lectures, speeches, and yet they never change themselves. They never become better people. More loving people. More humble people. People that serve others unselfishly. That alleviate the suffering of others. Instead of getting smaller, their ego gets bigger."


The jewels of these transmissions enliven one to sparkling happiness, truly. Without following his precise guidelines as he experienced them, digesting the full scope of the path without a complete context, one simply 'fools oneself'. In recent eras some have attempted to focus solely on the beginners introduction to cease identification with the temporal, misunderstanding the complete context of joy, projecting an unrelated compilation of Zen inspired void-ness that was not a part of my husbands message, simply a gentle reminder that you are more than the temporal.




This is a very small introduction to his message of love, compassion and humility. Without respecting the inner realization in the true meaning of his terminologies, progress is not attained. "Never say nothing is real. God as the world is real. You are Bliss Consciousness. Eternal Love. Sat Chit Ananda."The aspect of a personal God is repeatedly clarified, often humorously in these transmissions. "There comes the point when one must have a personal God in your heart. No one has ever called out to 'consciousness' for help when they were in a foxhole."


As I Ponder the Teaching in my rose garden at dawn, and in the evenings 'before falling into sleep', the beauty transforms the earthly reality into the Bliss Consciousness that is All Pervading Reality. This very special, in depth transmission is a full and powerful interior realization that may be pondered for months, as one absorbs the ascending layers. Simple yet profound, your days will change into a deeply sublime experience of perceiving your life from the elevated heights of Truth. One may light a white candle in honor of the Sage in the ancient tradition of respect. In the future I will be sharing humorous events from my memoirs.




Whether you pull up a chair with a cup of tea or sit in your prescribed peaceful meditation area with 'candles, flowers, chanting,", I invite you to daily partake of the powerful joy. Together we shall lift ourself above this world into the 'Heart of God" through the specific personal experience of true Illumination.


"Bliss is the center of your being. Bliss is who You really are, God within you. You will feel this bliss immediately upon applying these Practices. You will feel a lightness, a joy. The world will lose it's hold on you. You will feel one with the animals, people, all of life. So called problems will dissipate. God, The Power That Knows the Way will guide your life, bring right relationships. You will be protected. Trust in The Supremacy of Goodness. It is all up to you. Upon devoting yourself to meditation, inquiry, prayer, you will rise. You will rise above the vile actions of this world. I am calling you to a higher vision. Won't you begin today?"




The Bliss Factor Teachings. Click Here to Ponder this special Gift of The Supremacy of Goodness



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"True Perfection"

The Original Pure Form Teaching of Robert Adams

"This has been my experience. Try it and see if it works for you."




New Mrs. Adams

February- March 2017




"The Universe lays waiting in sweet repose for you to discover who you are."




Happiness is Your True Nature - The Substratum of Your Existence

Happiness is your True Nature, for it is the substratum of your existence. Happiness is the beginning, the middle, and the end of your Origin. It is your essential Being. This is not a cold, self- serving ‘happiness’. A happiness that does not include others. It is who you really are.

You are like the sun. This is your Divine Origin. Pure Joy. The sun actually pales in comparison. The clouds come in front of the sun. This is the material world experience. Then you look at the clouds and say, “There is no sun.” You identify with the clouds. You begin to believe that all there is clouds. Sometimes a little sun peeks through. And this is your ‘reality’.

You have forgotten to look beyond, to the sun behind it that never goes away. The clouds will come and go, but the sun remains. In this light, God is the sun. God is within you. The spiritual Practices are the Practices of removing the clouds and understanding that the sun is the Omniscient Reality. It is the clouds are an illusion. They are temporal. The sun is eternal. Unalloyed Happiness. To this you return.

This does not mean that everything in the material world will always go your way. This depends on your past actions On the measure to which love is your motivation.

This will change your experience in the material world. While you are in the material world, every thought, every action and word will have a forthcoming repercussion. And when this returns to you, you will call it the clouds. The clouds of your life. For you see, the ‘sun’ is love. Pure Love. Omniscient, All Pervading Love. And it is your obligation to become a manifestation of this love.

That is the Quickest Path Out of This Illusion. You Will Live in the Light of the Eternal Sun

Anything that you do out of unconditional love for someone else, will awaken your True Nature. As a result of this, your life will begin to see the clouds disperse. The sun will become more apparent, because you have made the effort to negate the little, human self, the ego. To live according to a Higher Vision. You will cease creating negative repercussions to your actions. For you will begin to live in unconditional love. You will live in The Light of the Eternal Sun.

This is why I say that while you are Unfolding, spread sunshine to all you meet. This is manifestation of your True Nature. Everything else will pass away. But love is Eternal. You can practice the most austere of disciplines, see a multitude of teachers, and be able to debate the scriptures until the cows come home. But if you are not a loving person, if you have not got the human ego in check and are living correctly, you will not reap the rewards of your efforts. You are fooling yourself. So many people think that they can do spiritual formalities, paths, say they are ‘enlightened’, and continue to hurt other people. This will not work. For happiness is your True Nature. There is nothing else. But understand what happiness is. Happiness is pure, unadulterated joy, compassion, selflessness. Yes, selflessness. Some people do not like that part. That is why the simple person who leads a good life of self- sacrifice and good deeds will progress more quickly than the spiritual aspirant who thinks only of himself. “Me. Me. Me. When will “I” be illuminated?”

When will “I” be happy?” Happiness happens. It just happens. When you are living correctly the illusion fades away. And there is a joy. There appears a sense of brotherhood with others. But you must do the work. You must allow your True Nature to surface. You must make an effort. Allow the clouds to disperse. Do not identify with them.

Freedom from Enslavement To Habitual Behavior

How do you do this? There is a world out there. There is apparent suffering. This does mean that you block this all out and ignore the suffering of others. This will only intensify your own suffering. It is a gentle process. You will not progress by coldly alienating yourself from love. Instead, you observe the inclinations, the habits, the motivations that are not originating from your True Nature. From love.

And you do not act on them. You do not pay them one iota of attention. Let them go by. Some of these habits you observe may seem deeply ingrained. They may be from childhood, or even before. But this makes no difference. As long as you do not act on them, they have absolutely no hold over you! Do you see? This is beautiful! Soon they will cease to appear. They only have the power that you give them. When you are no longer engaging in any actions that do not arise out of love, you are no longer creating clouds that block your experience of your True Nature of Unalloyed Happiness.

And you naturally want everyone to experience this. Then something funny happens. You find happiness in alleviating the suffering of others. I am not talking about puffing yourself up as a teacher or some search for recognition. I am talking about a gentle path. Of helping others. Without seeking reward. This is the happiness of the saints and sages.

Once you experience this you can never go back again. Everything else seems insignificant. And you realize that your True Nature is the same as everyone else’s! An Ever Present, Non-Changing, All Pervading Happiness. And this happiness never goes away. For this is how you were meant to live. Right here. Right now. Not in the future. Not on a mountaintop. But today.

Until then, until you can honestly experience this, not as a show, not in words, but in experience, consciously become as a loving as you can. This is the first step. And it is the only step. For none of the others can exist without it. As the clouds that are obscuring your True Life begin to disperse., you see that temporal events can become vehicles for your True Nature to emerge. If you handle them correctly. With love.


New From Mrs. Adams


Happiness is the unchanging Reality. Bliss Consciousness. Unimaginable beauty. It is up to you to discover this. Happiness is the substratum of your existence. YOU are THAT.
Yet you must make the effort to rise above the human predicament. Above your karmas and samskaras. You cannot simply pronounce it. You must humble yourself. And you will become radiant, like the sun!

Robert Adams

As Peace Arises

Oct. 2016

"As you become peaceful, anger slowly drops from your consciousness. As all anxiety and bitterness and hate are transcended, you begin to feel a wonderful peace, you begin to notice that those people who come into your wonderful peace, those who come in your aura, also feel peaceful. Feel harmonious.

You are not doing anything voluntarily. You have just risen. You have risen to a higher state of consciousness.

By your very nature, you can't help helping others, by your presence.

If you can't say a good word or help in any way, you say nothing. And thus by your very silence you have blessed someone else."

Silence of the Heart



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