Greetings in Unconditional Love to All;


I wish to personally thank all of you who have sent me such beautiful letters, flowers and cards, amid the deep exchanges in Truth regarding the Message of Love emitted in my sharings. The love is eternal, in "The Divine Connection". To our lifelong students and dearest friends in India, your recent visits and phone calls are rich in the years of love immersed in our families visits and bandharas together. Wonderful! I have received many concerned inquiries regarding the theft in direct transgression  regarding all spiritual laws, per customary required legal prosecution of several of my husbands own dear, personal works, sacred transcripts personally left to his heritage, Institute, as our beloved students are aware. Thank you for your honorable and heartfelt letters per concerns Such contains unrelated odd, uncharacteristic 'Titles' placed on them, never heard of nor placed by gentle Sri Robert, as well as humorous fictionalized statements contrary to documentation, including one of my husband sitting for extensive hours unblinking. "Where do people get these crazy ideas from?"


It has been brought to my attention that unaffiliated persons have inaccurately claimed that my husband distributed his work en masse devoid of discretion to the masses in bulk distribution. Quite the contrary. "This is not for the masses. This is for those who feel a deep calling to this path. One who is ready to progress." My husband left all of his works only to his personal selection of beloved ones who spent their lives with him. Obtaining his personal talks from his heart illegally constitutes transgression of karmic laws and prevents the blessing of the founder himself, requiring intervention by the authorities honoring non-profits offering Truth, and establishes undesirable karma. My husband offered only to those present in class, and instructed distribution wisdom for his heirs and those selected in future generations. In trusting gentle good cheer, he affirmed a small few when once inquiring could give to an interested friend of trustworthy spiritual integrity. Any mistaken falsities implying my corroboration with the obtaining of his works in any way other that of noble and virtuous, legal publication and distribution is illusionary.



He would answer to inquiries unrelated to the experience of divine illumination experienced through love, compassion and humility. Sri Robert advocates, lives, traditional spiritual life in the ancient values of the Vedas, uninvolved in any 'alternative' nor odd groups or beliefs, sparkling in his peace of purity. In our warm family home, those of you present enjoyed Sri Robert engaged in tender devoted family life for the majority of his life, requesting the unkind, ungracious, or arrogant to kindly depart. All is loving and kind. Our children, all alive and well continue their fathers pure message of love, compassion and humility, will fulfill his prophecies as he stated, through his children and great grandchildren, his own Institute alive with his Presence. Upon our requested later visit in Arizona, his most publicly available year to global students, he was once again never alone, lovingly surrounded by extended family members, physician, students from around the world, our dear Indian and visiting original students, and his own health professionals, to ensure his rest in his joyous activity and generous hospitality in bringing happiness to all.


We hosted hundreds of guests and spiritual teachers from India and Europe in great brotherhood. In his request for my sole care in latter years, our sacred time together was as one. Sri Robert often states that Grace cannot be achieved by transgressing the laws of Right Behavior, and we find joy in this Truth. "Never say that nothing is real, God, as the world, is real. Honor the laws of the Yamas and Niyamas." Thank you for your wonderful world wide friendship in the divine connection, seeking only the highest and purest truth that leads to joy, in 'action, thought and deed." This happiness is of eternity. My husband, always surrounded by flowers, children, laughter, light, beauty, music, shines through all else with love eternal.


"You are here because of karma. It behooves you not to create anymore." Beloved students, in your wise discernment, receive the highest and purest of the Sage, through the grace of his own decision in dissemination; it is factual per your statements, that there are no students nor 'friends' that my husband ever met, knew, heard of nor acknowledged, anywhere on the internet other than his own pure home site, in which he trained and prepared his lineage and students for decades in such love, precision and caring for the true progression of each soul as a flower unfolds in beauty to release its true fragrance. All others are complete strangers to my beloved husband. "You are protected and lead by the Sage in his pristine path, when following his declaration and decisions stated clearly for each souls highest benefit. "These lessons are not for the masses, but for the student who chooses this path." In the eternal, those present experienced the sage prophesied all, and the importance of keeping his Teaching pure. The sage would pose with anyone in the blessing line requesting this.


This therefore does not indicate studentship, as there are hundreds of images of strangers posing thus seeking blessings. My husband states, "Do not become a doormat for anyone. If you must sue someone for hurting you, sue them in peace. Do not cultivate hate." "Live in righteousness, by the Golden Rule." How beautiful. In peace -permeated clarification per your warmly devoted letters of love, my husband never publicly distributed his works en masse at any time, but allowed discourses to those present, and if requested, to share with those who they knew who showed interest with proper soul purity, graciousness and kindness, the fundamentals of bliss consciousness, teaching in the classical Sage-student format. One who is a student of my husband, reveres his instructive and refrains from entanglement in the web of karmas of thievery, dishonor etc., transformed by the divine Truth. My husband offered his presence rarely, a few hours a week, but freely in compassion to those requesting assistance. He is unaffiliated with false retreats or workshops that many innocent seekers pay for, contradicting his entire Teaching of love. He is Peace. Love.

His path of love, compassion, humility, is of the purest of classical teachings of Illumination, which "The West in its selfishness, misunderstands Truth."


"Live by the Yamas and Niyamas. This brings joy. Respect others. Be gracious to others."Ones true spiritual stature is shown by their actions, words, to others. Therefore, be humble, full of loving kindness. Never tell anyone to be quiet, to stop talking, that is arrogance. Simply focus on your own spiritual growth. Live a pure life." He humbly emphasizes that one who realizes their eternal nature, would never pronounce this to anyone else, instead simply be engaged in service and loving kindness. This is Truth. In continued unconditional love and joy, I thank you once again for your loving communiques and respect to Sri Roberts personal Message and Institute. As we approach the holiday season, celebrated with much jubilation by the Sage, joy to all. Let us all rejoice in the joy in which "all suffering subsides" as we "rise to a higher vision." Never forget, that within you is The Light of a Thousand Suns! "Never think that You, the real You, is nothing! No-thing is fullness of God!"

Joy to all.


In Unconditional Love,

Mrs. Robert Adams