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        Upholding The Universal Laws


Robert Adams instructs the sincere Truth Seeker;

“Live by the Yamas and Niyamas of Right Action in all matters. Non-Harm. Ahimsa. Leave other people alone. Follow The Golden Rule. If you must sue someone for harming you, do not cultivate hate. Always act from your divine Self. Your actions, words to others reveal your True Spiritual Stature. Ponder This."


"Do not participate in vile actions, meanness, gossip, mans inhumanity to man. If you cannot say anything nice about someone say  nothing, Do not participate in gossip, vile actions."


"Yet do not be a doormat if someone  is aggressive. Honor The Laws of the Land. You are here because of karma. It behooves you not to create anymore. Therefore live in peace This life may be a dream, but it can be   a  joyful  one.  It Is All Up To You. ”  

 Robert Adams


     Spiritual Words and Spiritual Life


Question: Robert, I have met so many strange, cruel people using spiritual terms to say it does matter what they do. Am I too attached to being repulsed by this? Does it matter?


Robert: No one who has been touched by God would harm anyone. To gossip. To tell people to take drugs, be involved in all kinds of crazy relationships. Scream at people to be silent! (laughter) The problem, so called, in the West is that everyone wants to be a teacher and their ego grows larger instead of smaller. They then discover that this is not what they thought, but they are making more instead of less karmas. They have not mastered their ego, emotions. Life.


A true illumined teacher has mastered time and space, completely overcome the lower nature of their humanity. They do not care if they are acknowledged, or wish to be a famous teacher. They are just pure love. Loving Kindness. Therefore if you perceive this delusion, you can be sure that you are progressing in Truth.


Anyone who follows this path is full of loving kindness. Radiant. Shining. Benevolent. Do not ignore craziness. Do not say it does not matter what you do. You are here to learn to do only good. That is why you were born. Remove yourself from all vile people, words, action.


Thank you for your kind concerns in wise clarification of gentle spiritual discernment.

Unaffiliated attempted and removed sites, inaccurately claimed 'friends and students', retracted books and FBI information regarding Piracy are found on our legal page per your request in spiritual integrity. The Sage clearly defines a 'student' in order to gently unfold.


The Robert Adams Institute Logo assures you of receiving only the original Pure Form Teaching in the Sages order of instructives blessed by his grace in Ahimsa, his own documented selected Teachers by Robert Adams in his grace and benevolence, per respect to his establishment and sequence of order in ponderings. True 'students' 'devotees' of this revered offering of rare self- transformation in 'Ahimsa' or Non Harm to all, follow the precepts of non stealing, non harm, ethical vegetarianism, selfless service and daily practices as taught by Robert Adams. For documentation on authentic 'students' from Robert Adams own archives, and the accurate daily practices, information, see Mellies page.


Required Legal Disclaimer: The Robert Adams Non-Profit Criminal Infringement and Piracy Prosecution. FBI/Google Removal of criminal activities. Clean Spiritually and the Laws of Right Action.  April 2016 Update Questions and Answers t Institute Is Established Personally by Robert Adams. The Boundless Space and The Power that knows the way are original Robert Adams teachings. Topic and title, copyrighted by Robert Adams to be disseminated solely in pure preserved format by himself and  his Institute. The Boundless Space is not affiliated with any other teacher, author, or individual. Any Boundless Space presentations, claims, workshops, retreats, media presentations. Attempted affiliations or talks constitute copyright violation per the precepts and copyrights of Robert Adams and are fraudulent, subject to customary legal protocol. Legal notification posted on news site.. Thank you for your many kind inquiries.



Additional Topics referred to by Robert Adams in the silence of the heart

The Eternal universal Laws of Correct Living in happiness

Robert Adams states that his own personal Compassionate Self Inquiry is for spiritually mature students who have embraced the basic precepts of spiritual practice; the universal laws of non-harm such as the Yamas and Niyamas and thus are often the most spiritually receptive to advanced spiritual teachings. He often gently        differentiates those who came to simply listen to his talks or ‘satsangs’ from the ‘students’, i.e. ‘the sincere aspirants’ who are dedicated and regular in their practices thereby realizing an increased awareness of the Self within and an ever increasing love, compassion and humility for all living things.


I). The Ancient Yamas and Niyamas

“Cling to the Yamas and Niyamas. This will bring grace. Suffering will subside. You will stop incoming chaotic repercussions. Right action will take place in your life. Peace will ensue. ” Robert Adams



1. Non-injury, ahimsa: Kindness, friendliness, and thoughtful consideration of other people and things. The conscious awareness of each living being as a manifestation of God. Not harming any living being by thought, word, or deed.

2. Truthfulness, satya: Commitment to being truthful in thought, word and deed. Making choices true to spiritual integrity, ethics. Refraining from betraying promises.

3. Non-stealing, asteya: To refrain from coveting, taking, having jealousy in mind, word and deed. Clarity as to what is yours and what is belonging to others. To refrain from taking what has not been given to one freely.

4. Divine conduct, brahmacharya: Mastery and redirection, restraint of the physical inclinations. Respecting the body. Traditionally refers to the ancient vows of celibacy to intensely and full-heartedly direct all focus to spiritual practices.

5. Patience, Ksama: Tolerance with people and patience in all life circumstances.

6. Steadfastness, dhriti: Perseverance, overcoming fear, indecision.

7. Compassion, daya: Loving compassion and understanding to all living beings.

8. Honesty, straightforwardness, arjava: Renouncing deception and wrongdoing.

9. Moderate appetite, mitahara: Neither eating too much nor consuming meat, sh, fowl or eggs. Consuming fresh, wholesome vegetarian foods that vitalize the body.

10. Purity, saucha: Avoiding impurity in body, mind and speech.



1. Remorse, Hri: Modest and humble, showing shame for misdeeds.
2. Contentment, santosha: Seeking serenity and contentment in all circumstances in life.

3. Giving, dana: Tithing and giving generously without thought of reward.
4. Faith, astikya: Believing rmly in God, the Teacher and the path to enlightenment.

5. Worship of the Lord, isvarapujana: The cultivation of devotion through daily worship and meditation in your faith.

6. Scriptural listening, siddhanta aravana: Studying the Teachings and listening to the wise words of one’s lineage.

7. Cognition, mati: Developing a spiritual will and intellect with the Teacher’s guidance. 8. Sacred vows, vrata: Ful lling religious vows, rules and observances faithfully.
9. Recitation, japa: Repetition of the name of God.









Robert Adams Infinity Institute


                Clean Spirituality


Questions and Answers ( Blog Legal question answered here)

FAQ's Thank you for warm and beautiful monthly inquiries on the critical topic of spiritual integrity and universal laws of Right Action.


Spiritual integrity is a virtue. Quite simply, the gentle master evicted only one audience guest in three decades who attended a weekly audience for a couple of years in Los Angeles. This was due to the guest attempting to sell the transcripts he volunteered to record along with numerous others who transcribed them.


Shortly after leaving, he then opened a website and sold the transcripts as stolen property in infringement for "a dollar each." He then claimed to be the teacher of Robert Adams works, offering highly inaccurate, contrary personal opinions in stark contrast and was shut down for misrepresenting a wrongful association with Robert Adams.


This individuals websites /blog pages were closed down several times by Google, non -profit legal representatives and others for criminal activities, including harassment, invasion of privacy, libel, cyber- bullying, mass piracy selling/distribution, false claims, slander and other copyright infringement crimes. This soul is a stranger to the Robert Adams Institute, and only our legal group has ingaged in discerning communications.


Throughout history true Wayshower’s have  been followed by those of impure intent, required to participate in legal proceedings, and have been pursued by two general arenas of dishonor; evicted aspirants, and strangers whom the Teacher has never heard of, attempting false public affiliation, career establishment by attempting to ‘teach’ their message in an unrelated, personally tainted inaccuracy.


The majority of established and revered traditionally accurate spiritual teachers in the past decades/centuries in the West have firmly restricted the continuation of their message to their own personal institutions in order to preserve the original purity, choosing those most trust and loved, and in their wisdom and foresight, embrace the jewels of purity, wisdom and power for others to truly progress in the ancient format “..for generations to come.” as Robert Adams states.


Wayshowers forming their own personal copyrights and personal institutions, per their original pure transmissions in their environments of love, sweetness and selflessness, personally experienced by the teacher, refrain from recklessly tossing to the masses in an era of lower general mass consciousness, misinterpretation and unaffiliated parties, such as the current Vedanta Society, Self Realization Fellowship, The Rosicrucians, Transcendental Meditation, etc. Each individual founder of a higher order of pure evolvement formed their own uniquely beautiful and individual path of experience.  In preservation of purity, they formed their groups.


     Pondering Historical Traditions


The majority of these teachers were harassed by unaffiliated parties, or rejected aspirants whose prior actions caused the masters to evict them.


Legal proceedings followed, per the tradition of darkness encroaching upon purity, wherein all that is just, is seen karmically. The saint Ramana Maharshi himself, was called in the physical form into legal court proceedings, Sri Yogananda continues to be imaginatively named in false affiliations, after decades of court proceedings with unaffiliated former evicted students, as do most who transmit a message far ahead of the general evolvement of mans inhumanity.


"Take one pure path, and follow it to the end with all your heart."


The dissipation of the Teaching is the most common form of darkness for true aspirants. “Most Westerners take only a portion of a teaching and do not apply the complete teaching in order to progress. Do you do the practices everyday? Do you serve others? Do not use spiritual words to excuse bad behavior.”


Our Mission is to hold the Teaching pure for generations to come. In simple clarification to our beloved international student family, the hundreds of concerned requests for factual data in confirmation of factual public legal proceedings, below is the most recent update in spiritual integrity, accuracy, for discernment.


“In this world, the darkness will always be threatened by the light, but the light will always prevail.” 

Robert Adams


Peace to you.




     Required Non-Profit Public Disclaimer


Public Notification and Publication of Legal Prosecutions, Cease and Desists, Infringement, Black Market and Cyber Harassments Confirmed Per Required Protocol in Legal Representation, FBI and Interpol Mass Infringement Investigations. Google, FB and Social Media Removals. Current Update in Legal Proceedings and Violations.






November 8, 2010



Via e-mail and U.S. mail

Ed Muzika

Re: The Robert Adams Infinity Institute


Dear Mr. Ed Muzika:

The Robert Adams Infinity Institute For Compassionate Living has retained me to conduct all correspondence with you regarding the following:

Copyright Infringement


In reference to copyright infringement, you have posted more than 400 pages of transcribed discourses of Robert Adams. As you know in the past, these discourses are protected under copyrights solely owned by the Infinity Institute per legal documentation completed by Robert Adams and Blake Warner. Without the authorization of his own Institute, you have been posting these copyrighted works on websites controlled by you and others for years, including but not limited to:




Moreover, this is not the first time you have done this. In the past, you posted this content on Scribd five times which The Institute had to have repeatedly removed per Mr. Robert Adams own signed copyright. Initially, you requested funds for Mr. Adams own copyrighted transcripts, as posted in your archived web pages.


You have posted that Mr. Adams writings /recordings are 'public domain' when in fact they are copyrighted.


This defines substantial copyright infringement. As you may already know, courts are authorized to award damages for willful copyright infringement of up to $150,000 for each separate act.



You have distributed a fabricated biography of Mr. Adams in a play script entitled “The Life and Teaching of Robert Adams”, which casts the lives of Mr. Adams and those of his family, over twenty years ago, complete strangers to you, in a false light. This forms the basis for a cause of legal


action. Furthermore, the content described in this biography, illegally registered with The Writers Guild of America, are contradicted by documentation of Robert Adams own life, and by students then present. Moreover, I have found that in substantial postings and articles , you yourself have sought to bolster your own credibility by casting yourself in a false light—by falsely claiming you a psychologist, yet the AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION has served you with a Cease and Desist for stating you are a psychologist when you are not. Incidentally, this provides support for a cause of action based on fraud.


Common Law Right of Privacy/Public Disclosure of Private Facts/Misappropriation


You have posted on your websites, without authorization of Ms. Adams, personal photographs of Robert Adams, a deceased private party, as well as one of her illegally recorded phone conversations. Under law, these acts provide support for three separate causes of action: invasion of privacy under the common law, public disclosure of private facts and misappropriation.



In the past you have incited and instigated others, specifically referred to in postings on your site referring to Mr. Adams own Institute, to contact them and "tell them what you think of them", to send and have sent harassing e-mails to The Institute and its members, containing inaccurate defamation quoted by you. In the past you have sent an e-mail letter to The Institute demanding that it recognize you as a “premier student” or you will continue to slander it.


You have sent the elderly wife of Mr. Adams, Mrs. Adams, lengthy e mails demanding acknowledgement to the Institute, regardless of the fact that she has had absolutely no involvement nor contact with you, has never responded, nor utilizes e mails. Moreover, your ongoing harassing behavior includes years of website posts seeking to publicly characterize Ms. Adams. You have posted that Ms. Adams has sued many people. In point of fact she has never sued anyone. You have posted that Ms. Adams 'made a settlement' with a private party. In point of fact, Ms. Adams has never made a settlement with anyone. The Institute has no involvement whatsoever with you or your website. You must immediately refrain from this type of harassing behavior and direct all correspondence from you to The Institute through me.


You must cease and desist from any further attempted contact with the Institute, Ms. Adams, or members of the Institute, none whom know you, through e mail or any other forms of communication now or in the future.

Moreover, harassment provides the basis for a legal cause of action.


Given the severity of these allegations, your prompt attention to this matter is expected, this being removal of all copyright infringement materials being all writings, recordings by Robert Adams, posted photographs of a deceased private party unrelated to you constituting invasion of privacy, and defamatory postings.



cc: Robert Adams Infinity Institute via e-mail




Legal Documents

Required Public Disclaimer Per Non-Profit Institute: Public Legal Documents follow per cease and desist for Jordan Whorms. Approved legal posting by power of Attorney. Individual is unknown to Institute. Mr. Whorms has been removed several times for infringement, misinformation and ongoing unanswered communiques of harassment from him to legal representation. All documents have been forwarded to the authorities per non-profit protocol, unanswered. Infringed content and distribution of stolen material belonging to Mr. Adams and copyrighted by the Infinity Institute personal works, are under FBI investigation.


Update: Currently Pending Litigation: Perjury, Violation of Cease and Desist, Harassment, Instigating Public to Distribute Stolen Copyright Material, Instigating Public to Perjury.



Public Disclosure


Mr. Jordan Loder aka “Jordan Whorms”

November 21, 2014

Re: Cease and Desist Willful Copyright Infringement Our Reference No.: RAII.0001G


Dear Mr. Loder:


As you know, this firm represents the Robert Adams Infinite Institute (“Infinity Institute”) with regard to certain intellectual property matters. The Infinity Institute was formed with Robert Adam’s widow and heirs who are active in the organization. The Infinity Institute is the worldwide owner of the copyrighted works of the late Robert Adams, including his books and satsangs, as well as all trademarks and rights of publicity associated with him (collectively, “Adams IP”).

The Infinity Institute works tirelessly to preserve the legacy and teachings of Robert Adams.


It has come to my client’s attention that you are in possession of stolen transcripts of Mr. Adam’s satsangs along with stolen personal family photos of Mr. Adams.


You are apparently actively distributing these items on the internet in reckless disregard of my client’s rights. According to my client, the stolen transcripts and your actions are currently being investigated by the FBI and Interpol.


In addition and according to my client you publicly posted an intentionally defamatory letter on Facebook which included false allegations of fraud against my client. These allegations were made by you with malicious intent which may subject you to punitive


Despite numerous warnings:

you continue to willfully infringe Infinity Institute’s intellectual property. United States Copyright Law grants exclusive rights to the copyright owner to reproduce and distribute copyrighted works as well as prepare derivative works. See 17 USC §§ 106 and 501.


Because my client’s rights have been infringed, my client is entitled to recover significant damages including statutory damages of up to $150,000 per work as well as attorney’s fees and costs. See 17 USC §504(b) and (c) and 17 USC §505.





Without waiving any of its rights in law or equity, the Infinity Institute demands that you within ten (10) calendar days from the date of this letter:


. (1) Remove all public and private posts, videos, photographs, transcripts, and any other item posted by you on the internet which contains any Adams IP including on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on any website, blog, or message board;


. (2) Remove all links posted by you which link to any material containing any Adams IP including on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on any website, blog, or message board;


. (3) Delete all copies of any material containing any Adams IP in your possession, custody, or control;


. (4) Cease any further copying, display, or distribution of material which contains any Adams IP; .

(5) Cease all defamation and harassment of the Infinity Institute and its officers, directors, and founders; and

. (6) Confirm in writing that the above action has been taken.


To the extent you are willing to cooperate, the Infinity Institute is prepared to consider the above a full resolution of this matter. However, if you fail to comply with these demands within ten (10) calendar days of the date of this letter, we will presume that you do not intend to voluntarily take the necessary actions outlined above. In such case, my client reserves the right to pursue all available avenues of legal redress for the aforementioned copyright infringement, including the commencement of formal legal action against you for copyright infringement without further notice.




Please be advised that if you fail to comply with the above settlement demand you have a duty to preserve all evidence that may be relevant to the dispute as you are on notice of potential litigation. This duty of preservation extends to, but is not limited to, data files, e-mails, calendars, telephone logs, access lists, and logs that are located on your computer networks, e-mail servers, mainframes, individual computer workstations, and external drives. This duty further extends to data located on any device within your control but not owned by you, such as web based e-mail and cloud storage. Specifically, but not exclusively, you are on notice that you must preserve all evidence of your acquisition and distribution of the Adams IP.


You are required by law to suspend any practice, even a normal or routine practice, that might purge, delete, or overwrite any electronic document or other evidence, including database records, file remnants, and residual and hidden data. This duty extends to your partners, agents, and computer service providers. We request that you notify any such persons of this retention duty immediately. This duty further extends to the preservation of replaced computers, hard drives, and other storage media.


If you back up your computer drives, you must preserve the back-up files as well. We request that you immediately back up and archive any documents, including e-mails and all other communications, between you and all other persons and entities that relate to your acquisition and distribution of the Adams IP. We further request that you suspend any act or practice that would cause de- fragmentation, compression, or reformatting of hard drives or deletion of cached information.


Sanctions for violating any of the foregoing duties can be severe and include substantial monetary sanctions and adverse inferences in evidentiary rulings. We remain hopeful that we can resolve this dispute short of litigation. The above duties, however, must be satisfied during any settlement or other discussions/

We look forward to your prompt response.





Currently Pending Litigation: Perjury, Violation of Cease and Desist, Harassment.

Jordan Lodar /aka Jordan Whorms response:


Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2014 8:47 AM
To: 'Bob Adams Students'
Subject: RE: Cease and Desist Letter - RAII.0001G

Thank you for your email. Upon review it appears that the videos were simply marked as "private" rather than removed. Please remove them.


This message, including any attachments, is confidential and may be privileged. Any unauthorized use or dissemination of this message in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.


Sent: Monday, December 01, 2014 10:25 
Subject: Cease and Desist Letter - RAII.0001G


Jordan Loder's Agreement to avoid Litigation:

, Thank you for your email and written letter which I have received. Although dated November 21, I did not see this until early yesterday morning

Sunday November 30, 2014.

I share your your hope that we can resolve this dispute short of litigation. I am committed to working closely with you until we reach a full resolution. I have not intentionally violated anyones intellectual property rights, and have no intention of doing so either now or in the future.

(1) I am in the process of removing all public and private posts, videos, photographs, transcripts, and any other item posted by me on the internet which may contain any known Adams IP including on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on any website, blog, or message board; If any remaining content is found by your client please contact me so that I may remove it immediately.

(2) I have removed all links posted by me which link to any material containing any Adams IP including on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on any website, blog, or message board; If any remaining content is found by your client please have them contact me so that I may remove it immediately.

(3) I have deleted all copies of any material containing any known Adams IP in my possession, custody, or control;

(4) I will abstain from future copying, display, or distribution of material which contains any known Adams IP;

Please accept this as confirmation in that the above action has been taken, or is being taken. If any remaining content is found by your client please have them contact me so that I may remove it immediately.

Please contact me with any questions and I look forward to hearing from you
Jordan Loder



Due to libel, slander, harassment, and false posted statements, cyber bullying, Jordan Loder's current false statements have been forwarded to required non-profit legal representatives. “If you must sue someone, sue them with love. Do not cultivate hate.”  Silence of the Heart. Thank you for your current kind inquiries.


In the truth of accuracy:

1. This individual Jordan Loder forwarded ongoing letters of harassment demanding ten thousand dollars for stress in removing stolen belongings of Robert Adams.


2. Attempted interpretations in acquiring social media identities tied onto Robert Adams contradict and omit his emphasis on loving kindness, spiritual integrity, the Yamans and Niyamas, ‘leaving others alone’ and self-accountability. All of Robert Adams Pure Form precise words in original thirty-year history are coordinated with and according to referenced dialogues in joyful immersion and loving devotion to utmost spiritual integrity in his eternal presence.


3. Per required nonprofit accuracy: per legal Cease and Desist Mr. Jordan Loder/Whorms agreed to cease posting stolen materials in establishing a global identity on the internet with Robert Adams documented-by the authorities-distributing mass international theft of the personal Teaching of Robert Adams left to his lineage and Institute. He has currently violated the nonprofit legal requirements of infringement, libel, inciting the public to harass, and all actions in direct contradiction to the Teaching of spiritual action in gentle Right Action. Mr. Whorms is a complete stranger to Robert Adams whom has never met him on any occasion.




Per your inquiries;

The book Teachers of the One has forwarded communique from Watkins publishing in retraction and apology, per chapter claiming affiliation; the person interviewed is a stranger to Robert Adams, his three life groups, his students, and expounds an unrelated personal philosophy.

The Robert Adams Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living logo assures you of receiving only the original Pure Form Teaching of three decades by his chosen Teacher in spiritual integrity honoring the universal spiritual laws.

"Peace. Peace. Peace."


 “One must not use spiritual terminologies to behave badly. Follow the Golden Rule. If the Self were doing all action through you, only goodness, kindness would emerge.”

Robert Adams



A Non Profit Institute Established by Robert Adams Teaching Through His Lineage The Original Pure Form Teaching of Illumination Through Love, Compassion and Humility, The Sole Source of Teaching.